Tech Mastery

Locke and Volt

Mech, tech and man's best friend.

hometown: lubabub
This is the pair that Lubabub has been searching for. real defeneders of all that is good, green, and ferocious.
The champion of CHronos calculates that the current challenges are insufficient and lacking refinement.
Don’t let the shine fool you
Locke is the new star of the Chronian Wildcard team. One time lead techno-engineer, he used to create many of the robots and upgrades the Chronos royals used in battle. He dreamed of playing Wildcard himself, however, and even created his own special ability, Chronowarp, in case the occasion ever arose.
Locke finally got his chance when King Valla announced “open tryouts” – any citizen of Chronos could compete against Prince Boone for a spot on the Wildcard team. The open tryouts were designed in bad faith. Valla merely wanted to appear egalitarian, assuming that no other Chronians would stand a chance against his son. Imagine his surprise when a masked man showed up, dressed in a flowing techno-cloak, using the never-before-seen Chronowarp power, and easily defeated his son–match, after match, after match.
“Take off your mask!” Valla said through gritted teeth, “Show us who you are, hero.” The helmet came off, revealing Locke, the lowly engineer and the new champion of the people. By Valla’s own rules, Locke was promoted to the Chronos Wildcard team, ousting Boone from the majors. The whole royal family was embarrassed, and Boone irate…
When Locke recently popped the hood of Wotchy’s spare hardware, he just wanted to beef up his old buddy’s battle stats - but he got a LOT more than he bargained for. A loyalty boost here, a defense tweak there, and a screamingly fast new chronoprocessor - all of a sudden, a whole new bestie was born. volt flashed to life with electric intensity, an appetite for destruction, and an unbreakable bond with his beloved creator. If only Locke could fix the glitch that keeps interrupting Volt’s overnight standby mode - and causing occasional fluid leaks on the carpet….
In the arena Volt is fast, fierce, and flawless. He’s ready at a moment’s notice to burst forth from Locke’s side, biting everybody in range before they even know what hit them. His warp ability leaves every other Chronian summon breathless, and they respect the fact that his highest purpose is Locke’s protection. Only time will tell if their bond will make them unbeatable.



Known to harness the power tech in unimaginable ways—Locke becomes a technical supernova.