What happens after the first phase of claiming?

After the first phase reserved for Wildpass holders is over, anyone will be able to claim Wildfiles. However, the contract will still enforce a limit of one Wildfile per wallet. Wildpass holders who have not yet claimed their Wildfiles can continue to claim Wildfiles with reserved numbers as explained earlier.

What happens to wallets without Wildpasses when they claim a Wildfile?

They can still claim Wildfiles during the public launch. So, the earlier that non-holders claim Wildfiles during the public phase, the lower the number they will get starting at 4,445.

What happens if I sell or trade the Wildpass I used to claim a Wildfile?

When a Wildpass is purchased by a new user, the same Wildpass can be used to claim a new Wildfile as long as it is transferred to a wallet that is not already connected to a Wildfile.

What’s the supply?

The Wildfile has an unlimited supply, and will be freely available to anyone who wants to claim one. The Wildfile will remain tied to your wallet and Discord ID so that you can begin recording your contributions and activity in the Wildcard community.

If I buy a Wildpass that was used to claim a Wildfile, will I also get a low Wildfile number?

The Wildfile number associated with all claims connected with a Wildpass after that Wildpass’ first claim will be greater than 4,444 and will be given the next available chronological ‘unreserved’ Wildfile number not yet claimed from 4,445 on up. 

Advanced users can check whether a Wildpass with a certain token ID has been used to claim a Wildfile or not by checking the mapping(uint256 => bool) public wildpassUsed; storage mapping on the Wildfile contract. This can be done through your method of choice (onchain, client library like ethers.js or viem, etc.). The easiest method is probably Polygonscan, which provides a convenient contract read tab to access this property available here.

What if I have multiple Wildpasses in my wallet when I claim my Wildfile?

If you have multiple Wildpasses in your wallet when claiming your Wildfile, the app will automatically connect to the Wildpass with the lowest number in your wallet to claim your Wildfile (for those of you who want more control over which Wildpass you use to claim your Wildfile, you can call the smart contract directly using whichever Wildpass token ID you choose!).

What happens after a Wildpass is used to claim a Wildfile?

Once a Wildpass is used to claim a Wildfile, it can be used again to mint a Wildfile but it won’t get a low Wildfile number (<4,444). Because the Wildfile is meant to be the unique record of a users’ activity in the Wildcard universe, it is not recommended that users claim multiple Wildfiles to track their Wildcard activity.

Is the Wildfile an NFT?

The Wildfile is a soulbound NFT that records (and ultimately rewards) your participation in the Wildcard universe. Your Wildfile is your own unique permanent record of Your Life in the Wildcard Universe, stored on the blockchain. As a soulbound NFT, your Wildfile is your identity in Wildcard and is not meant to be traded or transferred between different users.

How do Wildpass holders claim Wildfiles?

During the initial early access phase, Wildpass holders will be able to claim their Wildfile by connecting the wallet holding their Wildpass to the Wildfile smart contract. Holders will receive the lowest available Wildfile number between #1-4,444 on a first come, first serve basis.  Those who claim their Wildfile early will claim the Wildfiles with the lowest numbers.

What’s the price?

Wildfiles can be claimed for free on the Wildcard Discord server – we even pay the gas.

What is the Wildfile and how does it work?

Your Wildfile is a living record of your legacy in the Wildcard universe. In this early iteration, you can show off your Wildcard collectibles and track attendance for community events.

Can users with multiple Wildpasses claim multiple Wildfiles?

Yes, users with multiple Wildpasses can claim multiple Wildfiles as long as each Wildpass is in a unique wallet. They can connect each unique wallet, holding a unique Wildpass, to the Wildfile smart contract and claim a unique Wildfile if they choose. As we noted earlier, the Wildfile is meant to be the unique record of a users’ activity in the Wildcard universe, it is not recommended that users claim multiple Wildfiles to track their Wildcard activity.

Wallet Linking FAQ
What is the additional wallet linking feature for Wildfile?

The additional wallet linking feature allows holders of  a Wildfile NFT to link multiple wallets to their NFT. This feature enables users to store their assets in various wallet configurations and allows Wildcard to display data from all linked wallets.

How does linking additional wallets enhance my Wildfile experience?

Linking additional wallets means that data will now be pulled from multiple wallets instead of just one, enhancing the versatility of your Wildfile. For now, you’ll be able to display assets from multiple wallets at once. Over time, the versatility enabled by this feature will expand and evolve.

Will other users be able to see which wallets are linked to my Wildfile?

Yes, this feature publicly reveals the linked wallets. Users will be informed of this when linking their wallets, and when they sign a message during the linking process, the message will include a statement indicating they understand they are publishing a public event on-chain that links their wallets.

How is the linking process technically designed to ensure security and validity?

The linking process involves a few steps:

  • The user signs a unique message with wallet A and a unique message with wallet B. These messages collectively prove that wallets A and B can be linked. .
  • The data is submitted to Wildcard's servers for verification and wallet linking.
  • A Wildevent is stored on the blockchain to record the linked wallets.

Is there a limit to how many wallets can be linked to a Wildfile? Copy

You can link up to 5 wallets to your Wildfile. Each wallet can only be linked to one Wildfile to maintain uniqueness in your Wildfile identity.

Can users link wallets directly on the blockchain, or is it done through Wildcard's servers?

Currently, wallets can only be linked through Wildcard's servers. Users cannot directly link wallets on the blockchain. In the future, blockchain linking may be available - stay tuned for updates.

Avatar FAQ
What is the PFP Avatar Linking feature for Wildfile?

The PFP Avatar feature allows holders of Wildfile NFT to customize their main avatar image by choosing from the PFPs they own. This means you can display your favorite PFP as your Wildfile’s avatar.

How can I change my PFP avatar on my Wildfile?

To change your PFP avatar, simply click the "customize Wildfile" button located in the bottom right corner of the main Wildfile page.. This action will present you with a carousel containing all the PFPs you own from currently available/supported projects. You can select the one you want to use as your avatar and then save your selection.

What happens on-chain when I select a new PFP avatar?

When you select a new PFP avatar, it emits a Wildevent on the blockchain and updating your avatar image and recording the new PFP you’ve selected for your Wildfile.

How does Wildfile distinguish PFPs from other NFTs in my wallet?

Wildfile only retrieves NFTs from a list of approved projects. A list of these approved projects with their contract addresses can be found here: Available Avatar Collections

Can I use any PFP I own as my avatar, or are there restrictions?

To maintain quality and security, you can use PFPs from a list of approved projects which can be seen here

How do you choose which PFPs are available on the Wildfile?

We evaluate each PFP collection based on project trust, legitimacy, and longevity in the space, and technical ability to incorporate it into the Wildfile system. As our first release, we chose a small selection of the most popular collections among current Wildpass holders. We will continue to add new PFP collections with subsequent releases.

Can I suggest a PFP collection to add in the future?

We always welcome suggestions and feedback on all aspects of the Wildfile, join us in our Discord server at https://discord.gg/playwildcard and visit the #wildfile-feedback forum to submit your suggestions!

Are non-NFT avatars available?

In this release, Avatars are limited to owned PFPs from approved projects that are in any of your linked Wildfile wallets.

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