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A Grudge Match FIVE YEARS in the making.
Only the inimitable Jot Rustin could lure Lubabubian Champion BOLGAR out of retirement to face off with his longtime rival and Chronian Champion, LOCKE.
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Game 01

Community vs Community

Game 1 will feature 2 of Wildcard's top Community Playtesters competing in a best 2 out of 3 Wildcard Match!

Game 02

streamer vs streamer

Two of Web3's top streamers go head to head in Wildcard's Frostburn Arena!

Game 03

community vs streamer

In the 3rd and Final Match, the winning Community Playtester and the winning Web3 Streamer challenge one another to a match that will determine whether LOCKE keeps his crown or BOLGAR knocks it to the ground and re-captures the glory!

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game map

Frostburn Asteroid

Frostburn Asteroid is home to a state-of-the-art Wildcard arena. The adjacent Frostburn Village was purpose-built for Wildfans and competitors alike, with luxurious accommodations, fantastic nightlife, plenty of gossip, shopping, and entertainment.