Bridging is a process that allows users to quickly move tokens between blockchain networks in a cost-effective way. The Polygon bridge is specifically designed to help connect different blockchains with efficient transactions. This means that users can quickly and easily transfer their tokens back and forth between networks. The Polygon bridge is also designed to enhance the Ethereum ecosystem, using efficient tools to build scalable DApps (decentralized applications). 

To begin bridging your tokens from Ethereum to Polygon, you will first need access to a compatible web3 wallet. To learn how to set up your web3 wallet, check out our article here!

Once you have your web3 wallet set up and ready to go, you can begin the bridging process. Open your Google Chrome browser, and then open your MetaMask wallet

Once your wallet is open, you will need to add the Polygon network. Click the ‘Add network’ button under ‘Networks’ 

You will then be taken to your settings page, where a list of networks will appear. Find Polygon Mainnet, and click ‘Add.’

After selecting Polygon Mainnet, click ‘Approve’ on the next screen

Polygon Mainnet has been added successfully! You can now click ‘Switch to Polygon Mainnet’

You will then notice that your account balance in Polygon Mainnet is 0, and that your MATIC is only available in Ethereum Mainnet still. 

To bridge your tokens, search for ‘Polygon Bridge’ in your search engine or click the link below. Make sure to only click the official website at

We will then use the Proof of Stake bridge. Select the ‘Bridge’ button below ‘Wallet Features,’ and then select ‘MetaMask.’

You will then be prompted to log in to MetaMask. Click ‘Connect’ in the popup, and the account will connect.

You will then be able to bridge your MATIC over! Select MATIC as the currency in the drop down, and type in the amount you would like to bridge. Click ‘Transfer’ once you have typed in your desired amount to bridge.

You will then see the following pop ups. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed with the bridge 

You will then be asked to review your transaction. Ensure all details are correct, and click ‘Continue.’ Allow the site to switch the network when prompted

You will be prompted to set a spending cap for MATIC. Select ‘Use default’ and, click ‘Next,’ and then click ‘Approve.’

Your transfer is now in process! You will be asked to continue and approve once more after the initial approval screen. Then, you will need to wait until the transfer is complete. 

The bridge will take a few minutes to complete. Keep an eye on the transfer, and return to it once it has been completed. Once the transfer is complete, you will see it in your Polygon wallet under Bridge → Transactions → All Transactions

You should also now be able to see your MATIC on the Polygon Mainnet within your MetaMask wallet.