Setting up your digital wallet is the 1st step into the vast world of Web3. There are a variety of Web3 wallet solutions which enable a user to access dApps (Decentralized Applications). In this guide we will walk you through setting up MetaMask, one of the industry’s leading wallet providers. 

Before we get started, you will want to have Google Chrome or Brave Browser installed on your computer. If you don’t have them, you can download Google Chrome or Brave Browser here. 

Once you have your web browser open, go to the official MetaMask site, and click on the blue download button.

Once you have clicked on the ‘Download’ button, you should see the below screen prompting installation. Make sure to select the correct version for your operating system, and then click the blue install button at the bottom of the page.

After clicking ‘Install,’ you will be instructed to set up the extension on the Chrome web store. Click the blue ‘Add to Chrome’ button, and follow the installer instructions.

After you have completed the install, you should see the below ‘Let’s get started’ page. Click the ‘Create a new wallet’ button, as this will be your first time creating a wallet. 

Select either ‘I agree’ or ‘No thanks’ on the below page to continue with your MetaMask wallet set up. Either option will allow you to continue creating your wallet!

Next, create and enter your password, check the ‘I understand’ box, and then create your new wallet.

Now, the most important step - creating your secret backup phrase! Make sure to select the blue ‘Secure my wallet’ option when prompted on the next screen.


You will then be prompted to reveal your secret recovery phrase. Ensure you have a secure place to record this phrase ready, and click ‘Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase’ to reveal your 12 word secret recovery phrase. Make sure to read all the information on this page, and record your secret recovery phrase in a safe and memorable place!

You will then be asked to confirm your secret recovery phrase. Enter the missing words to complete the recovery phrase using the note you just saved as reference. Once you have successfully completed the phrase and clicked confirm, you will see the following success message!

You have now set up your MetaMask web3 wallet and are ready to interact with the Wild world of Web3! To see the balance and copy the address of your account, click on the Account 1 area.

You can access MetaMask in your browser by clicking the Foxface icon on the top right. If the Foxface icon is not visible, click on the puzzle piece icon right next to it to pin it to your browser.