October 2023 Newsletter

Hi Wild One,

We're excited to share our October updates and events with the Wildcard Community! 

From our October Town Hall to Swag migration, we've broken down all the not-to-be-missed happenings in the Wildcard Universe this month for you here.


This is a Town Hall you won't want to miss. Join us tomorrow, Thursday, October 12 at 12:00 PM CT on Discord for one of our biggest Town Halls yet!

This jam-packed event will cover the latest on the new Wildcard game mode, our upcoming plans with Swag and the Wildfile, the new stadium, and more.


We've got some exciting updates regarding Wildcard Swag that we can't wait to share with you! 

To ensure a seamless user experience, we are migrating Swag to a custom contract from the default OpenSea contract that will allow us to deliver lots of fun features to you in the future. This will better integrate Swag into Wildfile and, eventually, into our Web3 game mode for an improved user experience overall.

On Monday, October 16 at 12:00 PM CT, a snapshot of the current Swag on OpenSea’s Openstore contract will be taken, capturing all Swag and its owners. Within 24 hours after the snapshot, The Wildcard Alliance will airdrop Swag on the new contract to owners of the original Swag.

This whole process will take up to 24 hours - but don’t worry, we’ll be sure to give you a heads up before it happens, when it’s happening, and before the process ends!


Mark your calendars - you won't want to miss these upcoming Discord events!

Games: Community Game Night
Monday, October 16th at 2 PM CT

Join the Wildcard CMs and fellow community members for a fun night of games and competition. Don't forget to visit #announcements this week to learn what we're playing this time! We'll be giving out playtest access and Wildpass raffle chances!

Community: Office Hours
Tuesday, October 17th at 12 PM CT

With many exciting updates behind us, and still more to come, join the Wildcard Community team for an open Office Hours session! Come to chat, have a hot drink, and ask any questions you have about the Wildcard game or community. 

Community: Business Development Fireside Chat
Tuesday, October 24th at 12 PM CT

Getting Wildcard out into the world is just as important as creating a quality game! In this Fireside Chat, meet our new Director of Business Development, Chelsea, to learn how we tackle bringing Wildcard to the masses.

Games: Community Trivia Night
Tuesday, October 31st at 9 AM CT

Join the Wildcard CMs for a spooky-themed, fast-paced 3-round trivia showdown. Flex your Wildcard and adjacent knowledge as we answer both Wildcard and general knowledge trivia. Top players will walk away with prizes like Wildcard playtest access and bonus Wildpass raffle spots! 

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