September 2023 Newsletter

Hi Wild One,

We're excited to share our September updates and happenings with the Wildcard Community!

From updated features for the Wildfile to weekly Discord events, we've broken down all the not-to-be-missed happenings in the Wildcard Universe this month for you here.


Exciting news for Wildfile Holders! New Wildfile Features are now live.

These new Wildfile features will allow you to link multiple wallets as well as showcase assets from other projects in addition to all of your Wildcard assets! 

Make sure to head over to Discord for all the details on the newest Wildfile update, and check out these features in your Wildfile!


Mark your calendars - you won't want to miss these upcoming Discord events!

Work n' Chill: Meet the Producer
Thursday, September 14th at 12 PM CT

Get to know the man behind getting the Wildcard game to the finish line, Wildcard's Head of Production: Shawn "Sketch" Ketcherside. Learn all about what a producer does and how he keeps the hundreds of tasks and 30+ team members organized to reach our big goal: Launching Wildcard!

Games: Community Trivia Night
Thursday, September 28th at 3 PM CT

Join the Wildcard CMs for a fast-paced 3-round trivia showdown. Flex your Wildcard and adjacent knowledge as we answer both Wildcard and general knowledge trivia. Top players will walk away with prizes like Wildcard playtest access and bonus Wildpass raffle spots!

October Town Hall

Wildcard Co-founders Paul and Katy will take the stage to give the latest on game progress, Web3 developments, and more. Stay tuned for more info!

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