fully wild
Summons rally behind their Champions on the arena floor. Each Summon has a special skill – developed and honed through dedication and practice. Each Summon’s particular skill sets them apart from all the others but each Summon knows that they are stronger together.
The House of Lubabub draws on the strength of the natural world to build harmony with all creatures. But in the arena, these Summons wield the forces of nature against their foes - and only the fittest survive.
The House of Chronos knows the value of time, and their technological superiority empowers them to use it well. In the arena, these Summons are more than their flashy facades - they're machines on a mission.
The House of Malus fans the flames of each player's ambition, training in tough conditions to build resilience. In the arena, these summons fly head-first into fiery combat - that's where they burn brightest.