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Wildcard Swag

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faq : Swag
What is Swag and why was it migrated?

The joy of collecting is a pillar of the Wildcard vision, and Wildcard Swag (a collection of unique collectibles from The Wildcard Alliance) is a way for us to celebrate, showcase, and share in that joy together with you, Wild Ones. As part of our blockchain layer, we recently launched the Wildfile, a soul-bound player ID (yes, it’s technically an NFT), and have lots of fun plans in store for Swag that integrates with the Wildfile! To ensure a seamless user experience, we migrated Swag to a custom contract (from the default OpenSea contract) that will allow us to deliver lots of fun features to you in the future and improve your user experience overall.

Can you tell me more about Swag integration into the Wildfile?

We are working on a new upcoming feature: Swag sets! These sets will be themed collections of Swag that will be issued to you! You can collect them, share them in your personal showcase, and earn bragging rights along the way. Your participation in the Wildcard ecosystem is essential as we build and launch our game!

What types of Swag can I collect right now?

Currently, the following Swag collections are available:

The Road to EX1 Collection Swag:

  • Now Boarding: EX1
  • Tailgating Party: EX1
  • Melee on the Meteor: EX1
  • Melee on the Meteor: EX1; Special Edition

EX1: Melee on the Meteor Collection Swag:

  • Locke Wins: EX1
  • Gorrit: EX1
  • Fendor: EX1
  • Janz: EX1
  • Aloe: EX1

Wildcard Community Gatherings Collection Swag:

  • AMA #1
  • TownHall #1
  • TownHall #6: WEN

Pre-Alpha Partner Activations Collection Swag:

  • Bored Box
  • 3XP 2023
  • Bored Box
  • ETH Lizards

Can I buy and sell both the new and old Swag?

Users can buy/sell/transfer items in both the new and the old Swag collections, but the original Swag (on the Openstore contract) is no longer integrated into our ecosystem. Users still continue to own the old Swag, but only reissued Swag that replaces it is supported in the Wildcard ecosystem. All Swag still appears as one collection in marketplaces.

Are there differences between old and reissued Swag on the new contract?

Yes! The reissued Swag on the new contract has updated visuals and evolved metadata.