Bloopers: Playtests that Didn't Make the Cut

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Step behind the scenes with our Wildcard game development team for a hilarious peek into our playtest process! Over the years, we've embarked on some truly wild experiments, pushing the boundaries of imagination and technology. From wonky physics to gravity-defying glitches, we've seen it all. But remember, in the world of game development, every misstep is a step closer to perfection. It's a game dev proverb we hold dear: 'we'll get things right eventually'. Witness the transformation from chaos to brilliance as our team tirelessly refines every pixel and polishes every line of code. The result? Prepare to be blown away by the mind-bending graphics that emerge from these zany playtests. It's a testament to the dedication and creativity that fuels our team's relentless pursuit of gaming excellence. Join us on this side-splitting journey, and discover firsthand the magic that happens when passion, creativity, and a touch of madness collide. After all, in the world of game development, the road to brilliance is paved with laughter (and maybe some glitches too).


Whoa. That's not good.

But whoa. What's happening? What happened? What's happened? You'll see. That's the infinite mode. Okay.

Oh, no. Here it goes. We've seen that before. Yeah. I'm hoping this next fix is going to resolve this and the matchmaking lockup bug fully. That's going to make the blooper reel for sure. Yeah. 

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