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Want to claim your Wildfile, but not sure how? Here's a quick tutorial to show you exactly how to claim your unique Wildcard Profile, the Wildfile!The Wildfile represents your life in the Wildcard Universe, forever. You can use it to track your participation in the Wildcard Universe, reap rewards, and show off all your Wildcard Swag! The claim process is completely free - Wildcard will even pay for the gas. All you need to do is link your Discord to your Wallet on our dApp to get started. Learn more: Claim yours today:


Good morning, afternoon, and evening, Wild Ones. I'm Ami, Community Director at the Wildcard Alliance, and today I'm going to walk you through how to claim your very own Wildfile. If you're not familiar already, the Wildfile represents your life in the Wildcard Universe and will display your collectibles community activity, and soon a whole lot more. To get started, visit the Wildfile Web app, and if you're not a member already, you can click this button to join our Discord server. It'll open Discord in another window, and you can complete the verification steps to become a member. Once you are, you can click this link to be taken to the Claim Wildfile channel in the official Wildcard Alliance Discord. Click Generate Link to generate your unique claim link, and then make sure to check out the instructions to understand that any signature requests are for Read-only access and will not trigger any transactions or incur any fees. 

Click this button to be directed back to the app to finish the claim process. The next step is to link your Discord to your wallet. So click this button to connect your wallet, select the one that you use, and then click Confirm Connection. There may be a couple of signature requests that come with this, but again, these are read-only and do not trigger any transactions. So now that my wallet is linked, I can claim my Wild file. So if you're in the early access period or not and you have a Wildpass, you'll see that it's going to be claimed using the lowest number Wildpass in your wallet. So you can confirm that and then click Claim. So let's click on that. Now I'll go ahead and log in so you can see that now I have my unique Wildfile ID number two, my Discord username is connected, Wildcard Ami, and you can see some of my top Discord roles. 

Yours might say Genesis Holder, Full Spectrum, if you have a full collection, FAM, et cetera. Next, you can see my Wildpass collection on display. I have two in my wallet as well as my Swag collection. So if you have been with us since some of our early events and Exhibition One, you might have some of these. And then below that, you can see my activity log. So this activity area will record any community events that you attend in the Wildcard Discord and eventually will track other things. For example, you can see that one of my Minting of the Wildfile shows up as a community activity, as well as linking my social media accounts, which you can do. Below here you'll see a button to connect both your Twitch and Twitter, and those are both recorded on your Wildfile permanently. So if you're interested in attending community events and recording more activity on your Wildfile and tracking the beginning of that Wildcard Universe legacy, then you can visit the Discord and see any of the events that are upcoming, mark them as interested, and then you can be notified when they begin. 

If you join the designated voice or stage channel during the event, then you'll see it appear on your Wildfile. It's as easy as that. This is a really exciting new chapter in the Wildcard universe, and we can't wait to hear what you think. If you'd like to share your opinions, ideas, and feedback for the Wildfile, make sure to join us in the Wildfile Feedback Channel in Discord and share what you think. We'll see you there.

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