Meet Aloe the Healer

SHow Notes

Introducing Aloe, the healer with a natural touch. These mysterious, highly spiritual creatures live deep in the rainforests of Planet Arden, separate from other Lubabubians and any humans who may want to find them. If you need healing abilities, look no further! Aloe has incredible healing powers that can bring you back from the brink of death. Side effects from their healing are short-lived, but may include: euphoria, visions, psychological dissociation, nausea, and a momentary understanding of universal mysteries. Become part of the community today:


Rumors of a mythological creature on Lubabub are true. Much like the Yeti or Sasquatch on Earth, the Aloe have kept themselves hidden from outsiders. Deeply spiritual, they live separately from the other Lubabubians. High in the mountain rainforests, where humans and other creatures can't reach them, Aloe comes across as aloof and superior, but really doesn't understand the complex world she finds herself in.

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