Meet Bolgar and Burr the Bear

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Ready to meet a champion? Introducing Bolgar and his best friend Burr the bear! This dynamic duo hails from the wild Planet Arden, a beautiful but unforgiving place chock-filled with nature - perfect for Bolgar's love of the outdoors. We know Bolgar has a rough exterior, and even though he's tougher than a coffin nail, he's also gentle enough to domesticate bears. However, you don't want to meet him in the Arena. When he's not smashing his foes and claiming victory, you'll find Bolgar sitting in his favorite rocking chair with a cold one and whittlin' a new figurine for Burr to chew on. Become part of the community today:


Bolgar's from Planet Arden, a place so chock full of nature you need a doctorate in camping to survive. He's tougher than a coffin nail and gentle enough to domesticate bears. When Bolgar's not smashing foes in the arena, he's rocking in a chair, sipping a cold one and whitlin’ a new figurine for Burr to chew on. 

He's been recently goaded out of a well-earned retirement, leaving the whole system asking Why? 

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