Meet Ragna with the Devs

SHow Notes

Powerful. Intense. Brutal. Who are the devs talking about? Watch to find out!

Welcome Ragna, the Team Malus Champion!  She sets the world of Wildcard on fire.



Intense, brutal. Boss, fierce. She is an unstoppable force on the battlefield. 

I mean, can I say badass, or is that not okay? Yeah, okay. Badass. That lady takes no prisoners. 

One of the things I love about Ragna is her strength and her power. It really translates from her personality and her frame into her motion as well. I think she's probably one of my favorite characters to animate on Wildcard so far. She's also got a really great sense of presence. 

Her gear. She's like a human flamethrower. Everything she does leaves her opponents engulfed in flames, and it's incredibly satisfying. 

She's a total badass, both in the arena, where she's literally throwing fire, but also in her life outside of Wildcard, which is probably what I love the most.

When she is not being a larger-than-life athlete on the arena floor, she is running her foundation that supports young, talented, emerging female athletes who aspire to be as incredible as she is. 

Her attitude, for sure. She packs a real punch, and she's a formidable new Champion, and she knows it. 

My favorite thing about Ragna is the presence of fire, using her abilities consistently and just keeping everything ignited, and to power up her ultimate just dashing around and seeing everything on fire. 

For Ragna, you can go really fast, burn down that opponent, and apply overwhelming pressure right out of the gate. That's what she's good at.