Wildcard Announcement Trailer (2022)

SHow Notes

Step into Frostburn Arena, a vibrant battleground where destiny unfolds with every draw. Meet Locke and Bolgar, formidable Champions mastering strategy and combat. Their intertwined fates summon potent allies from expertly crafted card decks, each card holding a game-changing potential. Wildcard will thrill you with its seamless blend of real-time strategy, heart-pounding MOBAs, and innovative card gaming. Every move is a calculated risk as champions navigate the shifting tides, using their decks with precision. Fueled by the blockchain, this experience guarantees unmatched security and ownership of in-game assets. This is the future of gaming—where victory and cards are testaments to your skill. Immerse yourself in a new era of competitive gaming, where mastery, strategy, and luck intertwine to create legends. Will you rise to Wildcard's challenge?


Hey, boy, you ready?

Welcome our champions, and let's get wild.