Wildcard Broadcast Network, Teaser 1

SHow Notes

Between Goodlander's blunt humor and Saunders' quick wit, there's never a dull moment. Off the field, the mayhem continues, revealing a world where anything can happen. From outrageous interviews to impromptu dance-offs, the backstage antics are just as thrilling as the action on the cosmic stage. Get ready to be captivated, entertained, and downright surprised. This is more than a broadcast; it's an experience. And with Goodlander and Saunders at the helm, you never know what might happen next. So grab your seats, brace for impact, and join us for a cosmic ride like no other!


Welcome to WBN. Goodlander, Saunders. That's teamwork. 

Oh, my. 

Truly, naturally. Naturally, naturally, truly. 

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