Wildcard Game Live Stream, Exhibition 1 Relived

SHow Notes

In a special edition of Wildcard, the Frostburn Arena becomes the epicenter of intense competition, bringing together community members, streamers, and professional players. Orchestrated by the enigmatic Jot Rustin, this event, aptly named "Melee on the Meteor," promises a multi-layered contest that is anything but ordinary. The arena will first see fans pitted against fans in a series of electrifying semi-finals. These initial matchups serve as the perfect appetizer for the main course, allowing the community to showcase their skills and strategies in a high-stakes environment. But the excitement doesn't stop there. Following the community battles, streamers will take the stage to challenge their peers in what promises to be a riveting display of gaming prowess. The crescendo of the event is a Grudge Match featuring the game's iconic champions, Locke and Bolgar. This final showdown is set to be the crown jewel of the event, encapsulating the essence of Wildcard's competitive spirit. This event is a comprehensive celebration of what makes Wildcard a standout in the gaming community. Don't let this unparalleled showcase of skill, strategy, and community engagement pass you by. Become part of the community today: https://discord.gg/playwildcard


The Melee on the Meteor will start soon. Please heat up your nacho cheese now as microwave radiation interferes with Chronian CyberLink protocols. Children should be locked away or their eyes and ears covered for the duration of the bout. Use of cannabis products is strongly discouraged as Lubabubian Summons are prone to contact high. Thank you and welcome to Frostburn. Stream starting in 54321... welcome to Frostburn Arena. 


Welcome to Frostburn Arena, where collectors, competitors, and fans have gathered for the most exciting night in the galaxy. Team Chronos, known throughout the verse for its advanced and polished text, faces off against team Lubabub, a feral bunch, here to kick ass and shoe cud roll out of cud. Get ready, fans, because the hour is finally here. This is the melee on the media. 


Welcome to Melee on the Meteor Wildcard, fans. I'm Chad, here with Wild Kate, and we will be breaking down the action. 


More like we'll be trying to keep up. Wildcard is better, stronger, faster than it's ever been, and tonight is going to be hot. 


Okay, how about we hear from the man with the plan legendary promoter, Jot Rustin. Jot, you on the line? 


Oh, I'm on the line, Jot Rustin. 


You don't have to worry about me. I'm always on the line. 


A man who's everywhere at once. Jot Rustin, promoter, business mogul, and philanthropist. Did I see that right? 


Oh, yeah, your eyesight's fine. That's right, Kate. As of today, I have announced that after years and years of being the greatest promoter of all time, I am strongly considering giving back to the community in the form of a donation. Or whatnot? Wow. Just as a token of my character, I think. 


Okay, so you're not promising anything? 


Promising is a strong word, Kate. But look, I didn't just think this up right now like lies. 


You feel me? 


Okay, then. 


A heart as big as his wallet, folks. 


That's right. 


Well, we're glad you're with us. We're glad you put this grudge match together, and we're glad you're making a donation. 


Strongly considering a donation. 


Right. Strongly considering making a donation of money. 


Now is not the time to get into specifics, Kate. I mean, is it money? Is it collect? Item T shirts of the losing champion, that's all. 


Okay, John, you're a real one. So let's learn now about two more real ones. It's time to meet our champions, Bolgar and Locke. 


Bolgar is from Planet Arden, a place so chock full of nature, you need a doctorate in camping to survive. He's tougher than a coffin nail and gentle enough to domesticate bears. When Bolgar's not smashing foes in the arena, he's rocking in a chair, sipping a cold one, and whitlin a new figurine for bird to chew on. He's been recently goaded out of a well earned retirement, leaving the whole system asking why. 


Once, Chronos' star engineer, Locke created ingenious battle robots on New Arden, unhappy as the unsung hero, always in the shadow of the royal family. He applied his tech ingenuity and rose to become Chronos'champion unseating the royal prince, Boone. Locke's not just better than most, he's smarter, too. 


Let's check in with our man on the ground sketch. 


Thanks, Kate. You've met our champions on Frostburn. Now it's time to talk about our earthbound players and what to expect. Today, Jot sourced four members of the Wildcard community to battle for a chance to make a showing in the arena. Today, two of those competitors will compete in our community finals. Afterwards, two exciting streamers will battle it out and take us to the main event where the community champion and the streamer will head for a winner take all. 


That's the giveaway bell. It means it's time for our first giveaway of the evening. Log into discord now for your chance. 


There's only one person giving away apologies. 




And that's me. 


Jot Rustin, everybody, our fearless promoter. Please do tell the Wildcard fans of your boundless. Largesse. 


Largesse. I like that. I've got your largesse right here. Now let's give away some swag. 


Congrats to our winners. 


Speaking of winners, Chad, the two community players in the semifinal round one have been with wildcard from the start. Let's get to know them now and recap their match. 


Whenever I play wildcard, it's almost overwhelming. You're like, where am I going to go? What am I going to do? It's 10,000 volts of awesome. I live in Brooklyn, New York. I'm a freelance writer. So when I wake up, the first thing that I do is the New York times crossword puzzle. If I don't have a lot of work to get done right away, then I'll usually go for a run. I would like to aspire to be Gorrit, this kind of hanky leader doing all the damage, but I'm probably more like aloe your healer know, I'm feeling really good about the upcoming tournament. I could be a sneaky dark horse pick. I would say to all my opponents, hey, you don't have anything to worry about me. I'm just the novice video game player. I have no idea what I'm doing, but actually I do. 


I'm a writer and director. Live in Los Angeles. Growing up in Kentucky, there's a love of the outdoors that I've always really kept with. La is exciting. Most when you can leave it and drive to the mountains and go hiking and camping and fishing. No complaints about the weather. I'll tell you that I'm really excited to play Wildcard. Am I nervous about getting my butt kicked? 


Yeah, for sure. 


But I want to play as Bolgar. He's a brawler and a mountain man and he's fierce. That speaks to the kind of person that I'm not. Oh, you better look out because I'm going to be filling all three lanes with all of my guys and coming at you both. Claws up, baby. 


Lobster. Starting the round strong with a dual lane push, keeping kaifai on the defense. Kaifai holding the line, dropping down an allo for some heel support. Not quite enough. Lobster Slowclaw has made it through the gauntlet and is on the goal. Kaifai's first shield is down. Kaifai making a big push down the middle and through the gate, and she just hit her. Hulk wear Bear on the goal, and Lobster shields are down. Full regiment of jams on Kai Fi's goals fronted by not one, but two Slowclaws. Kai Fi in the middle of the melee, trying to hold Agro, and they're on the goal. I think we're looking at the end. Lobster takes the match. 


Well, it looks like Tabletop Lobster is advancing to the community final. 


Yeah, that was some awesome play there. And I have to say, though, pretty clear that Gorrit was the MVP in that matchup. So why don't we take a closer look at this? Not at all, gentle giant. 


Gorrit is a serious athlete. He's the main offense for the Lubabububian team, and like all superstars, he's in great shape. A fan favorite and the leading summons for the Love abub team. He has trained from birth for victory. He eats thousands of calories a day, and his huge body needs three beds. And hotel rooms often need to be expanded for him. 


To get to know our next set of community players no less ferocious than the first. 


Both highly competitive and dynamic players, their recent match was one for the books. 


So I'm in the senior year of high school. Besides gaming, I love to work out. I usually do calisthenics. Besides that, I also like to cook food. Lithuania is green, so there are a lot of forests in here, a lot of nature. While playing Wildcard, I really embrace my competitiveness. I'm not okay with being mediocre. I always like to win. My favorite character is Bolgarand Borg. The nature of the Bolgarjust resonates more with me. I'm feeling pretty good about the upcoming tournament. I'm very excited. I have a couple of words for my opponent good luck and everything is fair game. I moved to Austria about a year and a half ago. It's a beautiful city, Linz. It's on the Danube river. I used to be in the Marine Corps. Physical fitness is something that I find valuable. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy gaming. 


When I'm playing Wildcard, my brain is in overload. There is so much to comprehend, so I'm just constantly thinking, oh man, what am I going to do next? The character I relate to most is Locke. Obviously he's a champion. He's more of a tech guy, but just his ability to control time, that's just such a cool power. If I could have any superpower, it'd be time. What really got me into gaming was my mom. My mom's a huge gamer herself, and I remember being just a little kid coming back from school, and then my mom would drop me off and then she'd be like, hey, I'm going to play a game. Come watch me. To my opponents who are playing in this tournament with me, I wish you the best but I am going to be coming out there to destroy you. So bring your A game and I hope we both have fun. 


Caveman's got a huge push from the Underlane making time on Icebros'front yard. This could be the end, folks. And the shield is down. He's got a chance to shoot a crew on the goal with less than half help. Ice Frost pushing the D, trying to hold them at bay. And we have another wave of Shooticrues coming up from the underlay. I think we're at the end. Wait, I don't believe it. Ross helped the line pushing the match into overtime. Ice Ross capitalizing on his successful defense, sending another wave right for Caveman. The moment of truth. Caveman's shields are down. The race is on. Both bowls ready to give as creatures are on point. Who's it going to be? It's neck and neck. Caveman takes it all. 


And it looks like Caveman will take on tabletop Lobster in the community finals. Are you happy with that matchup? 


You know I am. I'm happy with it. You know what else I'm happy about? Sembler's showing up in that match. Such strategic play. So let's learn a little bit more about this crafty constructor. Sembler is a kid at heart and spends its time creating friends to play with in the arena. It can pump out additional summons over time, unless of course, something scary is coming after it in which case it bowls. 


One of my favorite summons in the match. 


Can't wait to see how he performs today. 


No kidding. Speaking of that, let's get this started. Coming right up, we're going to kick off an incredible match to see which of our two final community players will be moving on to the grudge match. Will it be Caveman's legendary Locke or Lobsters battling Bolgarthat takes it to the big table. Let's take it down to the field. 


Let's see what's going on. Here we go, live with table and Caveman in skirmish. When you all are ready, let's jump into the game. 


Got a nice overview of the whole arena right now as folks are getting started. And here started the match. 


We are live. 


All right, lobster and Caveman setting up right here. Caveman setting up a nice defense. Got the slow call coming down through the underlay. 


Already using his ability to cycle through some of those cards. Generate some extra mana. 




A push happening. Yeah, look at that. 


Oh, got a sport on the field. Spords multiplication ability. Could really make a difference if he splits before he gets to that goal. 


Yeah, it looks like Caveman's onto him though. I don't think that sport is going to make it. 


Great use of jams right there. Dropping down. Huge splash damage on those Slowclaws, which can really pack a punch. 


But if you look down here, we got a couple of units. 


Got a sneak attack coming up from the underlay. Let's see if Lobster is going to be aware. 


Oh, that watch he made quick work. It's a very great defensive unit on the field. 


Got a huge melee right on the goal there. Shooticrue tearing through the defense. 


Lobster taking some damage. 


Yep, Fendor's on the goal. Taking some ship damage on the shield. Good. Some defensive play right there. 


Still doing some shield damage. 


Oh, first shield is down. First shield down. Wow, nice first blood right there. Oh, look at this. Got a huge wave coming right up the underlay. That Jan Slowclaw combo is brutal. Backed up by some simpler generated Shooticrues. Let's see what Lobster can do. 


Let's take a look from Bolgar's perspective. Oh, he is right in the mix. 


Yeah, sweating it. Trying to keep him off the oh, second shield down. Core. Is. 


This a wave of Slowclaws? Advancing on the core. 


Full on clouder of Slowclaws getting on that goal right there. Oh, he's got him buffed, Lobster. Oh, bears out. Let's see if it can do. Oh, this could be it. There it is. 


We got our first goal of the day. Congratulations to Caveman. 


Caveman playing luck takes the first round. Let's see what happens in round two. I'm going to bet Lobster is going to make a good play here. Probably hold the ground. 


I hope so. That last minute bear was that was tight, but it wasn't enough. He had three Slowclaws to take care of. 


It was Warbear was the best mover in, though. What else could you do? 


That's basically the only movie left, honestly. 


Really, it was a good play. Warbear is so strong, especially in that melee. Really could have cleared that out. 


Wearbear being Bolgar's ultimate ability. I just wanted to let everybody know I'm manning the camera. Today sketch is shoutcasting. That's what I'm doing here with the controller. I just want to wave hi to all of our fans from Discord. You can see them in the stands right there. And let's go to the second round. 


Second round it is. 


Here we go. 


Here we go. All right, lobster already on the aggressive there. Trying to figure out what to cast. 


Where to go, what to do. I came cycling his cards in the beginning again, burning through those. 


That's such a strong ability for Locke, being able to throw that card down and generate a little bit of extra mana. He's already got a wave coming down through the underlayne. 


Let's see if Lobster uses his ability. He's carrying around his buddy Burr on his back, and that's his special ability to summon that free creature out into the field. 


Smart play there, throwing the Shooticrue down the side. 


Let's go take a look down there and see what's going. Got a Bailey right down the hello, Slowclaw. 


Nice to see you up close and personal. Working right up through the Underlane. Going to be on the goal in a little while. Slowclaws. Many things. Fast is not one of them. 


Oh, my gosh. Caveman keeping the pressure on again. Right at the beginning of this match, though. 


If we look on the other side. Had a really good bush. Got a gord on Caveman's goal. 


Oh, you were right. Look at this. 


Let's see if Gord can get on the shields. Oh, boom. Under attack. Oh, first shields down. Nice play by Lobster. Oh, that second shield is right on. 


The verge, but Lobster is still fighting for his life over on his side. Happens. 


Let's see what he does. 


Caveman still holding on to a tiny bit of shields over here, protecting his goal. 


Yeah, Caveman made a smart play putting that similar on the side because it's generating units for him. Oh, look at this. Melee on the underlaying ramp. Oh, slow Call heading for the shields. Let's see what Locke can do. Lobster holding him back. 


Let's take a look from Lobster's viewpoint, see how he's fighting against all these creatures, trying to keep him off his goal. 


It's a really smart move. Trying to hold the agro. Keeps him busy, buys him some time, let some of his own summons get over there to Caveman's side. 


Yeah, but he's having to fight on two different lanes at the same time and he's only one champion and he's ko. That takes him out of the match for just a few seconds, but that's going to be enough for Caveman's creatures to advance to take out the shield. 


Lobster's core is exposed. 


Oh, this is going to be another tight one. Lobster's core is taking a little bit of damage. Still holding them. 


Lobster might be out. Oh, got stuff on the goal. A little bit of shift damage there. 


Oh, he's holding him off well, though. 


Oh, knocked out. Let's see what this Janz will do. Oh, big head on the goal right there. Got some Shooticrue coming up the side. 


Lasers trying to take that Janz out, and they were, but now we have a shoot a crew army coming up. 


There's like an 8000 studacru coming up on there. It's amazing. Let's see what happens. 


Those are pretty weak creatures, though, so I don't know if they're going to be able to get enough hits on goal. That Slowclaw. Oh, but now we have a Gorrit there. He's going to be able to clean them up pretty easily, as you can see. No problem. 


Sport coming up there. It's probably going to be too little too late to get that moving. 


Yeah, but I don't know. Now look, he's got his army heading down here. That sport might have a chance to multiply, we'll see. Probably not. No, that sport goes down. Pressure still staying on Lobster's side. 


Nice melee on the ramp. 


He's just sitting up here trying to keep the action away from his goal as much as he can. 


Oh, smart play. Throwing the Shooticrue down in the center. Going to let him split. Doing a little bit of help on the ramp there while the rest go. 


Up to the goal. Yeah, I see him heading up here, but I don't think it's going to be a problem. But you can see lobster over there. I think he's hoping to lobster there on the push. 


Oh, wear bears to take the shield. Oh, he's on the goal doing. Look at that. Really smart use of the offensive abilities of the wear bear. Just taking that damage from the turrets. 


He doesn't even care if he dives. 


It doesn't matter out, but wow, what a play. Look at that. 




Damage on the goal is serious, although that might have cost him. He's got a bunch of stuff on his own goal right now. Let's see what he can do to hold the defense. 


Hopefully he's got a little bit of mana, but that ko cost him. He had to respawn with zero mana and wait for that to build back up. He's got a lot of pressure happening, but he got a there with the. 


Alt on the time trance. This could make or break it right here. Let's see what happens. 


Locke using his ultimate you can see there. 


Look at that. 


Oh, my gosh. He wiped the field. That was amazing defense by lobster. I can't even believe it. 


Wow, great defense on lobster's part. That was fantastic. 


Such a tight match. We've got lobster with only 61 on his goal, and caveman even hurt more with 31 on his goal. 


Less than 30 seconds in the round till we hit to overtime. 


We got an army advancing onto caveman's side. Hopefully he can do something about this. He has a couple of assemblers here which you can see are just cranking out units. That might be a problem. 


That Shooticrue play on the Slowclaw was a good call. 


Smart, smart. That should keep him busy. I don't know. Well, yeah, look at that. It took him out and he got his own Slowclaw on the field. We got two battles happening as these champions try to take the heat to the opponent's goal before time runs out. 


Just look at that round of Shooticrue backed by the Janz. That's going to be a tough thing to break. 


I love how our two champions are having to fight battles on two different fronts today. Fighting on the middle lane and the side lane at the same time, having to split their time and attention back and forth. 


Really? Yeah, really good use of the arena as a whole. Smart plays all around. 


Oh, god. We got a jam shielded goal. Seven caveman gigi. We got one to one. 


Great job. Great work. Lobster held it. Wow, we are one in one. 




We're going to the final round. 


We are going to the final round. Look at that. Blobster had 19 left on his goal. That was so tight. 


Oh, my goodness. And like you were saying, that battle was happening left and right on multiple lanes. 


It was everything those champions could do just to keep those creatures from advancing on their goal, and they were doing a great job. But Caveman got that one last chance up the center lane while Lobster was busy, or actually the other way around. 


Really, really great. 


That was amazing. All right, here we go. Into round three. 


Rounds getting started. Lobster working on regenerating Samantha to set up his own push. 


Caveman, you're going with the same strategy. Milling his cards right at the beginning so he can get a quick couple of summons heading down the side lane. 


Smart play. 


Lobster just waiting for his big creatures to come out, saving his mana, throwing. 


Down some Shooticrue to act as a little bit of a defense and a little bit of a distraction in the underlay. 


Looks like our first battle of this round is happening underneath down here. 


That aloe did not last long. 


Oh, we got two Fendors backing up. That Slowclaws. You can see putting a shield on all those units. That's what those Fendors are good for. They will keep those units shielded for as long as they're alive. 


That's pretty big push coming up from the underlay. I don't think that Gord is going to be able to hold against all that. 


Gord goes down. 


Lobster trying to keep the slow call busy to keep him off the goal. 


But Fendor is still. 


Second. Shield is down. Boom. Core is exposed. 


Wow, that was a quick push. 


Amazing push. Caveman really put it together there, although. 


Now we got taking his own damage to his shield. But only one hit and that Slowclaw went down, so he's still got a little bit of shields left. But Lobster's goal is exposed already. Intense match. We're only a few seconds into it. You can see the hit points left on the core. If you take a look at the bottom of the screen, there's our battle bar. On the left side, you've got Lobster's goal showing 91 health. And on the right side, you could see Caveman's goal taking damage right now and his shield going down. Taking direct damage on that. 


Just tanking the damage, seeing what he can do. 


That was a good push. 


Coming right up the middle. 


Oh, no. 


Slowclaw. Jan's got a Fendor ready right for that goal. 


Oh, Lobster really risked it to do damage. 


Close, though, look at this. 50 to 70 looking. Oh, I think this is going to be it, though. Down to 29. Lots of stuff on the goal. 


Desperately trying to hold those guys down to 17 health. 


Oh, my goodness. We're almost there. 


This is one last hit. Wow, Lobster amazing. Showing there. That was a fast match. 


Wow, though. Like, lobster really gave Caveman a run for their money. 


Oh, my gosh. 


That battle was so intense. Honey badgers were like, whoa. 


Honey badgers. 


Honey badgers. Vicious, yet cute. Anyway, let's go back to the booth and hear from Jot Rustin. Jot, what I like to say is. 


The true genius of wildcard can't be explained. And by true genius, I mean myself. Of course. 


Elegantly put, as always. But there can only be one winner. And congratulations to our community finalist who moves on to Melee on the Meteor. 


Well, Chad, we had heard rumors that Bolgarwas bringing a surprise to Melee on the Meteor, and now we know what it is. Or rather, who. Aloe, the magic healer summons. 


You mean that freaky looking thing with antlers? 




Until today, Jot, that thing only existed in legend. The fact that Bolgarfound the aloe and convinced her to play for Team Love abub, it's kind of a miracle. 


I got you. It's like if Sasquatch was the quarterback. 


Of your football team, right? And Frostburn Arena can be hostile, so it's extremely useful to have a healer by your side. 


I got a question. Why can't this aloe cure my toenail fungus? Because I cannot get rid of this. 


I don't know if she does house. 


Calls, John, I can make an appointment. Tots is a very high priority. 


Rumors of a mythological creature on Lubabubub are true. Much like the Yeti or Sasquatch on Earth, the Aloe have kept themselves hidden from outsiders. Deeply spiritual, they live separately from the other Lubabububians, high in the mountain rainforests where human and other creatures can't reach them. Aloe comes across as aloof and superior, but really doesn't understand the complex world she finds herself in. 


There's that giveaway bell. Jot, you have something for us? 


Sure I do. Let me just say I know you all work hard. You live a life that's full of struggle and strife and I'm here to give you just a little ray of sunshine to take into that dark night something to keep for yourself to give you a little light I'm going to make sure to treat you right and give you something to fight the good fight. And you're going to love it with all of your might. And it's all going to be out of sight. Are you ready? 


I think they're ready. 


I said all you. 


We're all ready. Let's go. The community final is in the books. And now it's onto the other side of the bracket, the streamer finals. 


I've been drinking so much of this art and roast coffee, I'm about to. 


Be a streamer myself. 


Okay, not even joking. 


Okay, let's meet our two streamers up close and personal. A lot of people ask me, how do you get your mustache like this? 




It's pretty simple. I just roll out of bed like this. 


So Wildcard. 


It's like boom, everything's hitting you all at once. 


Boulder. Locke boulder Locked. 


If I had to pick one, I. 


Had to give the edge. 


Probably to Boulder. I mean, just because he does have facial hair. Locke maybe he does. 


I don't know. 


We don't know what's underneath the helmet. Always wanted to be in these crazy Sci-Fi fantasy worlds, and video games kind of allow you to be that. So, yeah, this is me outside of Secret Agent Stash, but I do love doing lots of other things outside of gaming. Love spending time with the family. I love my daughter Charlie with all of my heart. Playing music. It's definitely one of my number one passions in life, from punk rock to hip hop to what I'm playing in right now, which is country folk, bluegrass band. Upcoming tournament is going to be hot. 


It's collar poppin'stuff. 


I'm ready. 


All the magic is right here, baby. 


I'm currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We're right next to Singapore. Wildcard is really dynamic, and the circumstances can change just like this. The best defense is the best offense. Locke's bodysuit is yellow. I'm Yellow Panther. I'm just gonna put it out there. I might be Locked. Okay. Besides gaming, I'm also a dancer. I really love dancing. I usually do break dancing and also hip hop. I'm super excited for a tournament, and I just can't wait to see other people's reaction towards this game. Can't wait to show you guys my dance move in wildcard two streamers playing for pride, playing for prestige. 


Well, I'm sure they're not paying them. 


I think we all knew that. Jot. As with the community finals, the winner here punches their ticket to the grudge match coming up next. 


Looks like our Earthbound streamers are ready. Our champions in Frostburn arena are ready. So let's head over to Sketch and Paul on the field. 


Thanks, Chad. All right, well, I guess it's already time for our streamers to battle it out for bragging rights and know mostly bragging rights. The winner of this heated contest will represent the upcoming grudge match, and the defeated will simply have to take solace in the arms of their many adoring fans. All right, let's take it down to the field, see how this goes. 


All right, champions, ready up. And let's get going. We've got Stash playing Bolgar. We've got Yellow Panther playing Locke. And here we go. 


Match is on. Stash building up some mana. Probably going to have a big push coming out. Both are already panther playing. That standard Locke strategy, milling those cards right away to build an early mana advantage. 


I just got to be fair to Panther. He just started playing this game, and he's already picking up the strategy. I think these two guys have some history going, so we'll see how this match goes. 


Their match is already going. Here. We got some nice melee on the under ramp there on Panther's side. 


Panther already feeling the heat on. His side. I also wanted to mention were getting some questions from the fans. They were curious. I'm getting this really cool digital collectible swag on Discord Live Giveaways during this match. What does that get me exactly? Well, first of all, it makes you an amazing collector. You own some of the very first collectibles in this amazing Wildcard universe, but also gets you on the allow list for our first mint, which is coming up really soon. So just wanted to make sure that question got answered. 


Great. Call out, Paul. Now looking here, we got a great cedar crew wave coming right up the side there. But one of the things I wanted to point out is if you go over there to Yellow Panther's goal, he's got a really solid strategy that I've seen really executed before. That watchy guarding the symbolr combo is really strong. 


That is really intense because those Semblers will keep cranking out units until somebody does something about them. You can see, though, Stash over there damaging them, trying to take them down. Doesn't want to have to keep dealing with those Shooticrues that those assemblers will just keep manufacturing. Take a look. 


Yeah, we're really neck and neck. If you look the battle bar here, we got a huge melee down on the underside with that Janz fighting against the Shooticrue. Oh, the slow call just dropped. 


Oh, it looks like they're pushing through to Stash's side. 


But over here, down on Panther's side, actually all of them are down. Panther's core is exposed. 


Oh man, that defensive strategy not holding up so well for him. Even though he's got his watches down there looking after his base, he still were able to get through, but that's okay. Over pushes side. 


Yep. If they can get through that defense there, they're going to make pretty short work of those shields. 


Well, he's keeping them pretty busy though. Tossing an aloe out, that's not necessarily the best strategy there, budy. 


Sometimes that's your best option. 


You just got to cast cards when that's what you got. He's keeping that Slowclaw busy, so that's good. 


Oh, nice shoot of crew coming up from the Flinggate side. 


Not really much happening on Panther's side. We've got a lot of business over on Stash's end of the field. 


Really, really keeping the heat on Stash. Although we got the Slowclaws, going to make a really slow trudge down through the Underlane up to the other side. 


That's kind of part of the downside of Slowclaws. They're good on defense, but once they're done, they kind of trudge their way over to the side. It takes a while. 


It really does. In terms of placement, you really got to pay attention to where you're dropping them because that strategy is so important. 


But we have a lot of action happening right here on this side of the field with Stash's goal having taken a little bit of damage and yellow. Panther's goal exposed. No shields left. 93 health. You can see that on the bottom of the screen. 


He's got a veritable factory assemblers on the side though, just generating shooting through left and right. Although wear bear on the goal. Let's see if he tears through it. 


Backed up by an army coming up. Oh yeah, got to get trouble for Panther. Down to 40 health on his goal. Panther hold back off. 


Wear Bear is out. He does manage to survive the onslaught of turret damage. 


Wow, that was an amazing push his. 


Oh, we got a sport hort coming up on the side. 


Look at this. Those sports have had time to multiply. That could be trouble. But they're fighting a Janz down there so I don't know if they're going to break through. 


We have activity all over the field. It is pandemonium. 


We got a couple of sports coming up here. He's trying to do something about it before they oh look at this. 


Big push coming up on Stash's side. Got a Janzs and Shooticrue just really getting ready to tear it. Oh, Gorrit, great defensive play there. That'll keep him busy certainly for a little while. 


Panther hoping he can push through this time and get some more damage on Stash's shield. It looks like it might happen. 


There we go. 


Those shields are down. Stash's core is exposed and he's got still more pressure coming up. Can he stop this push before his goal takes even more damage? 


Stash feeling the pressure come up there. 


Stash trying to do everything he can to keep these. 


Here comes the first shot. Oh, look at that. We are now neck and neck. What a battle. Stash really trying to push on the defense there, trying to keep them at bay. Doing a good job keeping the agro. 


But now we have almost even goals. Stash's goals down to 62 health you can see at the bottom. And Panther down to 41 health. They're now starting their next push. This might be the one that sees us over the edge. We'll see what happens. 


Really good use of the Shooticrue to keep the Slowclaw bay. They tore through it. Although we're going to have Shooticrue on Shooticrue. And that first batch is shielded. 


Just like we saw in our last match. These champions are doing an amazing job balancing their time and strategy between multiple lanes. 


Oh, we got way. Bear on the goal. Let's see what happens. This could wipe it. 


This could be it. If he doesn't do anything down the. 


It, stash takes the first round as Bolgar. What a matchup though. That was fantastic. 


That is a great strategy by Bolgar. I've seen used time and time again and if the opponent isn't looking for it and he sneaks that Wear Bear in there on an exposed goal, it can be the end, it really can. 


But then on Locke like as we've seen from both of our Locke players so far. That first move of trying to mill out a few cards to get a. 


Mana seems to happen every time right now. 


Such a strong play. It's just a really good start. It does give you that little bit of boost over your opponent, but Stash just managed to just put it away. That wear bear on the goal. Just that massive push if you're willing to take the risk. Can just make or break it. 


I can't wait to see what happens this time. Let's go to round two. All right. Probably we're going to see the same thing by Panther there for the man of advantage. 


Oh, dropping a Janz right away with a shield. Really smart play. Although we got a sport coming down the far side with plenty of time to split and grow. 


Look at this little guy. Two of them. 


Yes. One split already there. It's just going to get more. Although if we get on that Janz will make short workup. 


I think that's what's going to happen here. 


They got a second one up, but. 


Yeah, I don't think they're going to be able to do anything. 


Finish that off. 


Here's the thing about Janz, though. She has this amazing splash damage whenever she's summoned on the field. So although in this case, Panther summoned her back in her base, really the most powerful way to use Janz is to drop her into the middle of a melee that's already happening. She'll do a ton of damage to those units. 


Super good counter for a sport. Horde will really tear through them. 


You notice we got Stash using those Flinggates to launch cards and creatures right over onto Panther's side, giving him no time to get his strategy. He's doing everything he can just to defend. 


Now, for sure, the Fling gates got a little bit of a cooldown, but if you keep the heat on it's a really good way to get some creatures on the front yard of your opponent real fast. 


Look at that. He got another one up there. Of course, it didn't last very long because Panther's been using his mana very effectively again. Has another two Semblers on the field. Cranking out factorying those Shooticrues sending them across now. The pressure switching over to statch's side. Got a Gorrit and a Janz. The battle of the Titans. 


Oh, Janz takes out the surprising with the Aloe providing the heels. 


Look at that Aloe in the background. You really got to do something about her. That mysterious. 


Now we got some on the goal. 


Damage happening to Stash. Goal shields down. 


Getting ready to provide some backup there. 


Stash, shields down. 


As you can see, when the core gets exposed and that last shoe goes down, it does provide a little bit of a blowback to give the Champion a little bit of a chance to react. 


Both of our Champions have exposed cores right now, but Stash is feeling the pressure with a lot of units coming up and he's doing everything he can to keep him busy. But he's got a Slowclaw taking Swipes at his goal right now and being backed up by shoot a crew. This could be it. 


Slowclaw trying to oh, yeah. Bolgar trying to keep him busy. Shoot a crew there. Oh, yeah. He's keeping him off the goal. Great moves by amazing plays by staff. Dad Gord was a great play keeping his goal alive. Wow, 15 health, but still in this. This is fantastic. Oh, Shooticrue on the slow call. Good combo there. 


Yeah, they make quick work of that slow call. He's just too slow for them. And they have a fast attack. 


Panther throwing a Shooticrue through the Fling Gate into the front yard. If they can just get a few in the blazers take it. But there's still a couple more of the Shida crew coming outside, likely generated by those similar factories he's got going there. 


Those similar factories can be such a pain. Stash might want to make his way over there and try to do something, but he's just been on his back foot this match, doing everything he can to defend. 


Yeah, he's so busy now. He can't really do that bear attack on the goal. He's doing everything he can just to keep alive here. 


That Gorrit getting a little confused heading down the lane. That's not what you want to see. We need that Gorrit on defense here if Stash is going to be hurting. 


We got some Titans all over the place. Slow call there to Gorrit. There, Janz. There. 


Look what's happening. 


He's doing it anyway. He's going right for the goal, using. 


The same strategy to try to distract his opponent. But I don't think he has enough health this time. He was knocked out. That was a risk. That's going to cost him the game this time. Oh, my goodness. 


What a reward. But we are now all tied up. 


Oh, my gosh. 


That was amazing. 


Stash is like, I'm going to do it again. I'm going to get my opponent distracted. I'm going to run over to that goal and it didn't work. 


Yeah, you can't underestimate the damage those. 


Turrets do, especially when your opponent's goal has, like I think it had like 90 health on it. You're not going to be able to do enough damage inside. 


I mean, it was a smart move, but running that risk, like, when you're down to like, 15 on your health, that's a tough play. Could have gone either way, but man, what a matchup. Oh, my goodness. 


Now you guys can see it's not a game where one strategy dominates a very dynamic battlefield. Let's head into the final round between our Streamers secret agent, Stash Yellow Panther. Here we go. Guess what, Locke. Yeah, they're doing the same thing. Of course. 


Such a smart move. Such a power play. 


Just the best way to get started. Locke sun getting a couple creatures on his side. Stash got an aloe out. Not a lot of powerful creatures in his hand though, from the looks of it. Not a great start for Stash's hand. 


Don't want to underestimate those drops, though. Like they're super low cost ain't mana and they can do a lot of damage. And the green drops there, yeah, the Vitadrops. Yeah, the Vitadrops, they not only do damage, they also will heal friendly creatures when they detonate. Super strong move there, especially for like one mana. 


Oh, check it out. Stash deployed his little buddy to try to take care of that Slowclaw. He does not want to take any damage on his shields right now. That was a great strategy. Kept that Slowclaw busy. Didn't even take a scratch on his shields, but he does have more units advancing on him. 


Serious pressure coming up on the side. 


But check this out. 


Oh, first shield down and it's second damage. Second shield really damaged. 


Basically the same play on both sides, but Stash held it off better and Panther instead let that slow call through to his goal. Took some initial goal damage. I would say it's about a half health right now, so not too bad. But first blood by Stash for sure. 


Oh, got a good Gorrit and Fendor combo or Gorrit and Lumph combo coming up the middle there. 


And he used that flinggate to get a Slowclaw over there, too, so giving Panther a lot to take care of on his side watch. 


He's going to be tearing through the Slowclaw there, especially when backed by those Shooticrue coming out of the symbols. 


Let's take a look at what Stash is dealing with on his side. Not much really. He's got a Gorrit out, making quick work of that. Not a lot of pressure, but he's got a couple of guys coming up that middle lane. 


Yeah, you get the thing with the Gorrit, though, is like, I know he's taking a little bit of damage there, but if he can get moving, he'll regenerate his health by the time he gets back to the goal. Yeah, that's Gorrit’s special ability by dropping the Janz right there, though, taking the splash damage on the Gorrit, I think. There it was. 


Janz now advancing on that goal and another Janz advancing on the middle field. 


A poor just wipes the floor with the aloe. Just like shot it straight in the face. 


Double Janz approaching stash. Let's see, we got any symbols over here? Yeah, we got another really strong similar. 


Watchy defense on the field. Slowclaw coming up there to back up that Janz. 


Stash having a lot to deal with now. He was able to wipe out that side lane pretty well, but he's got a Slowclaw and a Janz advancing in the middle backed up by two Fendors shielded and live. 


Let's see what happens. 


You see that shield on those two units? That's a problem. 


Throws another Slowclaw through the fling gate. 


Stash has maybe too much to deal with here. He did get a gourd out, but those jams made quick work of that and they are breaking through the defense. Taking down the shield. And we've got shoot a crew advancing. Oh, here it comes I think. Oh but look, he's drawn. Agro. 


Let him look at that hold of Agro. What a great job. 


But those Shooticrue, they were able to get through. And takes his shield down. 


Core is exposed. 


Now we got the corks exposed on both sides. Both goals at almost full health. 


Really, really neck and neck. 


Right. Another tight match here. 


My goodness. 




All right, we got another shield of slow call coming up the middle. Backed by the Fendor. 


Both champions wipe the field pretty good. 


Got a melee going in the Underlane. 


Hoping for this last push here to see if they can I wonder if Stash is going to try to same thing again. I hope not. I hope he doesn't try that against a goal with 97 help. 


If I were him I would wait, get a little bit more damage on that goal first because if he goes there now he's not going to be able to rip through the rest of. 


I mean he could do some damage but he better get out of there. 


He's going to leave himself. 


Oh, and here he goes. 


He's doing it. Predictably he's going to do it. 


Just trying to get some direct damage. 


Panther on the offense there. 


Trying to but look, he's retreating. Doesn't want to lose his mana by getting KO'd. So he's heading back to his side. Already having to deal with that pressure. 


Paying the price for that slow call on the goal. Took a little bit of damage from that move. 


Seems like Stash learned his lesson that time. Didn't spend his health, didn't get Kode on the other side. Was able to make it back in time. 


To Stash's credit, looks like we had a really good trade. Yeah, he lost a little bit of health, but he definitely missed. Push coming. Janz on the side. Janz coming up the middle. 


Oh, both those Janz taking that gourd out. 


Locke on the support. 


Goal taking damage. Stash trying to do everything he can. Pulling the Slowclaw out. Trying to hold busy, but they're making quick work of that. And we got that jams being backed up by a Fendor. Oh, but Stash drops his own Janz. Takes that Janz out with the splash damage. Nothing really happening on Panther. 


Oh, here it comes. 


We've got right up the middle. 


Look at that. 


Huge backed up by the Shooticrue. I think this is going to be it. One more shot. 


Panther takes it. 


Stash, congratulations for that win. Panther. That was an amazing match. 


That was fantastic. I mean, seriously, like, what a roller coaster. What a seesaw. What a Wildcard bout. Congratulations to Panther, our champion in our streamer final. And seriously congrats to Stash on a well fought battle. Both Arenas, just both our players just showed an amazing amount of brains and heart on the arena. It's just really great work. 


Incredible job by our champions. Just incredible. 


For sure. 


Did he just congratulate the loser? 


Yeah. In the name of sportsman. 


That was incredible. 


It was incredible, Jot. Especially thanks to a player you better watch out for, even if you may not see her coming. 


I know who this is. 


You have a good eye, Jot. 


You're talking about Janz? 


Yes. The heavy hitter for Team Chronos. Janz doesn't spawn through the arena floor. She cannonballs down to the sky. 


I was like, Where's she coming from? She got a treehouse she hiding in. 




And there's no boys. 


Let me in. 


No. Her secret, as with all Chronian summons, is in the tech Chronian engineers made her big, fast, smart, and observant. She's got full spectrum thermal eye that spots opponents before they spot her. 


You know what I'm wearing, okay? 


We've talked about this. It's not even cold. 


Old Frostbird. 


Janz is as happy to recline on a sofa watching her telenovelas as she is knocking down your house. And depending on the episode, it's a real toss up, which takes more effort for her. She's a one woman wrecking crew armed with a cannon the size of a minivan and a cannonball entrance that'll shiver your timbers. She also loves naps and flywheel pottery, but she's only good at one of them. 


Oh, that Janz. She's something else. 


While our Earthbound players are just getting a couple minutes to hydrate, eat orange slices, call their moms whatever it is they need to do before the mayhem begins, let's look back at how we got here today. 


A long time ago, on an asteroid. 


Far, far away from Katsushi, two legends entered. One champion left, and the loser he really left. As in went to live in a cave for five years. 


Wildcard fans were bereft nice until just rest. 


In come on down. 


The galaxy's biggest promoter and handsomest employer brought these opposing forces back to Frostburn for a winner take all grudge match. 


Melee on the meteor is on like Buddha Kong. 


For months now, the two sides have sparred inside the arena and out. 


At times, it got ugly, girl. 


Other times, it got weird. Like when Lumph met his Chronian copycat Fendor. 


That one got ugly and weird. 




Yeah, it did. 




Okay. Stop. You okay? 


It's been a soap opera. 


Reno, secret Rendezvous, Dangerous Liaisons, all going down under the noses of the Chronian Royal family. 


Sports, still upset from accusations that he cheated five years ago by gonking up Locke's cannon with the wad of sports butt, went full Mia dodging the press before spilling his sport thoughts all over Sports Illustrated. It was a sport tell all. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is horrifying. 




All of which was apparently too boring for our fearless employer, who decided to throw the entire space rock into chaos. 


Promoter rustin today. Shocking the Wildcard world. 


Locke and Bolgareach have to draft half of their team from the other roster. 


Each champion drafting half his crew from. 


The other guy's team is pure insanity. I mean, hey, genius move, Fox. 


Yeah, you're one of a kind, Jot. 


Then, tragedy. 


A beloved new addition, driven mad by his admiration of Lumph, blew himself up in a very public existential crisis. 


But hey, they rebuilt him with a clean memory chip, and he remembers none of it. 


I wonder if you could get that. 


Maybe I have. 


Reno lovely Princess Neva was revealed to be hot and heavy with the Chronian Champ Locke. 


Actually, I would like to forget that. 


Moving on to the shocking revelation the. 


Utterly unthinkable revelation that Prince Boone frames Ford spord is innocent. 


I'm losing my mind here. 


Reno vindicating sweet sport of any wrongdoing. 


I am unraveling. Which leads us to this moment, now. 


Moments away from the Grudge map. 


Call it what you want. Melee on the meteor. 


Rumble on the rock. 


Battle on the Briquette. 


Donnybrook on the dirt claw rock fight. 


I got nothing. But it's five years in the making. 


A collision of two primal forces. Gird your launch and hike up your socks. 


Shake the cat and call it soup. 




I don't know. Because the battle is about to commence. Get ready for welcome. 


Congrats to all our winners out there. We're getting closer to the main event, and as our champions ready up, let's take a closer look at a couple of summons that'll be sure to have a huge impact on our match. 


Slow and steady wins the race. Slowclaw isn't in a hurry, but that's probably because she hits like a tank. I mean, she doesn't have the most defense, so be sure to give her some support. But when she lands a blow, it is the Earth that is moved. 


Shuda crew is a value packed summit containing multiple drones for the price of one. They are fragile, though, so they'll need to be protected. But cold is the shiver up the spines of anyone approaching a cloud of these things. They float like butterflies and sting like beans. 




Daddy's allergic. 


Now it's time to check out the lineup and see who's bringing the heat. 


First up is Team Locke above? Let's take a look at their starting five. We got Gorrit, Battle Ape, and Legend in his own mind. 


And up next, Spord, who has the power to multiply live on the arena floor. 


Oh, Aloe. She's exciting. She's a healer and newcomer who's shaking up smolt strategies. 


And we can't forget the towering Slowclaw. You don't want to get on her bad side. 


Bringing up the rear is the defender, Lumph. That's a huge lineup, Paul. 


You're a huge lineup sketch. 


With their size and brute strength, Lubabub brings action on both ends of the arena. Let's take a closer look at Bolgar Lubabub’s Champion. 


It's two for one with Burr inside. 


Yeah, but Bolgar brings a brute strength all on his own, and he's able to give and take Davis in equal measure. 


Of course, the ultimate player is the combo of the two. I've been up close. When Bolgar goes, wear bear. Let me put it this way, Sketch. I no longer wear those pants. 


This is too much information, Paul. Let's check out Team Chronos. Chronos is smaller and quicker than Love Above with a wily style that should really make for a fascinating contrast. They're like four guards. Exactly. Oh, here's chance. His entrance always makes a clash, followed by watching the robot guard dog. 


And we can't discount shoot a crew that's forming damage bot. 


Next, we have Simbler, another newcomer who cranks out summons during the match. 


And finally, there's Fendor with his powerful shield. 


All right, let's break down their opposition. Champion Locke from Team Chronos. Locke has a close range manostorm attack, but really prefers to keep out of distance by shooting lasers from his. 


But when things are moving too fast, Locke has pine tran, slows down his opponents while speeding up his own unit. 


Kind of how I feel after a couple of hard roast coffee. 


Nice sponsored plug. 


Well, I've had hard roast coffee, Paul, and let me put it this way, I no longer wear those pants. 


There it is again. It's time for giveaway number four. 


All right, looks like we're ready for a coin toss. Yeah. Let's see what happens. 


Let's see what happens. Who gets to play what champion. 


Right on. I'm going to call it. 


Tails. It's tails. 


It is tails. All right, that means that Caveman has champion choice. See who's going to go with hang on. All right. He's going with Locke. All right, with that settled, our champions are set and our players are ready. Let's get this match started. 


Years ago, two champions did battle on the field of honor, but honor came to only one. Volgaard's defeat was compounded by something far worse charges that he had cheated. He couldn't bear it, and that's saying something. Now he's back with a glint in his eye, new summons on his team and revenge in his heart. Standing between Bolgar and redemption is his nemesis, the Chronian prodigy Locke, who upended his own kingdom when he defeated the crown prince, winning the mantle of champion and the wrath of his king. He plays with fire in the arena and out of it. And his only hope of holding on to all that he loves is victory. 


All right, our match is already underway. Let's take it to the field and see how we're doing. 


All right, we got Caveman playing as Locke, and we've got Yellow Panther playing as Bolgar. Getting started. Caveman starting right away with that strategy that we've seen every single round today. 






So we got a nice oh, big push coming down the side here. We got the Shooticrue backed up by the sport there. Let's see what happens. 


That's sport getting a chance to multiply. 


Got a bunch of stuff happening down here in the Underlane. Oh, yep. Janz dropping. Oh, smart move by Locke, dropping the man of Storm. 


Let's head down and take a look. 


At oh, big melee coming down the. 


Middle with that push battle starting underneath the lane. We've seen that in a lot of today's matches. 


We really have. 


And those Kegs making their way up the side lane already starting to put pressure on Yellow Panther's side. 


There's some big creatures coming up from the underlay there. That's going to be a pretty solid push. We're going to get some damage on those shields from this. 


I got to be honest. Yellow Panther has not had much of a chance to play as Bolgar. His preferred player is Locked, so he's kind of a little bit of a disadvantage today, but he's doing a pretty good job using his wear bear already. 


Oh, my goodness, though they made such short work of those shields. Force already explored. Oh, actually, we're almost down. Look at this. Big push coming up. This may be it already. Oh, my goodness. Caveman just tore that up. 


He did. Wow, that's the shortest round we've seen yet. That was quick work by caveman on Yellow Panther. I'm hoping we could see a little more defense on Yellow Panther's side this time, for sure. 


But I mean, Caveman really has taken note to Locke. He knows that champion in and just really smart play there like he's done that strategy. We've seen left and right milling that card to begin to get that mana advantage. And do you couple that with Panther's lack of experience with Bolgar? Right. Like, I could see this coming, but. 


Still, I know I'm feeling bad for that coin toss. You know, Panther was hoping to get Locke. Didn't happen. We'll see if he can pull it off with Bolgar. We are heading into round two. 


All right. Yellow Panther trying to recover from that stunning defeat in the last round. 


Caveman waiting for his mana to build up. Oh, Yellowpanther. They're doing what he needs to do there. Getting a sport right already on the side lane. 


Play it in the backfield's. Really smart. It gives it the maximum amount of time to duplicate. 


Take a look at that sport already dividing. We've got two sports heading down the middle. Panther seems to be getting his feet under him. He's got a Slowclaw happening there. 


He's already got his burr out. That's a smart move. Last a little bit of defense. There some aloe sitting there ready to provide some heels. Oh, looks. Like that. Slowclaw has got a double Aloe on it. That's going to be super healed. 


That is going to be really powerful. And a sport army coming up the middle. Panther putting a much better showing in at the beginning of this match. Doing a great job defending on the side lane as well. Backed up by an allo pressure happening on Caveman's side. 


He's already having to smart move by Caveman. Dropping the man of Storm there. Kept that push of a torn up. Got the Janz coming down the middle. Got a melee on the underlay, though. Slowclaw and Slowclaw with a. 


Big Shooticrue support backed up by an Aloe. That Slowclaw is going to win that battle as long as he's got that aloe behind it. But he just dropped the Janz into the middle. Caveman's doing that splash damage with the Janz. 


Janz wipes out the aloe. That healing's gone. They're coming up the ramp to see if they're going to get to that goal. 


Panther doing the best he can. Panther bringing the gourd onto the that's a good call. 


That's a really good counter for the. 


Janz battle of the Titans here. But those Janz are backed up by Fendors. Multiple Fendors. That's going to be a problem. 


Shoot a crew. 


Yellow Panther's goal already taking a little bit of damage, but he's doing much better this round. 


Look at this, we got like two whole sets of shootakru coming up. You got the one from the middle lane. Doing a little bit of ship damage there, but there's a second round coming through the underlay. 


We got a bunch of pickups flying on the field, too, from all those creatures getting destroyed. Those champions need to run around and pick up those goals. 


Jance doing some work on the goals. That first. Shields down. Got the Fendors on. Yep, there it is. 


Panther feeling the pain again, exposed. The problem being these little assemblers over here that are just cranking out those units one after another, keeping the pressure on Panther this whole game. 


It really does play up to protus'value over time mechanics, though, so it's a smart play. 


Oh, my goodness. We've got a heavy unit taking doing damage to the stunning defeat. Oh, my. 


The winner is Caveman As Locke. 


But we gotta give it to Yellow Panther, who put up an amazing showing. 


What a matchup. I can't believe it. Some amazing play on both sides, with Bolgar and Locke clearly leaving everything they had on the arena. What did it look like from the booth? 


Well, let's check in with the man responsible for all this drama. All of the drama, all this mayhem. Jot, was it everything you expected? 


Jot? Jot? Where is he? Where did he go? Hey, can you. 


While we sort out some of these technical difficulties? You know what? Let's go back to the field. Let's go back to the field for some final words from our cameraman caster and founder of the Wildcard Alliance, Paul Bettner. 


He still owes me $500. I don't know. I can't believe he's hang on a second. What do you mean he's gone? Like, gone where? Where is he? Hello? How does he just disappear? It makes no sense. 


Are you hearing okay? Yeah. You know what? That's the bell, so we know what that means. 


You sure we should do this with Jot? You know, like, less than here? 


I mean, Jot is a showman. 


Jot's a show off. 


Yeah, that is true. But knowing Jot like I know Jot, if he were here, he'd want us to do an amazing giveaway right now. One last one. 


I'm pretty sure that means you don't know Jot at all. 


I just wanted to let all of our amazing fans know who showed up today. We've got a ton of people on Discord, on YouTube. I just wanted to let you know you're going to get your hands on this game soon. Opportunities to play Wildcard are going live. This is the beginning of our Alpha Test, and we can't wait to see you in the game. 


Yep. Again, congratulations to Caveman, our community player and grudge match champion. But for us, that's it for Melee on the Meteor. I'm Sketch and from everyone here at Wildcard, including Jot Rustin, who is at least here in spirit. But on behalf of everyone who did stick around to the end, thanks for watching. 


Well, thanks again for participating in Melee on the Meteor. Be sure to watch for a wrap up on WBN with Gareth and Reno next week. We will see you in Discord. Good night and stay wild.