Wildcard Game Stream August Town Hall

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In this August Townhall session, Wildcard pulls back the curtain to reveal what's been brewing behind the scenes. Hosted by co-founders WildPaul and WildKate, the event serves as a comprehensive platform to update the community on the game's latest developments. The session kicks off with a discussion on recent progress, covering everything from gameplay mechanics to art advancements. This initial segment aims to provide a holistic view of what the team has been working on, setting the stage for what's to come. But the Townhall doesn't just stop at updates. The co-founders also share exclusive raw footage from internal play tests, offering viewers a rare glimpse into the game's development process. This segment serves as a testament to Wildcard's commitment to transparency and community engagement. To wrap things up, the session includes previews of upcoming features, hinting at the exciting future that lies ahead for the Wildcard community. Detailed timestamps are included to help viewers navigate through the various topics, making it a must-watch for anyone invested in the game's ecosystem. Become part of the community today: https://discord.gg/playwildcard


Hello, y'all. 


Hello. And then shady in the audience. If you haven't already started streaming, you are now more than welcome to hit that stream button. We'll be simulstreaming to both Twitter and YouTube. So hello to anyone watching in the future. 


Also, hello, future people. 




You're living in the future. 


So, official kickoff. Welcome, everybody, to the August town hall for Wildcard. I am joined up on stage by our Co-founder, Paul and Finn. If you've been on Twitter, then you know who he is, our marketing and partnerships manager. And it's been a little while since we've done one of these. Our last one was in May, and we've been working very hard on quite a few things. 


Building in the bear. 


Isn't that building in the bear? And we're ready to share. 




Buzzwords, Paul. 


Love it. We are definitely building in a bear. It's warm in here. It's kind of gross, but yeah, it's like that scene from Ace Ventura Pet Detective where he's inside the rhino. It's like that. I was going to go with Star. 


Wars a little bit hoth action. 


I know that Ace Ventura is before your time. Okay, you don't have to call me like that. 


I think those are the same time. 




All of these are really disturbing references, y'all. 


Yeah, it's really disturbing. 


The bear. Okay. 


At the end of that rhino scene, that's the most disturbing part for you guys who remember Ace Ventura, we're not going to do that part, so don't worry. 


Hey, do you want to be up on stage too? I'm going to invite you. You don't have to. 


You can invite whoever you want. 


There's Kate. And now we are joined by other co founder, Kate. 




Also, let's leave Ace Ventura out of like it has not aged well. 


It's true, but it was part of my childhood. So what can. 


On hold on. Do I see. 


Don't if that's Burke, I'm going to cry. 


I was just talking about Burke yesterday about t shirts and how much I miss Burke. So if that is you, then I miss you. All right, so are you guys ready to kick it? 




All right. So to give everyone kind of the lowdown on what to expect, we've got some videos to share. We've got some images to share. We've got a cool demo to share. We're going touch on everything from the game progress, art, progress, and then something else at the end, which I'm not going to describe yet. You'll just see what it is. 


It's the one more thing. Steve Jobs. One more thing. 


One more thing, exactly. 




So let's go ahead and kick it off with some game mode updates. So I've got a video, but Paul, do you want to give an intro. 


Just to frame it? So what we're going to show you guys is a short video that was recorded from a recent play test that the team did. We actually didn't know that were going to share this video when we did. So you're just like literally seeing raw internal play test recording from what it looks like when we're play, testing the build before the build that you guys see and play on our community channels, what we have been working on just to frame this video. I mentioned this actually, let's see, I kind of dropped a little alpha about this on Crypto Stash's stream a couple of weeks ago. We have these really ambitious goals with Wildcard that extend even beyond, I think, the fun of the current game and the build that you guys have been playing. We've been working on this game for several years and kind of gotten past the point where we found the fun of the core formula. 


And I think I'm not saying that from my own perspective. I'm saying that because that's what we have heard as people play it, they love it, they are having a great time with it. But just like going back even to our work on age vampires 25 years ago, we are our own worst, biggest critics. And so we're always looking for, okay, it's good, but how do we get it to be great? And so we kind of decided a couple of months ago that the primary areas that we wanted to focus on, besides the obvious things, which are kind of polish and more creatures, more champions, more arenas, like all those things that we've already talked about. That one area that we really wanted to focus on was the game mode itself. So we anticipate that Wildcard might have different modes in the future, but we still know that we really need to find that kind of definitive game mode that is the one that everyone's going to play, that maybe, hopefully. 


Becomes the sort of core, professional way to play Wildcard if the community embraces it that way in the future, that it's really important to have that one definitive mode. That is what everyone gravitates towards. And so the mode that you guys have seen and the game that we've played is kind of about attacking the opponent's goal and taking down the shields and taking down the goal to score. And it's done in its best two out of three format, the build that you guys are playing. One of the things that we've seen in terms of being our own biggest critics is that we're still looking for a little bit more of a sense of progression during a match and also a feeling that we're really playing and spectating a live sport. And we're looking for more of that dynamic drama that happens when we're watching our favorite professional sports, whether it's football, soccer for you guys who call it two different things baseball, basketball, whatever it is. 


We have always envisioned from the beginning with Wildcard that we wanted to try to push a video game as close to that level of thrill of competition and that sense of community we all get when we enjoy and celebrate our favorite sports. So what you're going to see in this video is a prototype, an ongoing in development prototype of some of those changes. And this video has Dan, our game director, kind of explaining what the changes are to the team and giving the team kind of a walkthrough of these new elements. So a couple of things you're going to see in this video. You're going to see a mockup for a new arena which is called the Arden Arena. You're going to see a brand new representation of the goal area in the game as represented by More in a sports context with an actual goalie that is doing damage and defending doing damage to attacking creatures on the goal, defending the goal and providing more strategy and depth for players to be able to choose what that goalie is and how that goalie behaves. 


And the other big thing you're going to see here, the other thing that we've been pushing on a lot is for those who have played the game, you may have noticed that the combat and especially the way the champion feels as they move around the arena and as they fight creatures or fight the other champion. It's okay, but it's not really at the level of our favorite fighting games. Whether we're talking about a fighting game like Street Fighter or Smash Bros. Or 3D fighting games like Dan. And I like to point back to this old game called Powerstone that we Love that was like a 3D version of Smash Brothers back in the day. But there's these features in those games that make them feel just so good to just run around and beat things up with your main character. And we wanted to take the champion's core abilities and their special abilities to that level of feeling like our favorite fighting games with just really good control and response. 


And so what you'll see in this video is work on that as well. So I think that's enough context. Let's jump in the video if you have it up on me and we can take a look. 


Yeah, let's do it. 


I'll go ahead and share. 


Go live. All right, hopefully you guys can see this. Someone shout out to me in Chat if for whatever reason you can't hear it or anything like that. 


As you know, the design Strike Team. 


Has been, I love this bug. The character can't move unless he gets punched. Right now, that bug will obviously get fixed. 


Impactful in terms of changes, that's exactly what we want. We don't want to change the fundamental flow of the game because it's already fun. So we've been all over the place with maps and different rule changes. So we're looking at you get a sneak peek of in progress. It's not even had a full V one pass yet of Love above the arena on Arden, which is super cool. I love a ton of things about it. It really feels like open air and under the sky and I can't wait to see where it ends up. But from an early look, I think it's brilliant. Breath of fresh Air does this thing that were hoping, which was give our community something to get excited about and show that we're not just a one trick pony. This game mode that we've settled on revolves around a few things and you will notice one of the biggest things and one of the main things that changed here, we now have goalies. 


So goalies are uber buff. It looks like slow claw, it'll actually look like something else later. A unique goalie card perhaps. So they're super buff and they are not taking any guff from you whatsoever. So they will chase you if you get close. They will bust up summons. As they get close, you notice that they have actually quite a few hit points. So the goal of this mode plays just like normal Wildcard, except you got to ko the goalie before you can eventually do substantial damage to the shield. So the entire point is very similar to our original point way back when. Break this shield, get this little goal here. So we don't know exactly the final form of it, but touch, lift up the orb, slam it down. There's some scoring moment that happens here, but functionally right now you got to break this shield. 


Goalie doesn't want you to break your shield, so he's going to help fight. And your entire purpose is to use your summons to basically attack, take down this goalie and take down the shield. So very similar to original thing, but the goalie is a fun dynamic ad that I think adds a ton something else that this build represents that I don't think a lot of people have played through. But this is also showing off the latest in character movement which has been simultaneously being worked on through tireless efforts with the Strike Team. Gino, Woody, just so many people have touched this champion package here and made it evolve over time. So right now it's feeling much better. I feel combat is dynamic and fun. As you remember, before, combat was sloppy and loose. It didn't feel people couldn't tell what you're hitting. You didn't feel connected to combat. 


You just did it because you didn't know what else to do. Now Bolgar is really shaping up. His specific kit is shaping him to be more of a brawler, kind of a heavy hitter sort of character. We had a good framework of brand new abilities that the teams worked hard on and then we just did this week a simplification pass input wise. So now there's no layer shifting, there's nothing else needed. It's all face buttons and triggers and you can do all the things that the champion can do. So as you notice this is just a quick primer. Bulgar now has a combo, one, two, three, and he will knock things away on that third punch. You'll see that he's stepping forward as part of this combo, helps you connect and he will auto magnet to things in his range. Those were two of the most hotly requested and I think most vital changes needed to make a functioning combat system. 


You will auto regenerate health if you haven't taken damage in a long time. So think of it like a halo. Overshield keeps health management from being a thing. Also, Bolgar now has if you jump and you're in the air, he has a drop kick that does a ton of damage, has some weird cases. We're going to turn off the magneting in it, but other than that, works really well. His drop kick hits hard, but he does have a recovery. So you get punished if you use that stupidly or try to abuse it. People think things can keep hitting you while you're on the ground. He has the log Zuka hold down left trigger, aim it and release left trigger and he blasts the he uses his log and it'll eventually, I think, shoot out Acorn stuff and cheeks to do some damage to everybody and knock them around, which is fun. 


He has a dash. The dash is missing a little bit of functionality that we're going to add to it, which is if he hits an opposing creature or champion it'll, punt them away. Otherwise he can just use it as normal dash for evasion purposes. So it's kind of a two in one. But again, it's a face button. He has Burr on the Y button. So back to face, easy to use Burr. Burr is currently busted, so he's not attacking. He is snuggling you instead. And then we want to add a plus one to Burr, where if you press Y while he's out, so no dead inputs, right? So if he's out on the battlefield and you press Y again, we want him to do a frenzy bite or something and then come back to you early. So it's kind of this tactical way to use Burr without having to micromanage what he does. 


And then, of course, we've got card throwing and both bumpers selecting cards, as usual. So it's all about giving Bolgar a unique, heavy, brawler sort of feel, but very accessible, simple to use. I shouldn't have to think about how to do a move. It should just come naturally, especially with practice. And so this is a very early peak and of course it's going to get more polished and more kinetic, but I like the direction it's headed and it's due to the work of all the team focused on this problem, which is one of our biggest problems. It feels terrible to control your character. We don't have a fun game, so that's enough jib jab. I think that represents almost all the changes that we have in this build. 


Awesome. By the way, if you guys aren't paying attention to the chat, there's some amazing questions flying across and comments. We were just talking about the Bogard's new kit, his new abilities, and I kind of didn't really touch on that earlier, but that's another area where, to use Dan's phrase, we're really trying to plus one and go with abilities that are even more impactful, more obvious, what they do. 


I think you're in your pocket. 


Am I in my pocket? I hate discord. It just like randomly switches. Hold on. All right. Is this any better? 


Way better. 


There we go. 


Anyway, I was like, oh, Paul's pocket again? Yeah, my discord loves to just randomly switch to my iPhone and use that as its microphone. And so, anyway, that could have been better. But here I am. And the abilities that are coming online now for bulgar. And like were talking about in chat, I just really can't wait for you to see locks, because locks are, I think, an even bigger example of taking abilities that were pretty cool and just making them over the top, because that's really how we want our champions to feel. We want them to feel pretty radically different in how they play and the power of the abilities they have. They should really feel game changing when you choose to play one champion versus another. So I also love that you guys are kind of picking up on really the focus here, like Dan was talking about, is both adjustments to the game mode to make it more fun, more dynamic, more dramatic, that's the word we keep using, is like the drama of live sports. 


And the goalie adds a ton to that. But then the other thing is, we've always said Wildcard is a MOBA for people who don't necessarily love MOBAs or don't like to play MOBAs, or say, I'm not a MOBA gamer. And we've heard this time and time again when people like that come in and play Wildcard and they're like, actually, this just feels like a great action game. And I don't typically play MOBAs, but I would play this. And so we love that, and we're really trying to double down on that in terms of making it feel like a truly great, best in class action game. And so that's why a lot of this focus right now is on upgrading the champions abilities, movement and kits. And by the way, as you might imagine, that is laying the foundation not just for the champions you've already seen, but for champions you haven't seen yet that I hope you're going to be able to see soon as we begin to introduce those new champions and new creatures in the second half of this year. 


Okay, so that's the first part that we wanted to show you, the second part. And just real quick, I imagine the question you might have is when do I get to get my hands on this? Or at least that's how I'd feel if I were you. And the team is pushing I am pushing them even harder than you might want me to take this successful work that they've done. And we kind of call it like wandering in the woods when we give the team this objective of like, hey, the game is good, but we want you to make it great. So you're going to need to go take some risks. You're going to need to break some things, you need to try some things. And there were some wild prototypes that we built over the last, really, several weeks that ended up getting us to this point where were really excited about the goalie and how that was working, and we kind of focused in on that. 


So when that happens, when the team goes off and wanders in the woods to try some crazy new things, we tend to kind of make a mess. There's a bunch of fallen trees and brush and everything and sorry, I'm sitting on my porch looking at my forest, so apologize for the metaphor. But anyway, we have to go clean up that mess. What you guys saw was, as you could probably tell, at a lower quality level than the current community build. And so our job now, the team's job is to take it all the way back up to that quality level plus these new features. So that means the goalie needs to be at an exceptional quality level. The new champion kits and abilities need to be at least as good as the previous ones in terms of how they feel, just kind of that quality. 


So that's the work the team is doing now. I will tell you it's weeks rather than months before you're going to get your hands on this. We don't have a firm date yet, but yeah, just do it. Just let us play tomorrow. Yeah, I know. I have a certain bar that I hold that I said it to the team yesterday. It's like, no exceptions, no caveats. We want to be able to put this new build in front of people that played the previous build and not have to caveat at all. Just be like, this is clearly better, right? It shouldn't require us to make any excuses or whatever for things that aren't as good or aren't better than what they were before. So that's the team's job right now. Now that we've discovered these new things, now they're working to finalize that, put it all together and release an updated build to you guys, snapshot build as soon as possible. 


One last thing to say about that is this work, as I called it, wandering in the woods. What it does is the team diverges onto a different branch of the game. And when that happens, it's important because they need to be able to go off and do that work without worrying about breaking the build for all you guys. But what that does is it causes a delay in how frequently we can update the play test build that you guys are currently playing every week with a lot of the new stuff as the team comes back out of the woods and rejoins the main branch, the primary branch, the ones you guys are playing. Once that happens and we update that build for you guys, what it means is that now the whole team will be back on the main branch. And so the ongoing development that is happening on other aspects of the game, such as creatures, abilities, new champions, et cetera, will be updated more frequently to you guys. 


We'll try to let you know if and when this happens in the future, where the team is kind of branching off for a little while and then coming back. But what I wanted you guys to expect is that once this new build is live, the frequency of updating the build after that will become more frequent than it has been in the past. Cool. All right. The next thing I wanted to show you was a little bit of a glimpse of some of the in development creatures and ability and effects, just like a peek at some of the artwork that's being created. So, AMI, do you have some stuff on your computer? All right, so I think we should actually go to the concepts for this guy first before you show the video. And a lot of the stuff is in proxy form. So this is a creature that we're working on that is just called Slime Mold. 


Right now, I think you guys yeah, certainly we can come up with a better name for this, but he's called Fly Mold, and we kind of wanted to come to this meeting with you guys, this presentation without a name for him so that we could start to Greg. Yes, everybody knows all creatures should be named Greg, and it's up to you guys to tell them apart because they're all going to be called the same thing, which is Greg, which is our family's favorite name, is what we name everything. So I would recommend Greg, but you guys could probably come up with a better name. Anyway, what you're seeing here is some concepts for that creature. We're working on the way that we want this creature to look translucent. So as well as concepts, we're also starting to take this creature into Proxy. I think we favor this kind of look here, actually, which is a little bit of this kind of pale, slimy look, but we'll see where we end up. 


And then you can see in that video, AMI, that you had initially just some work on the shader in Unreal to make this guy look translucent and kind of made out of a different new material than our other creatures. So that's what you're seeing there. And let's see, what else do we have to show? Here some more pictures of Greg. Oh, right. This is another creature that only has a temporary name. We've been calling her shrink fairy. That's not her real name. 


Grow Flower. Grow Flower. 


Grow Flower. Is that a real name? Is that canon now? 


No, just shrink. Fairy is different. But this proxy. 


Oh, yes. This one is grow flower. I'm sorry. 


Oh, look at you using canon. 


It's not canon. This is not canon. Do not ever take canon from me. I'm not the source of canon. You should go to the rest of our team for that. But yeah. So this is an example of what a creature looks like in proxy stage, just like the one you saw with Slime Mold in Unreal. This is not by far completed art yet. It's kind of where our creatures start when we're bringing them into the game. We're starting to play. Test them. Finn I haven't played or I guess anyone on stage with me, I haven't played with growflower in the game. What's the ability set for this? 


So Grow Flower, as of the last ability set, which, by the way, totally could change, essentially, cannon will change. So you throw down Grow Flower as a static placement. So where you place Grow Flower is where she sits. And any creatures that walk over her will almost consume her and grow. And they genuinely get massive. And I know the team was playing with some knockback effects that happen there. So you can also stack them, which is kind of fun. So you can double up and make these gigantic things. So we had a lot of fun playing with gigantic sports and gigantic jans. You can get jans quite large. 


Whenever we have something in the game like this that's going to have an effect like shrink or Grow, it can't be a subtle effect. It needs to be super obvious. So you might imagine how large those sports got because it doesn't want to be something. 


Yeah, we had sports that were the size of Wear Bear. 


It was quite incredible. 


I invited wear possum up on the hello, Dan. 


Thank you for that. 


In case you wanted to add anything on to Grow Flower, the plants. 


Slime mold. Take a step back. Slime mold. Slime mold is a cool thing right now. These are all pretty early, but we want them to do like, one thing really well. So slime Mold kind of sits there and the next summon that it touches, it becomes a copy of it. So we don't know yet. Is that a copy with like, one hit point? Is that both friendly and opponent summons. That's my favorite version. So that's kind of why it looks like Goo and can become anything. Proxy visuals will look cooler, will have an actual name, and then yeah. Grow Flower, like Finn said, is really kind of like a buff creature, like a buffing creature. So it is very much tied to our explorations with grow as a concept and shrink as a concept. It's dramatic, it's fun to see things get really big or really small, but we need some compelling abilities to go along with that. 


So scaling right now, we scale hit points and damage, but there's these other points like, well, okay, is it just do I only want grow flower and do I only want to scale up my champion and then rush the goal and all this stuff? There's these weird strategies that come out of it. So we're still playing around, but kind of behind the idea of grow flower is the idea of grow and shrink. And our goal is to make that such a compelling, exciting ability that you want to build a deck around it. You want to be like, yeah, I really want to leverage growing and shrinking powers and I want the synergies between the cards in my deck to play that up. And so, yeah, in development. But there's some fun things about it. 


My other favorite thing about this creature, growth flower and creatures like it is another analogy to this would be Sembler. You guys have played with Sembler, obviously, in the current build. Sembler is a factory unit that creates other units, these units that stay put and do a thing in an area kind of give this lightweight feeling of base building to the game. And it's not obviously complex RTS style base building. It's very simple. Place a unit in a location and that unit does something. But that's a very different behavior, obviously, than creatures that just move across the field and try to take down the goal. And I love that back and forth. So for me, I love that a player can choose to build a deck that is very base building, heavy, versus a deck that's very aggro and really just about moving across the field and taking things down. 


And as Dan was saying, we love playing with these systems and having those systems interact interesting ways as well. So growth and shrink is a system that we're playing with. Now, there's other systems you guys haven't heard about yet, but that were coming online. People were making jokes about, can you set grass on fire? Well, if and when Fire is in the game, that's not just going to be a one off creature ability. That's actually going to be a system that interacts with other systems. Because we love, as we've talked about before, we love those moments of emergent gameplay where as a player, you can be really clever about how you mix and match those creatures. And you could say, I wonder what happens if I mix a creature of growth with a creature of Fire and how those two systems interact. And when you sort of have this clever moment of discovery, that's a great feeling as a player. 


So we. Really want a lot of that in our deck building and in our creature. Okay, the next ones I have in. 


This folder, we'll just take a look at them. They're things that haven't been seen yet. I don't think there's anything that we can talk about mechanics wise. Although, Dan, you can stop me if there, you know, just so you guys can see the breadth of the work that's happening. Some other kind of experimentations with summons. If you guys watch the work in Chill, you're familiar with this one, the Little Minions. And then, Paul, if you wanted to talk about the animation work, we'll just touch on it real quickly because I know we need time for the next Dan Cam. 


And this is what were talking about earlier. So this is additional work on the Way in which bulgar's abilities, that's what you're seeing here anyway, are represented with additional particle effects and just things that make it feel like impact. And that thing that you're doing has a very satisfying action reaction kind of feel to it when you have that control in your hand and you're controlling that so you can see those effects here that are in various stages of development. It's crazy when you look at our favorite fighting games and you really analyze it down to like a frame by frame level, how many different layers of effects and particles and sound and motion and exaggeration go into making something feel satisfying. And so you're just seeing a couple of those layers now here. But when they all come together, it kind of just feels the way it should. 


And it's easy to take for granted, but there's a lot of those layers that go into making each movement and each ability feel very satisfying to the player. 


Yeah, that's right. Some of the hidden work that's not usually something you trumpet is the way that we build Champions has completely been redone, which is in order to a good way to think about it is our previous Champions were kind of like one offs. They were built custom to kind of show off the game. But you need to actually build them in a way where you can make another Champion really quickly without starting from scratch. And so the team has worked really hard on getting a framework, a champion framework set up where we understand like, input mapping and the way they move and the way a run animation is a run animation across. You can use the same thing for multiple characters if needed. And so that work was hard, and it involves kind of breaking it and then pulling it all back together again. 


So, yeah, you're right. For each impact, for each new move, there's layers of particle effects and sounds and hit effects that all kind of coordinate to making something feel satisfying. So the current version of the game right now, it's functional, but it needs the satisfying layers and it has this dramatic outsized effect really on your feel of how readable and how fun is combat. So that is one of our priorities, kind of from here is first get the system by which we can make champions and multiple champions up and running quickly. Next, update Bolgar to that system so you've seen him running around. Update Locke to that system and then work on their new abilities, but also work on their layers of feedback so that way they feel and react perfectly. And not to mention the replication across the network. You don't want to see characters warping around and looking strange. 


So there's a lot of work that goes into making a really fun, playable champion. But for us, it's such a big priority. Like we said, if the champion isn't fun to control, the game isn't fun to play. So rest assured that we are working on it. 




Thank you. Okay, last thing that we wanted to show you guys and some people kind of hinted at this a little bit in the chat. So we think a lot about how we can create value for our Wildcard community and especially our wild pass holders. Now, before the game is even out, you guys can see we still have a lot of work to do. There's going to be many more champions, many more creatures especially, and new locations and venues in the game. There's a lot of content work that is still going to go into the final version of Wildcard. But what we have is a community that's here with us right now and a community that's engaged with us right now. In fact, a community that's already part of the Wildcard ecosystem because they have minted wild passes, they are holders, they're owners, they're, in a way, bought into the game already. 


And what that means to us is that it becomes so crucial that we're starting to deliver value for those users even before the game is out. So the way in which I have been thinking about this myself is there's sort of extrinsic ways to create value for people who own the wild pass that are away. We'll give away some NFT or we'll give away some Matic or something like that. And those things are cool. And do not doubt that we're thinking about those as well. But one of, I think the most valuable things that we can do is recognize and really record the fact that you all are here, that you were early, that you are our OG very first players and citizens and members of the Wildcard ecosystem and community. For us to do that, we need to create a protocol that begins to recognize everything that we're all doing together here right now. 


Because the way that I've always thought about this, that we've always thought about this, is this game hopefully goes on to be something that is played for decades in the future. I mean, if we're all so blessed and lucky to create another hit game together and something like age of empires, it will be played 30 years from now. And I want to be able to turn around and say, remember back when you guys were here early, when were all together, when were building the game together? And these technologies, especially a blockchain, provides a brand new foundation for us to be able to do that. Because a blockchain is a permanent, ever expanding ledger, as you guys are probably aware, especially the people who are crypto native, you kind of recognize that what a blockchain is it's a permanent record of everything that's done on that blockchain. 


It's like a receipt of all that activity, transactions, and whatever it is, when it comes to building a game like Wildcard, what I get really excited about is the opportunity for us to begin recognizing and recording that activity even before the game is out. So what does that look like? It looks like events like we're having today. It looks like discord events. It looks like play tests that you guys are participating in. It looks like the ways in which you guys are showing up in support of us, in support of the game. And we don't want to lose that. We want to, in fact, record it permanently onto a blockchain so that as we go forward, we can recognize those users who were there with us early who contributed to helping us build wildcard. Okay? So to do that, we have built a protocol called the wildfile. 


We talked about this a little bit before, and the reason we want to bring it up today and in fact, show you a demo of it in a minute, is because we're getting close to shipping it. This is going to be exclusively available to wildpass holders first, and then it'll be available to the public. What's interesting about, in my opinion, making it available to wildpass holders first is that you guys actually get to record the very first activity on the wildfile. So before anyone else is able to even attend their first event or even mint that initial identity, you guys get to come first. So it's like those people who, I guess, who brag that they have some early Twitter ID or that they have an early discord ID. It's kind of like that. We've worked on this little feature in there that guarantees that if you have a wild pass in your wallet, you can mint one of the first wildfile IDs, no matter what. 


Even if once we go to public, if you missed your chance to mint during that initial window, you'll still be able to mint. This is a free mint. Again. It's not designed to be something you trade. This is a soul bound asset. It's kind of like your Xbox gamer tag, right? It's really about the achievements and the attendance and the participation in the Wildcard ecosystem. And so what we've built is a web three protocol that natively, interacts and connects to discord, Twitter, all the different places where Wildcard is played, enjoyed and experienced, including of course, in game. And this is the beginning of that protocol that is going to connect the blockchain to Wildcard itself. It will be the thing that records your wins and losses. It'll be the thing that records your progression, your collectibles, all these different aspects. What you're going to see today is the first piece of that, which is the ability to mint this initial soul bound asset and begin to record those activities. 


So let's go to that demo. I think it's like maybe seven or eight minutes long. We actually recorded it right before this meeting because we just want to make sure we got the recording right. And hopefully AMI has that on her screen and she can share that. 


Yes, nine and a half minutes, but it's all exciting. 


Let's do it. Let's see ourselves. This is a recording we're doing twelve minutes before the beginning of the town hall. Quick, like up to the second wildfile demo. We're just going to run through it and show you guys how this goes. So let's start by me sharing my screen. Do that right here. Okay, you all seeing that now coming up. All right, so we're going to just quickly demo what minting a wildfile looks like and hopefully it looks simple and easy to do. We've tried to really streamline the process. We pay the gas. We have tried to reduce the number of clicks as much as possible, just make it an extremely user friendly experience. So it starts here when you visit the wildfile page, assuming you don't already have a wildfile, this is kind of the page you see as it says right here, the Wildfire is your identity in the Wildcard universe. 


It's really the beginning of your journey as a Wildcard citizen, Wildcard player, fan, spectator, competitor, et cetera. This is the hub that connects that identity and really keeps track of all the things that you do within Wildcard going forward. It starts by minting this wildfile. So first thing you do is join us in discord. Since you guys are already all in Discord, you don't even have to click on that part, but you can just click generate link. Right now this is pointing to a test server, but the version that we ship will point to our live Discord. That takes you immediately to this channel where you generate a link that goes from discord back to the Wildfile. And this is how we connect your discord identity together with your wallet identity so we can keep track of things that you're doing in discord on your Wildfile. 


So you see, it takes you right back here to this page. The next step you do is confirm connection. This is going to take you straight to your wallet. This is as you can see here, this is a read only access signature. We're not triggering any blockchain transactions. This is just to prove basically that you own the wallet you say you do. So when you click that, it's linked. And then the last step is just to mint your Wildfile. You can see here, this completely free. We're paying the gas for all of these transactions. This takes you back to your wallet to sign that transaction and mints on the testnet. There you go. And that's basically it. That's it. I don't know how many clicks that was. Like four or five or something like that. Very quick, here's what my wildfile looks like right now. 


And again, it's important to say this is just version like 0.1 of this Wildfile is a foundational component of all these different pieces that we're building of the Wildcard protocol. But it all starts with creating this hub for all of you guys, for all of our users that can connect your identity to all these other experiences that we're building. And so that's what you're seeing here is really that hub. Almost like your Xbox gamer tag for Wildcard, if you want to look at it that way. So a couple of things to point out here. I've got my Wildfile ID. Just a little important thing to point out. Wildpass holders are guaranteed to receive the lowest number IDs in the system. We've just kind of added a little bit of code to make sure that if you own a Wildpass, your ID number is reserved for the people who care about that. 


I'm not saying it's necessarily going to matter that much. Maybe it will, I don't know, but it's just kind of proof that you were there at the beginning. And if you have a Wildpass, you're going to get one of those early IDs. It's linking to your discord. It's showing your top roles. These are just temporary roles that I have on our test server. And then it's showing the Wildcard collectibles that you own. So I don't have any in this test wallet, but I'm going to switch over to Kubicon's wallet in a second so I can show you. But that's what this is. It's showing your wild passes. It's showing your swag, any swag that you own. And then this is probably the most important part of the Wild on chain recording of your activity. And this is activity across the Wildcard ecosystem. 


So this is in game activity. This is discord activity. This can even be interacting with the Wildcard. Twitter, like we're really trying to create an experience where Wildcard seamlessly kind of integrates with the places that you're already spending time online and allows you to be a part of the Wildcard ecosystem across all those different places. So we're going to show you now at the last part is what it looks like to actually participate in a test in a discord event and have that actually tracked on Chain as part of this activity. Before I do that, though, let's look at what Kubes looks like. So here's Kube's wildfile. He has graciously shared, which by the way, you can turn this off if you don't want to. So there's going to be a setting up here that lets you actually, if I go back to my Wildfile, you can see it. 


There's a setting here that lets you decide whether you want to share. Otherwise, it's private. And people cannot necessarily see that this wildfile is attached to this discord ID. But if you choose to share that, then that will show up as well as your Linked socials on Twitter and Twitch. As you can see, Koob has a robust collection of wild passes for in his wallet. He's got several pieces of swag, including this insanely rare Bored Elon swag pin that we're all super jealous of. And he's participated in some activity. He minted his Wildfile, he linked it to his different accounts. And you can see that here. Of course, we anticipate and know in fact, have on the roadmap that your wildfile will be able to link to whatever PFP that you choose. And as you can see here, that's coming soon. So look forward to that as a near term feature. 


The team's already built a lot of it and it's coming online soon. And the last thing I'll show you guys here and then we'll switch over to Omni screen is you can see what these things look like on OpenSea. Now, wildfiles are soul bound. That's kind of an important aspect of this asset, is it's not a tradable asset. It's meant to be your identity. And like I said, like your Xbox gamer tag, it's who you are. It's tracking your achievements, your identity, your participation, but they still are NFTs, and they will show up like this. As you can see here, these are the Wildcard profiles or the Wildfiles that are already minted in the system on the testnet. All right, so let's switch to AMI now and see if we can join an event real quick. Hello. 


All right, so, yeah, I'm showing the test discord here, and we've got a test event that's ready to go. So it's going to be for a town hall just like you might be attending in our server. I'm going to go ahead and start this event and then head over to the voice channel where it's happening. And then our community members, you will come in and hang out joining the event. 


There we go. 


There we go. And we'll run the event as normal. You'll hang out for as long as the event is running, and then whenever. 


We're done, are we done? Was that enough time, Matt? Did we record enough of the event? 


It might be zero, but I could. 


Wait another just wait maybe 60 seconds. So it's like we at least record 1 minute of actually it's like programmer superstition. Has that been a minute? 


I'm not counting, but I'm going to go for it. 


All right, go for it. 


Okay. So I'll go ahead and end the event. Everyone will disconnect. 


And now we'll watch the bot and the blockchain do their thing. Recording. You can see that event has been posted on chain and attendance is being recorded right now. 


Yeah. So now you can see the discord event. Town hall test. Town hall has concluded. And in this message, we'll see the results of the attendees. So you can see that the four of us all attended. I didn't run it for at least a minute, so we all got zero minutes of attendance. But of course in real life that would be however, 45 minutes an hour shows how long that you were there for the event. 


I'll switch over to my screen now and you can see that on Kube's Wildfile that his activity is updated. He has attended the town hall that Ami just hosted. This is all written on chain. It's recorded on chain. It's using this amazing compression algorithm that the team worked on to store this data in a really gas efficient way. But of course we're paying the gas for all this. This is not something that we want our users to have to worry about. And basically that's all you have to do. Once you have a Wildfile, you just attend discord events like you already do and that attendance will be recorded on your wildfile forever. I mean, for as long as the blockchain is which is eternity, right? For as long as the blockchain is around that we will know that you attended these events. It will be part of your permanent Wildcard profile going forward. 


You can prove to everyone years from now that you are a Wildcard OG and that you were there when it was happening. So that's the Wildfile. That's a quick demo. We're actually going to jump into the town hall right now, hopefully show you guys this video. See you there. See you there. Hello. I'm back. I know. Said hi to future me. I really actually love doing it this way because I can chat while past me is talking and so the questions you guys have had have been really good. This has been an amazing discussion. I love the Flying Falcons wanting to load up on even more Wildpasses. I think you guys are number one two or number two holder right now. I want to maybe drop a little bit of alpha, which is that another aspect, of course, of the Wildfile is the fact that once as people begin to mint these and as people begin to attend events and connect their collectibles such as the wild pass and swag to their Wildfile. 


That gives us all of the on chain information and data needed to begin to build things like robust leaderboards and other kind of community overview. Kind of. Web pages and other activities that allow us to all kind of showcase not just who we are independently, but who we are as connected to the community and relative to other players. So I think all the things you guys are imagining about where this leads, I will say is exactly you're thinking in exactly the right ways. How many Wildpasses do you need to be on the top of the leaderboard? I'm not sure yet, but we'll see. I love what Dub just said. This is kind of tying back to what I was saying earlier. I think one of the key promises of A Blockchain is that it's a permanent irrevocable immutable record, a ledger of a player's activity. 


I think that's one of the primary things that this technology can add to a video game is it's sort of providing this database that's external to the game, that is proof of these things that we've done, these places we've been, these things we've achieved. And for us to be able to build that, the wildfile is the most important initial component of it. So I'm really proud of the team that they've gotten to this point. What you guys saw today is not just functional on web where you saw it's also fully functional on mobile, and there's a mobile layout that also looks pretty great, and I can't wait for you guys to get your hands on it. As we talked about before, this is an Iterative development process. This is not one and done. This is the very first step. And so what's most important to us is as our Wild pass holders get their hands on this first, we are going to be listening carefully to your feedback. 


We're going to be looking for the areas that are less good than they should be, places where you get confused or stumble or it's not working right. And we're going to work to smooth those aspects over. Going back to our work on 1012 years ago on Words With Friends, we're sort of obsessed with user experience. I actually counted the number of clicks that time. It was only eight clicks. To go through the whole process of minting a Wildfile, which definitely for Web three, is kind of record. Like, usually there's a lot more steps involved with that. So I'm really proud of the team that they've gotten it to already be this seamless, but I'm sure there's more that we can do. And so I look forward to hearing your feedback. Thank you so much for everybody who came today to see all this stuff that the team is working on. 


And I'm very excited to be play testing new build with you guys soon. Playtesting new creatures and having these Wildfiles begin to show up. 


Amazing. So now you guys have the alpha. I think we've done a pretty good job of answering questions along the way. In Chat and kind of like on the feed. We're running out of time for today, but if you do have questions, thoughts, feedback, any of those good things, please join us in General Chat or in Genesis Chat if you're a holder and drop them in there. Of course the community managers and I can pass it on to Paul and the team and they also live in there with us and see all of that on a regular basis. So never hesitate. 


I lurk all the time. I'm always we're big lurkers here, releasing. 


More announcements and specifics about when you can expect to see the wildfile, when holders are going to get their chance to mint their own pretty soon, so stay tuned for that. But thank you all for joining us for this. 


Thanks so much for coming. I can feel the excitement that you guys have and we live for that. We live for sharing the stuff with you guys and building with you guys, building in the bear, as we said at the beginning. So thanks for being along for the ride. We have so much more in store soon and we're going to try to do these things more often. We said before, especially now as the team comes back out of the woods and is starting to rejoin the main branch. I think you're we're going to have a chance to do these more often and I can't wait. So have a great summer you all. See you soon. Bye.