Wildcard Game Stream: October Townhall

SHow Notes

Join us for Wildcard's October Townhall livestream! WildPaul and WildKate offer an in-depth look into the latest developments at Wildcard, including the brand-new stadium. From news on the Wildfile and swag to art advancements, this jam-packed event covers all the exciting updates going on in the Wildcard Universe. 

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Good morning. Good morning, Wildcard community. Welcome and thank you for is the October town Hall. It is an absolutely jam packed show today. So I'm just briefly going to cover what we're going over and then I'm going to throw it in because we don't have any time to waste today. So big beats today. We've got new stadium to show off. I'm not going to spoil anything there. A new game mode that's full of new mechanics, new back end updates, new visual updates, tons to cover. We've got an update on the web, three side of things specifically around the wildfire and swag. And then also some news about upcoming events that you might see Wildcard at coming soon. And as always, we're going to everything with an AMA at the end. 


So as you're watching and questions come up, I know they will drop them in the discord chat. If you're watching on Twitter or YouTube and you do want to participate in that Q A, make sure to head over to discord so we can see those questions and we'll close it out. So on stage with me today, just so you know who you're looking at, I don't think they need any introduction. I'm joined here by Paul and Katy Bettner, the co founders of Wildcard. And then you're also going to meet Chelsea, our new director of business development. But we're going to start off with Katy who's going to dive right in. 


Hi, guys. I hope everybody's doing well. Before we jump into all the really exciting topics that Ami went over, we have a little peek of our newest venue. Special thanks and shout out to our community who came together to vote on that official name. And without further ado, we'd like to introduce you to Lushland Stadium. 


That was amazing. Proud of the work that the team has been doing. As Ami and Katy were saying, we have so much to show you guys. I'm Wild Paul, the co founder. See you together with my amazing partner, Wild Kate. Hopefully you guys can hear me good. 


Yeah. Yeah. Get thumbs up. Okay. 


We, as I mentioned, have a lot to talk through, including a demo of the game itself and all the updates that are going to be landing in y'all's hands in our community playlist very soon. 


We're going to give you a little. 


Sneak peek of that as well. So first, I just kind of want to apologize, just explain a little bit why we have had to go Dark for kind of a little while. 


I mean, I wouldn't say we've gone. 


Dark we've obviously been connected with you guys. I mean, with the build itself, you might have noticed that there weren't a ton of huge updates happening in the last couple of months. And I wanted to give you guys a little explanation for why that's been happening. We basically needed to take the game apart and put it back together again. And the reason for this is the game that you guys have all been. It's actually based on an older build, our vertical Slice build, which we've been calling the VIP demo for you guys who have been playing on Steam, you're probably familiar with seeing that name. 


This is what we created to really get the game all the way up to that level of a slice of the game, I should say all the way up to that level of kind of, we consider finished production quality, so we could test out what final art looked like, what a final arena looked like in Frostburn, Final creatures and that kind of stuff. And of course, the other core thing that has been so important to us, we've been pushing for years now, is to find that core fun of the game, a deck of cards, a real time arena, and the blend of that strategic collectible elements together with the real time action gameplay down on the field. And we're really happy with that as how that has kind of evolved and how we've been pushing that forward. 


But earlier this year, we decided we still had more work to do, and especially Game mode, when we ourselves have played hundreds of Wildcard games at this point, maybe thousands. Some of us, I think I've at least played hundreds. What we've kind of noticed is that although that real time, moment to moment gameplay was really fun, there were still. Things weren't quite satisfying to us, especially around the original vision of Wildcard being something that was incredibly dramatic, really kind of reaching the levels of our favorite professional sports. And what we noticed when we looked at some of those professional sports that we're all tuning into all the time, is that there would be that amazing real time action that was happening, but there was also this kind of flow of drama throughout a match. 


And you could have these kind of one in a million moments that would happen during the game. And weren't quite seeing that happening in the game mode that you guys have all played that we've been playing for a while. And so to solve that problem, went back to the team and said, what is it going to take to get even a short match Wildcard still aiming for seven to ten minute matches to feel as dramatic and full of these kind of possible emergent moments. 


That are just one in a million. 


Where they really have you on the edge of your seat, whether you're a player or someone who's watching the game. So what you're going to see of Dan and I, we recorded this earlier just to make sure the game was working well because the team has been pushing really hard on this build and what you're going to see is so many new elements. I'm going to intro those a little bit to you right now and then we're going to cut to that game. So of course you're going to see the brand new arena. Sorry, stadium. By the way, I learned an arena is a stadium with a roof on it, and if it doesn't have on it all, the stadium. So that's why it's Lushland Stadium. 


You're going to see this all new primary game mode that includes several elements to how the match progresses and solves for a lot of the things that were sort of lacking in that previous game mode while still retaining the core fun that you are all used to and have enjoyed along with us. We've also made major changes and improvements to the feel of the game. Because Wildcard is an action game, we've always wanted to really reach the level of some of our favorite real time action games. Whether you're looking at fighting games or even something like Bayonetta, these games have just an excellent game feel right in your hand when you have the controller or the mouse and keyboard that what you're controlling just feels excellent. That means core, just elements of how you control your champion, how you move, how you fight. 


You're going to see some of those changes and those improvements today. It's really drastic improvement from what you guys played previously. You're also going to see a lot of visual and user experience improvements today. I think you guys just experienced a little bit in that Lushland Stadium trailer and you're going to see it now in the game. I also just have to give this amazing shout out to the engineer of our team and really our whole team. We are now moving into the last stage of production on this game, which we call the go to market phase. This is as we prepare the game to release on Steam, on Epic, on all the different platforms that we're hoping for. And this doesn't mean that it's happening tomorrow. 


There's still a lot of work to get done, a lot of new features and content, especially new creatures and champions and things that will be coming in near future. But one of the important parts of kind of moving into this phase is getting all the infrastructure for the game ready to hope scale up. I mean, we have hopes and dreams for Wildcard, as you all know, inspired by games that we've worked on, like Age of Empires or words with friends, half a billion users. So we're kind of familiar with what it can look like and what it can take if we have a game that blows up and becomes this massive hit. 


What we know is we have to. 


Kind of prepare that infrastructure. So we've done a lot of the engineering team has done an incredible job. This new build is based on a backend called Pragma. You guys can go look that up if you want. It's AA server infrastructure. We forged a partnership with them and there's just a lot of other things that are in this build, getting ready to take the game to market. So I'm just incredibly proud of the team. This build represents work that we've kind of been doing behind the scenes. I'm so proud. But also we are as a team so happy to finally be able to get this build in you all. This will be published to the community and play testable by our holders very soon. 


And also going forward from this point, you guys are going to see a much more frequent cadence of updates from here forward. This is pretty much the last time, actually. It is the last time where we're going to kind of branch off and a lot of behind the scenes work for several months. We're done with that phase. From here on forward, it's going to be more real time updates, meaning that the changes that we're making in our internal Divin plus builds are going to get published to that community build in real time and you guys are going to see those changes happening. So with that, it's demo time. 


Let's check out the. All right, here we are at the kind of brand new main menu screen of the game. This is all still stand in because we are not even in early access yet. As you guys know, we are still in Alpha, not even in beta, but the team is still starting to iterate and refine and kind of explore different user interfaces and menu systems, especially the brand new card builder, which I'm not going to show you guys today. 


The new deck builder, I should say. 


Not card builder, the deck builder and card selection screen, which is coming soon. It is going to be disabled in this upcoming build that you guys are going to play, but it will be. 


Coming back very soon because the team's. 


Been working really hard on that as well. 


Also, you will notice, I was going to say you can notice from this screen when we talked about updating the systems of the game. One of, I think the core systems is the way that you express yourself on the battlefield in the arena through skilled play, and our champions are the way that you do that. So we have completely reworked Bolgar and Locke to have more satisfying combat, more depth in moves, and these moves influence the battlefield in kind of big and unexpected ways. And so we're really excited to get to show you the latest that also follows the work we've done just in general combat. Feel the old build. When you play the two back to back, you really get a sense for all the improvements. We want things connected, we want things reactive, and we're going to show you that today. 


I mentioned that earlier on, that we just have so much to show you today. And that's really because like we talked about, we've sort of kind of had you guys on an older build now for several months as the team has been working on multiple of these initiatives at the same time, going forward, we are going to be shipping these updates. 


To you all to our community play. 


Test build much more frequently. This is kind of the last time that we're going to take several months in between builds. So from here on forward, you guys are going to see updates to content features, new champions, new creatures happening in real time. But today you are getting several months of updates all combined into one. So brand new features, brand new arena, new champions, brand new combat feel, entirely new game, revised game mode and even new summons that we're going to show you guys today. So a lot to go over. But for today, we are sticking with our two champions that you guys have already seen before, Bolgar and Locke. They are completely revised. 


Their kit has been overhauled, as Dan mentioned, with the goal, know, if you go back and play that, think, you know, especially for folks who've played, know maybe less than four or five times, you might not have noticed that combat. 


And especially the way that the champions. 


Feel wasn't necessarily what I would consider world class. We really have always envisioned Wildcard to be a great action game and the feel of your champion and that combat and those real time abilities that you're doing down in the arena, we really want to comp against some of our favorite action games. So the team has put incredible work. 


Into changing how those abilities work and. 


Just how core kit of the champions such as movement and combat feel, which you'll see coming today. Welcome to the brand new lush Land Stadium, something I learned the other day. A stadium is what you call this is an enclosed area stadium, but a stadium is what this is. 


We didn't actually even know what this. 


Was named until a few days ago when our community, via a poll, chose the official name of this brand new locale, Lushland. And so we have to actually go through and rename all the files and stuff. I saw the TV, like, can we finally go and name this now officially? It's like, yes, we can. We can. 


And it's based on the love above Homeworld of Arden. So if you look into the sky, you can see this is not just floating on some cold, dark asteroid, but actually it's on the homeworld of Arden. And you can even see New Arden up there in the sky, which is the homeworld of House Kronos. 


I think I have to run to the other side of the field to see that because I think it's in there. There it is coming over the horizon. There's the homeworld of Kronos, the moon of New Arden floating in the sky where Locke is from. So we have so much to show. You guys might notice the overall layout of the arena is similar to what you've played before. It has been expanded. The areas have been really refined to have more playable space and to provide more kind of open zones for combat and for action to happen in different locations around the arena. Here's a major new feature you guys remember from Frostburn. 


Used to be a little bit of. 


A ledge here with a fling gate that has been completely overhauled to be a similar mechanic, but much more fun. These are what we're currently calling. What are they? We're just calling them vents right now still, right? 


Yeah, they're big vents. And we wanted to take the idea of the Flinggate, which is throw cards and yourself through them, and they get propelled through the air. But we wanted to open it up to be a more flexible system for our players to play with. So now you can throw in at any angle. You can get really full card ricochets, and it's a very wide space. So, yeah, you can throw. Make some crazy bounce shots. Now I can throw your and land not just in one place, as in the old build, but really anywhere you want to try and aim at, you can use these vents to try and get there. So a much more flexible fun. And they work with some of our new systems, which we'll show off shortly, namely knockback. 


They understand you get some really phenomenal interesting plays by knocking back things and events and stuff like that. 


And you might notice I have been showcasing probably one of the most signature new elements of this game mode and. 


The refinement to how the game plays. 


That were talking about earlier, the increased drama and kind of flow of a match. And that is our goalies. Tell us a little bit about goalies, Dan. They're amazing. 


We did keep the overall flow of the game similar, but in order for us to kind of really push that sense of drama, we looked at regular sports and we're like, where are these moments where people are acutely focused on what's happening and rooting? Is it going to work? Is it not going to work? These goalies, they are your protectors of your goal. You actually have to get through them. They are beasts and they hit hard and they don't like it when the opponents get, or their summons get into your goal box here. But yeah, they're the first challenge that you have to get through to score. 


What I love is the goalies solve for several things at once. So they create multiple stages to a match versus what we had previously, which. 


Was really just destroy that base and. 


The game is over, which had some pretty significant downsides. The one that would always bother us is that it could happen when you weren't even paying attention. You could be across the field and your creatures might be back on the other side of the base and take that goal down and you're like, oh, I just won. 


I wasn't even necessarily paying attention to that, but great. 


And we definitely wanted to solve for that. It also solves for, I mean, one of my favorite things is when I'm across the field as my champion. I feel like I've got this goalie. 


There kind of defending and he's got my back. 


I don't feel as much pressure to always kind of stay close to my base, which lets me play more freely as my champion out in the field. 


Using the champion's abilities, backing up my. 


Creatures and knowing that goalie is there and is going to actively defend that base. Now, the goalie does not have unlimited abilities, though, or unlimited health. In fact, as you see on these signs on the side, and you'll see when we start the game, the goalie goes, bar. Yeah, look at that. 


Does a ton of damage, is a. 


Very effective defender, but against a good push, the goalie will go down. When that goalie goes down, you'll notice the Shield opens up, that core is exposed, and that's your moment to score. It's another two stages at that point. 


First thing you need to do is. 


You need to take down that shield. And then finally the champion himself needs to run across the field and score that final point and kind of take the match. So this, as I mentioned, it solves for several things, including that drama of because that goalie doesn't stay responds forever, they will come back. You'll see a timer that happens when we're playing. And when that goalie responds, does a huge splash damage, knocks every creature back. 


So it creates this tense, different phase. 


Of the match when that goalie is missing and you really need to aim for the goal, get all your creatures. 


There, try to take that shield down. 


And score before the goalie responds. 


That's right. You'll never score and not know it. Which was actually one of the problems with the old build. Like a sport could go score and you could be staring at a wall and then you're like, what? How did I win? Right now you have to go and take that and there's a window. So your scoring will showcase that, but it takes time to do it. And during that time, your opponent can react and can knock you out of scoring and really play defense, which is something we never really had a strong sense of. Now you can really play defense with your champions and with your summons to keep people from scoring on you. And then it's a very tense fight right there on the goal line. The type of experience that we really love in sporting games today, we've already seen that. 


We've been obviously play testing this build internally quite a bit, getting it ready to ship it to you all and for you guys to be able to play this brand new, updated revised mode. And we in those play tests have just had fundamentally more fun and dramatic. 


Moments that happen because of these different. 


Phases that now occur over the course of the match. 


And you can just have these clutch. 


Moments where it's like you're just hoping you could take down that shield right before that goalie spawns and then he shows up and knocks you back and you got to go at it again and again. It just creates that ebb and flow over the course of a match that really increases the drama and you get these very unpredictable moments. So I think probably we should jump in. 


Let's ready up. We'll showcase the champions new movesets and call out the new summons when we get. 


So, yeah, please do. I don't have any new ones in my hand right now. 


So here's a fun one that plays with one of our brand new systems. Knock that guy Cornelius doesn't do a ton of damage. 


Look at that. 


Oh, there you go. 


All right. I got to drop a dance on his head, though. I can't take that. 


The explosion doesn't knock back. Look. The laser doesn't knock back. That's a cool one two punch I haven't seen often. Here's another combo, another jam. We can knock you off. One of Locke's moves is I can actually dash and slow things within my dash, which leads to enhanced knockback and other things like that. 


Tell us a little bit about Locke's new kit while you're there showing it off. Might as well. 


Absolutely. So the new kind of enhanced Dash. Both champions have a better dash now. Bolgar has a dash that knocks things away. Locke has a dash that passes through and slows everything in his path. Also, Locke has gained a sidekick. Bolgar has always had Burr, and Burr has got a big upgrade, much larger than, I think, the last damage, as well. So, Burr is a big boy when you throw him onto the field, but Locke also has a sidekick now, Bolt, and he can summon bolt, and Bolt is very fast and dashes around and. 


Doesn'T even see him anymore. Disappeared. 


I think he needs a lot more summons to kind of looks like he winked out there, but what he does. 


Is brand new beak it. 


Beak it. Brand new summon. They throw their heads at each other, and as the heads pass through, they do a lot of rounds of damage. Great for cleaning up big groups of creatures. Sky is a really interesting one. We have upgraded Chrono Drop. So Chrono drop now. Time slows in a big way. 




The champs have their melee attacks all upgraded, so Lockes. Oh, Bolgar's. They kind of have a one two three punch ability, and the third hit of that usually has a larger impact. There we go. Don't get hit by Slowclaw. Slowclaws upgraded. 


Come here. I'll let you blast me in the face just so we can check it out. 


Check this out. Locke has repulsive blast as part of his jump attack. Doesn't do any damage, but does knock things back. Bolgar has a ground slam now both. 


Does damage and knocks back. There we go. Into the stand. 


Is one of our brand new summons, and a lot of these are all still in development, but Skye hastes everything within her little radius there, so she doesn't do a ton all by herself. She's a great support creature, so you want to throw it behind. You can make Slowclaw a little less slow by throwing her sky around. 


Slowclaw as Dan was mentioning, one of the things that I haven't talked to you guys about many times is how much we are inspired by the systems driven gameplay and emergent interactions that we all enjoy in our favorite collectible card games. Whether it's Hearthstone magic gathering. You get these keywords and you sort of get to learn what those keywords do. As Dan was mentioning, one of the more important keywords that we've been iterating on recently is this one called Knockback, which is why this particular deck and these creatures and abilities are very knockback heavy right now, is because we are focused on that. But there's all sorts of new keywords coming soon, including ones that Locke is going to specialize in that are awesome. But as you guys will notice, lots of things in the game doing knockback right now. 


Janz's bolt and my smash, and then, of course, my favorite thing, summon some creatures so I can do my favorite thing. Dan, come on. Let me do it. 


All right, there we go. They're coming. 


Bolgar's upgraded new super, which is bear, but is much more powerful. Oh, no. I just got hit by the bug where I unwearbear the hardest that we're chasing down right now. Okay, I'm going to have to show you that later, but basically, wear bear now slams creatures around. He doesn't just do a ton of damage, he knocks things left and right. Every creature goes flying. He is a force of nature. When he is in that form, you do not want to be anywhere near him. But we got to fix that bug, because that was so unfair. 


That was unfair. One of the changes that's been made, too, is each champion charges their ultimates in different ways now. So Lox is very time based. But Bolgar, because he is a brawler, the more damage he does by brawling, the faster his ultimate gauge charges. So that's kind of one of the series of big, substantial, champion based changes that really should affect how you play the game. You shouldn't just be able to play every champion just like every other. 


You can really get a sense for how these pushes now synergize with each other. In this case, me backing up that Slowclaw with a Hornelius, knocking creatures around, letting the Slowclaw do a bunch of damage and draw aggro. There's much more of a sense of kind of group combat and especially how your champion backs up what's going on the battlefield, which was a huge focus for us, again, not Just evolving and iterating the game mode, but also just making the game feel better because it is an action game and it's so important. All right, now I'm going to get. 


To do my thing. 


Come here. Knock everything around. Look at this. This guy stands no chance. I'm just going to juggle that creature into the stands. He is gone. See you, buddy. 


The more that Bolgar fight, the more he gets to be wear bear. 


My creature is finally on the goal, doing some goal damage. You can see that at the top, almost presented fighting game. Oh, no. Got slowed down by Locke's ultimate ability. Oh, actually, you haven't done your ultimate ability yet, but you probably want to show it off. All right. Locke also had a major upgrade to his ultimate to really get it to be as awesome as were bear. And I think now it definitely is. In fact, my feeling is a little op, but we'll see. I'll let Dan show it off in a minute. 


Well, that's where we start. We start with Op, and then we work backwards from there. We say, how can we make the most awesome version of something and push that as much as we can? 


I love when two hornealises go after each other because it's like a pure head butt. Like, you never know which one's going to win the headbutt. 


That's right. Something that's really critical here, though. Yeah. You can really tie up a summon by hitting them with your champion. However, in a way, you are tied up, too. And so while you're fighting, are you summoning? Are you paying attention to your lanes? So we're wanting to really give players a lot of flexibility in how they approach this problem, but not give them just, like, one way to fight or one way to strategize. It really is a blend. How much time do you invest? Here's my ultimate. We'll see if I can pull that off and unload my entire hand for free. So that's pretty strong. 


I'm out of there. Way too dangerous. 


So I don't know if you guys. 


Were able to catch that, but Locke slows the entire arena down, except, of course, for himself, and spawns every one of the cards in his hand simultaneously in all directions. It's insane. He just pulled out, like, six creatures at once. It was very insane. All right, it's time to try to actually do some real damage here. Oh, gosh. I just got slowed down right when I said that, and I have more damage on Michael than he has on his. Let's see. No more pulling. No, that's not going to work. Okay, here we go. All right, this is not bad. And here comes my. He's just about to pop my wear. Baron, you slowed me down. Okay, here we go. Here we go. 


You ran out of time. Too bad. 


Oh, my gosh. All right, I better go out of here. That was not a very good push. I'm sorry to let y'all down. I've told you many times before, I've never been the best at my own game. I'm one of the worst words of friends players. I'm not a great agent. Vampires, player. You just need to know that about me. Dan is likely going to kick my butt. He always kicks my. You know, I'm just gonna keep trying because I got to. That's a lot of beacons, dude. I got to get rid of it. 


We got to take his goalie down. 




It's time to get a little hit. Some hits in on the shield, and you'll notice underneath that's the timer. We have till the goalie comes back. Got to make some more damage before. 


He comes back. 


Because once the goalie comes back, I'm not going to make it. Goalie comes back and slams in and completely wipes your push. 


So there we go. Oh, my goodness. That was tight, man. That was tight. My goal is back. 


All right, let's reassemble a push here. 


That's right. I got a Janz, I've got a fendor backing him up. I need the sky to come out. Speed that up. Here we go. I'm going toss Burr into that. That's a pretty decent push. Let's move forward. Bolt shoots around like a lightning bolt. It's amazing. Does a ton of damage to the creatures. Okay, get out of here. 


Dude, you are hitting too hard. 


I got to go spend some of this, man. I've been building up. Summon a couple more creatures. Keep this push going. Are we dealing with the same creatures? I swear, you get better hands than me right now. 


Here. If it's any consolation, I have run into a bug. Hit me real quick. 


Oh, sure, no problem. Come here, buddy. Happily. 


That didn't solve it. 


We are going into overtime. Here we go. 


All right, well, I have a bug where I can't summon. So you come over here and take down my goalie. We could show off. 


I feel so bad for you, budy. I really do. This is, like, the only win I'm ever going to get. Come on, guys. Let's do it. Game breaking bug. 


I just have to watch. It's so sad. Oh, no. Leave them alone. Just a viewer here. 


There we go. I need some more things. Come on. Come on. Come on, guys, let's go. I'm going to pull out my wear bear. Let's go before I got 16 seconds. 


Come on, do some damage. 


Come on, guys, we're better than this. Nine, eight. 


Oh, sky being there, that's a great boost. Come on, guys, you're melting it back. My goalie's got my back even if I can't do anything about it. 


All right, we're going to clean. Do it. Here we go. Get a bunch. 


I got blasted off the center lane by Janz. 


Are you still being stuck with the bug or did killing you free you up? 


Let's see. I'm free. 


Oh, you're free. Well, good luck, man. I got one free push there. That was amazing, but I don't think it's going to be enough. 


But we'll see what we got. 


Let's go, guys. Come on. Stay on his goalie. Come on. Look at this. We're doing great damage already. Come on, guys. Oh, we didn't forgot to mention this. Of course, every time the goalie responds, comes back with less health than last time, making it a little bit easier and allowing that game to swing a little bit faster in the victor's direction. All right, this is our shot. Let's go. No. There we go. 


Here we go. 


Let's do it. 


Come on, BP, help me out. 


Amazing. Thanks for that, Dan. I really appreciate you hitting that game breaking bug and giving me the win. It's like, I know it's not legit. Everybody knows it's not legit, but I get to do it anyway. I really appreciate. 


Well, we get to show off kind of the new also, we kind of went through it really quickly, but there's also an after action screen which shows one of the key things we're solving for is we want you to know, how did I do and how can I do better? So we're starting to track key stats around your champion's performance in the arena. So we show right now several different stats. We're looking into what other ones are the most interesting, but they talk about damage dealt, how many things you summoned, how many Kos you had, how many you Ko'd the other champion. It's really fun, but it's also critical for us to start building in this competitive system. 


That's right. 


Thanks for playing me today, Dan. 


We'll get back to Ami now. Wow. 


So as you guys can see, a ton has changed in Wildcard and we cannot wait to get you into a play test pretty soon. So holders will get their hands on this version of an upcoming play test and we look forward to opening up play testing even more so the rest of you can start to bring your own teams into the arena. But as Paul mentioned in the last section, we are headed into a new phase of development for the market phase, and one of the aspects of that is events both virtual and in real life. So we wanted to give you guys info on that and what's going on there. So I'll pass it over to Katy who can start us off. 


Hi guys. We're obviously thrilled to get community hands on our new mode and eyeballs on Lushland Stadium. So we plan some major events and activations throughout the rest year to showcase Wildcard. Here to tell you more is our director of business development and my own personal hiring coup, Chelsea Mag. She's a real gamer and a biz goddess. We're all real gamers quickly. 




She quickly became someone that we could not do without. She has had some background in Web three. You may have seen her in other places, but she has also been in esports and working in all sorts of tech places. So I would love to introduce to. 


You, Chelsea, everyone, and Paul, congrats on. 


The what I can get bugged wins and all. 


Yes, I feel really excited to see the major improvements we're making here. And what is really important to me is not only with some of the background, but with really the vision that Paul and Katy have been putting together for Wildcard is helping that come to life. And that's really through the mechanism of things like town halls where everybody is globally distributed and we can all gather still in an event that me and the team have put together. But how do we even extend that further into places where we may not have talked about before? So, Ami, if you can show the team what we have in store coming up in the next month or so. So for everybody in the chat who may or may not have heard about extra life is a program that supports the Children's Miracle Network hospitals. 


And this is a charitable cause that is incredibly valuable to thousands and thousands of kids all over North America, in Canada, across 170 different hospitals. But they have also raised over $100 million of assumption in 2008. Those proceeds are going directly to local hospitals to make sure that kids get the support that they need. But they get the support that they need through what I believe we've all kind of come together to really enjoy, which is gaming. And as you guys know, and Katy mentioned games is a really important part of, I think, a lot of kids childhoods, but it's something that we can continue doing into our adult life and hopefully when and if some of you guys have kids, it's something that we can do with our family system. 


So I think it's just a really great cause that enables us not only to really do something that we enjoy, but it enables us to give back. I think what's really important here is because Wildcard is a Web three game, and we are really dedicated to admitting that bLockechain technology really enables just really democratizing our ability to have trustless ways to really divert different resources, whether that be revenue or otherwise. And this is really such a great mechanism for us to continue driving that mission forward where we can not only give back ourselves through things like donation matching, but we can also enable to do some trustless giving as well. AMi, if you want to move so to get started with our start of extra life, every year for the past 15 years have been doing something called a game day. 


Game Day is where over 50,000 community members across the gaming ecosystem, across all different types of games and titles, come together in their own Twitch channels and their own communities and their own offices, and they dedicate a fundraising campaign. So wild, we are committed to doing a campaign this November, and part of that will be really highlighting Blushland Stadium, making sure we're really tying in this really pivotal piece of Wildcard where we're going to be extending the ability for people to see blush to give back and really support on this shared mission. Especially if we look at Wildcard being such a unique game. Wildcard can really service all different types of people, men, women, younger, older, it doesn't matter. It's a really fun game just to pick up and play, and it's a really fun game to watch. And that's really core. 


And so we really do feel like this is a great opportunity for us to continue forward starting in November, but really moving towards 2024 on how we continue that support, continue enabling you as a community to get involved through campaigns. And we will have more details soon. But since you guys are all in discord, you guys should expect more information on that. 


One of my favorite things about this, we've done work foundations like Extra Life make a wish in the past, and I don't know if you all knew this, but playing games is actually part of healing for children who are sick or in the hospital. It can, in some cases, be as effective as medical, as actual medical treatments. So these efforts not just kind of bring resources to that community and to those children, but the games themselves that we work on and create can really be a ray of light and hope for these children. And I've seen that personally, and it's amazing. 


Thanks, Paul. And on the kind of digital events that we'll do with the community and giving back to a charitable cause, it is really important for us to be in real life at places where gamers are where hopefully you guys will be in the future and making sure that we're bringing you guys along in that journey, finding ways to get you guys involved. But as Katy alluded to, I do have a background in competitive gaming and esports. And so what's really important to me is that we find ways to let the competitive aspects really organically play within Wildcard. And to do that, it's making sure that we're setting ourselves up to be in places where competitive aspects can really launch. 


And so I can't share too much yet, but towards the end of the year, we will be live in person at a major event and I cannot wait to share more with you guys. And then, of course, in 2024, really making sure that momentum continues and get to see all of you guys in real life, too. 




Last major up for today. 


Oh, wait. 


Before we move on for the community, if you guys do want to hear more about Chelsea and everything that Chelsea is doing, and hopefully you have some even more detailed updates on the events that are coming up, she's going to be doing a far side chat in the community and also stream to Twitter and YouTube at the end of this month. So October 24, but you'll also be able to find it in Discord events. So I hope you'll all join us for that and you can get to hear even more. Back to you, Paul. 


Well, actually, I'm going to kick to Katy about this. You all were, as were showing off the game, asking questions about, well, what about the web three? We have so much web three stuff working on and the first part of that we'd like to talk to is the major update and migration and other things that are happening with Swag. 


Yeah, so we've been working actively on kind of our collector pillar. So we're developing what that means to be a collector in Wildcard, how it manifests both inside and outside of the game. So we wanted to show you what is coming down the pipe, and that would be our new wildfile feature, which is called showcases. Paul, do you want to share a little bit? 




So there is going to be a brand new kind of page in the wildfile app for those of you who have wildfiles where you can now show off complete collections. We're calling sets and really be recognized and rewarded as a collector within the Wildcard ecosystem. 


This is what that looks like. 


These are actually screenshots, what you're seeing of what these sets look like within the wildfile showcase interface. You can see here how it kind of gives you an indication of where all the different wildfile swag pins go. This is going to represent every pin we've given out. 


Here's kind of a broader view of all that. 


There's a variety of sets we are launching with that will recognize and allow for the people who have collected all. 


Of that Wildcard swag that is. 


Currently live on various marketplaces. 


I know you guys, some of you are completionists. 


This feature is really designed for that. 


Part of our audience. 


Show that off. 


As Katy and Ami were saying, collecting collectors and the joy of collection is a pillar of Wildcard. It always has been, it always will be. And especially for those collectibles that we've already distributed in web three. This is the beginning of that journey of starting to celebrate collectibles, starting to give people the ability to show them off and be rewarded for that progress that you all are seeing as amazing. 


Collectors within our community. 


This feature is going live pretty soon. It's in the final stages of completion. Bugs right now. And it begins. 


We have to migrate the swag. So as a lot of you know, we have our that have been on Magic Eden, a lot of our swag has been in other places. So what we have done is we put together a swag migration plan. So we are migrating our swag, and that is going to start. Let's see, Ami, what are the dates on the swag migration? Do you have that? I do know. According to our meme Lords, who are amazing people that would like to be migrating their swag, need to get their butts in Discord so that they can. 


The way this is going to work, technically, Swag is currently based on an older OpenSea contract. I forget what it's called. But anyway, the swag you all have right now is based on that contract. The way the migration is going to work is that we're going to announce this on Discord, make it super clear to everyone. There will be a moment where a snapshot happens. So anyone who's holding swag in their wallet, we will snapshot that, and we will automatically airdrop a brand new set of swag where it's one for one replacement. All the old swag and the old contract will be replaced with a brand new contract. Updated visuals, new metadata, and everything else that now on OpenSea, it's our own contract. It's a Wildcard contract for this new swag. 


So you don't really need to do anything other than have the swag in whatever. The current swag that's out there, have it in whatever wallet you want that new swag to be airdropped into, and it will happen automatically. Once that's done, we're going to deprecate the old swag. It's not going anywhere necessarily. We can't really change anything about that existing OpenSea contract, but we'll make it really clear that this is old swag. It's no longer supported, and new Swag is what's going to work with this showcase feature that you guys are seeing here. And so it's just more. We're kind of letting you guys know that this is coming so that you can get your hand swag you want to right now, and it will automatically be airdropped and replaced with the brand new Swag and the contract very soon. 


We'll let you all know the details, the exact details coming soon. 


Get yourself in that discord. That's what you need to do. You need to get yourself in the discord. 


That's right. 


Yeah. For those in Discord chat, she just to a channel that has the timestamps for all the important times, the snapshot time and the airdrop time. But for those live, the snap happens on Monday at noon, and then the Airdrop happens 24 hours later. I believe at noon on Tuesday, the. 


17Th, kick off what the wildfile becomes. 


That's what I was going to say. 


The last thing I wanted to kind of point to here is the wildfile, as we talked about before, is really the beginning of Wildcard's web three protocol. What you should expect to see is the launch of new assets and new features directly tied to the wildfile. And what you may have noticed if you are a wildfile user, is that the features and events and things you're already participating, such as this town hall today, are actually already being recorded to your wildfile. So if you are a wildfile holder and you are tuned in our discord watching right now, a wild event will get written to your wildfile. We are recording all of that data. We are seeing your participation. It's on the bLockechain. And that has allowed us to build out this protocol that will. 


Okay, don't talk. 


But there's a lot more stuff coming. 


Yeah, we're really excited about that. I will give you one more little hint. After the swag migration, there will be new. But we also finally. I know you guys have been asking about this, but there will finally be some previously unannounced assets that air up to our wild pass holders. So after we get our swag migration down, you'll start to see some different things happening in the. And those of you who are wild pass holders will be getting dropped. A previously unannounced asset, an extreme, important. 


Asset within the wild ecosystem. 


What? I'm just saying, it's so amazing. We've been working on it for a long time. I can't wait for you all to get your hands on it. 


So, yes, that's coming soon. Airdrops soon. 


Airdrops soon. Now, you guys know, finally, those airdrops that we promised you in your wild passes. Okay, so that's the end of the Alpha for now, maybe. But we did reserve a few minutes. Now that we're at the end of. 


This event, I already have a giant list of questions. 


I see. 




Talk about your questions. 


So they've been coming in throughout. 


Chelsea, how are we planning on approaching tournaments? 






Chelsea, are you prepared to jump into. 


Mic working now? 


Yeah, we can hear you. 


Okay, great. So, Paul, thank you for putting me on the spot a little, because I don't want to over promise, but I will say tournaments is, I'm sure everybody knows here in a competitive or a trading competitive game is incredibly important because the community can really come together and start to rally around winning and being competitive or cheering on other people they happen to be fans of. And so the way that we're really thinking about tournaments in the first stages is to enable different opportunities for, let's say, king of a hill and play tests. For example, if you show up every week and you win every week, you get to stay and you get to play against different community members. That's a really fun, casual tournament format that we may evaluate. 


But as we move closer into our closed beta and early access, we will be looking at larger tournament opportunities, maybe even charity tournament opportunities. And long term, the overall goal is to make sure that we are enabling the community to have the infrastructure or the platforms or the support to run your own tournaments. So if we think about the really core aspect of our community and the ability for the community to have a hand in the direction of the game. Becoming a tournament organizer or tournament operator is the path. We want to make sure that you, if you so decide, have, and then you can go on, run your tournaments, manage those tournaments, create the formats, feed the brackets. 


Oh, my gosh. Now Chelsea's dropping. 


I know she drops the ultimate Alpha, but I mean, if you guys go read the wild paper, you'll see we've had this vision. 


We've been planning this. This is one of the key ways in which Web three is the right technology for a competitive game like this. I want to double down on something Chelsea said, which is this word organic. We know that we as game developers never get our game as an esport. That's not Our job. Our job is just to make a really great game and then support, if that community begins to show up and if they begin to want to be a part of that, want to organize professional play in our game, that we are there creating a nurturing, supportive, non toxic community that can allow that kind of thing to grow. We've been blessed to be a part of that in our careers, whether it was at the very beginning of Wizards of the coast and magic, the gathering. 


In my career with Age of empires, we've gone through that. Chelsea has been a part of that as well, many times before. So we're really excited and looking forward to that. And especially around Web three as a technology and a bLockechain, as a technology to empower what Chelsea was just talking about, which is democratized, professional, organized play in. 


I want to make sure that we get to a couple of other of these questions as well. And so there were a couple of them that we wanted to do. Paul, what is the creature that's guarding the goal? 


That's the goalie. 


I don't know if we have a. 


Name for it yet. And in fact, the creature that you. 


Guys thought is a temporary stand in. I mean, he looks awesome. But wait until you see the real goalies. They are house specific goalies. So there's a Kronos goalie that are yet to be reviewed and don't. 


Talk about any soon. 


I've seen the concepts for them. They look incredible. They look like goalies and amazing. So, yeah, that's what that creature. 


Oh, go ahead. 


No, I was just going to say a couple of other ones in this list. One of them is what happened to watchy? Now that there's bolt. But watchy is not fun. I just want you to know that watchy is still a creature and you will have the opportunity to connect with, well, one of them. You have to be playing the other one. Maybe everybody needs it, right? Like maybe everybody needs that availability. 


That's right. So broke down that you were going to take this and let's both take this. How do we plan on bringing incentives to web three fans that want incentives? This is Just incredibly important to us. I think we love to use the word affiliation when we talk about this. We think that one of the most powerful applications of Web three technologies is allowing people, including fans, but also and especially including entrepreneurs in our space. Whether you're talking about somebody who's streaming from their bedroom, 100 people, or somebody who's a giant streamer, or somebody, as Chelsea was saying, who wants to organize their own tournaments, somebody who might want to sell Wild merch, we look at all these things. These have been happening in games for a long time. 


Web Three is the platform to democratize and empower that kind of activity alongside of our game and our IP and allow people to grow that affiliate value. That's one of the most important ways that we think about creating incentives for web three users within our game. And this will include for fans, for spectators, for, of course, competitors, for people who want to get involved in organized play, all sorts of other ways that people will be able to grow value. Using the Wildcard protocol on Web three together with our game. 


Which is most exciting. 


Let's see, we got a bunch of other questions still. 


I think we answered quite in the chat. So thank you to Brad for jumping in and answering some of the game mechanic questions. Brad is one of our top business. There is a question here at the end from, you know, asking for a few more details on SWag. I know we might have said all we can say is there anything else that we want to. 


Okay, so I will say that is really meant to be a collectible. There will be opportunities that having complete unLockes. There will be ways that you can utilize that in specific challenges, different pieces of swag and different challenges. But that's as far as we're going to go right now. We want to get through the Swag migration and have a couple of new pieces that we want to launch and then we'll be able to talk more about it. 


We're going to be pretty generous with SWag. Just so you all know, wE've always looked at SWag as a lightweight, which is why I presented this kind of pins. I'm a kid who grew up in Florida. I'm a huge just Disney fan in the world. And collecting Disney pins, I mean, I have a whole thing. Katy's not allowed to share the video. 


No, I will. I will share the video. 


No, that's not been posted on anyway. Pins are like that. Love the way of these kind of lightweight collectibles that everyone can get involved with and everyone can feel like they're growing their collection within the Wildcard universe. 


So for those who already have Swag. 


Congratulations, it's all getting upgraded. And for those who don't, stick around because there will be a lot of opportunities for you to receive Swag for free by participating in our community. 




So we did just get another question in the chat. I'm going to read them as I get them. Unreachable. Was wondering how long design and Dev Wise did it take from going from no goalie to having a goalie? 


This is a great question because I wish you guys could see the inside of the development process. I think we started this back in April, maybe is when we really kind of made this crucial decision and said, is this it? Are we cutting off and saying, this is the primary game mode? This is where we're landing with Wildcard. It's time to get ready to go to market. 


Or are we going to have one. 


More kind of major round of iteration and revision and play tests that are designed to take that fun even further and to take that even higher? And we made that crucial decision. And when we did, that was a big kind of risk reward thing for us. 




We knew it was going to require us breaking things about the game, questioning some big things about the game. There were so many prototypes that we tried things that were incredibly complicated, that made the game last 20 minutes, that just all over the place. And all of those prototypes contributed to. And so to answer your question, it took about three months or so from the beginning of that process to when we had finally kind of discovered some of the key answers that were looking for what could create more drama in the game while still retaining the core fun, fast paced action feeling of the game. And that's what led to goalies, that's what led to the changes of game mode, changes to the map. The way that the combat feels now kind of all kind of answered finally that question. 


And I think it was almost like three months today. I think from when we started that process to when were like, we're here, finally. Great. This is definitely better. So, you guys know from my seat, we kind of held this challenge to the team and said, look, this new build and these changes have to be in all ways better than the build that people have played. 


We cannot obviously go live with something that is new and different and has some elements that are more fun in some ways, takes a step back or kind of sacrifices some of the core action fun and gameplay that are in there, we can only kind of build on that and have to in a place where if somebody, when we just put this out to our community and we are, and you guys are going to let us know, but the feedback we're looking for is this is in always more fun, like across the board. No caveats. That was the phrase we kept saying. No caveats. More fun than what were playing before. And so please help us. Sure that we gotten there, especially when you guys get your hands on that's the feedback that we're going to be looking for. 


And it's a good reminder that you guys are part of that beloved early cohort of people that are getting your hands on the game while it's still enclosed. Alpha and we treasure your feedback and thank you so much for your time that you give us when you play test with us. 


Yeah, so this is kind of mashing together a couple of questions, one that came in earlier and one that just came in now that we feel really solid with these mechanics and where we are with the new game mode. 




Can people expect to see? How many cards, how many champions when we get into open beta? 


Yeah, so I kind of touched on this earlier, but as we are kind of transitioning from that phase that lasted several months of kind of taking the game apart and putting it back together again to last stage of production and going to market, the primary focus now is scaling up content and play, test balance, tuning and iteration. So those are the two things that you guys are going to see us focus on as well as, I guess there's really a third pillar which is bringing online all of the features that you are going to expect to see in the final game, some of which you guys have already played with, such as the deck Builder and the card collection and progression elements. So those are the three things that you should expect in the coming months. 


New builds that feature kind of going backwards from what I just said, progression, collectibility, deck builder elements that are really half of the entire game. I mean, you guys have played with the kind of moment to moment action that happens during a match, but you haven't yet played with the whole other half of the game, which is the collectible meta, the ability to build decks, unLocke cards, change your strategy over time. 


That at least doubles the fun of. 


The game loop, as you might imagine. So it's a big deal that's coming soon and that's going to be a major focus as we go forward. Couple that is the introduction of new creatures, new champions, and new venues like the stadium that we showed you guys today. As we ramp up the content for the release into early access. And then the last piece of it is just the overall polished play testing, tuning and balancing. I look back on the Age of Empires development phases that went through. All of them had the same kind of last months, in some cases up to twelve months, where we had already kind of Locked down the game mode. 


We'd Locked down the mechanics the way the game felt, but it still took us many months of nonstop play, testing and iteration and balance to get to that perfect place where there wasn't just one dominant strategy or one civilization. In the case of age vampires that was dominating or a single way to play the game that would always win. It's crucial for a competitive game like this that there's a deep and broad meta that players can explore and discover for hopefully many years to come. Different ways to win, different ways to play the game. The only way that we get there is through relentless play test iteration, where we go from somebody in our community, probably one of you guys, that find or some particular way to win the game, that wins every time and just destroys us in play tests and we're. 


Like, oh my gosh, this one guy. 


He just plays once, he's beating us every time. That was the way it was on Age of Empires. That guy's name was Tim and he. 


Would find every exploit and he would. 


Make his job to figure out the one thing that was unbalanced and then just beat everyone over and over again until finally the designers relented and we're like, fine, we'll fix that or whatever. I know there's going to be several. 


People in our community that do that. 


In fact, we're going to find ways to reward you with Swag just for being that guy. But anyway, that part of the process is the most crucial and actually the most fun and beloved part of this. It is, like I said, relentless. It's going from what's broken today, what's not as fun as it needs to be, to a build tomorrow or next week, that fixes that rebalances it and gets us to that point where we have a truly evergreen game. So thank you again for being a part of that process with us. That's probably the most important thing now from here until early access, that we need to focus on all right, so. 


I think we've got time for one more. I'm going to send this one over to Katy. It's a hard one, but it's an important one. Wondering about monetization, how is wildcard eventually going to get paid? 


Yes. Okay, so this is something that obviously everybody in Web three gaming has a different way that they're looking at this. We have really dissected it to a point where there have been a couple of times where I've looked at Paul and I'm like, okay, seriously, we just have to make a decision. But here's what we realized. One of the things to note is that Web three has this emphasis on having web three assets be thing that pays developers. But we're not necessarily sure that's the best way for the ongoing health of this game and of this ecosystem. Right. Because adoption is great, but not everybody wants to play that game. They want to play Wildcard. They want to play it an arena based game. They want to play it as a collectible card game. 


And our main goal is to make a game that can stand on its own. That monetization is something that people feel excited when they do something, not resentful or upset, not fearful that they're not going to be able to play and have the things that they need. So we're monetizing Wildcard in a traditional free to play mode. Obviously, people that have wild passes have what we consider a forever battle pass, but they're definitely going to have a lot of things that come to them. But our web three and bLockechain is serve a function of the game, serving a function of organized play. So our monetization methods will be a little bit more of a standard free to play. 


We are not going to be play to win, but we are definitely going to have a lot of neat things that you do and ways that you can get excited and have a good time while you're moving through this game rather than having it be taking from the top level. That's our point of democratization, is that people can all be a part of. 


For those of you who tuned into this show that I participate in almost every week, it's a web three Twitter space. It's called gamified. It's definitely the best show in web three, in my opinion. 


Yeah. Stefania, who kills it every single week, the best host. 


You guys have probably heard me say several times that in our opinion, speculation is not gameplay. Like as Katy said, we understand that there's a head of the web three audience who likes to play that game, who likes to play the game of speculation? But we have believed now for a while that is not something that scales. If we want to reach millions and millions of gamers, they're actually here to play for fun. And as Katy said, what that means is that our focus on the core monetization of wildcard is actually inspired by games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone, which for me are these rare, free to play example games where when I part with money because I want to buy a pack of cards in, say, magic the gathering, I actually feel good about that. I don't feel like I got exploited. 


I don't feel like I got pinched to use the all freedom term. I feel like this was great. I enjoyed buying that pack of Pokemon cards. I got value out of it. That feels like it was the right way to do it. We've always known and believed that was going to be the core of Wildcard's monetization systems, was so that we could reach that mass market audience. And as Katy said, so that we're not looking to Web three users to prop up the monetization of wildcard through massive rampant speculation, which is not the goal. But as we talked about earlier, the aspects of Web Three as it applies to Wildcard are built for people who want to affiliate with the Wildcard ecosystem to use the magic, the gathering example. 


And this isn't a one to one, but you look at that ecosystem, there are people that run stores that sell magic cards, right? That's a perfect example of affiliation. Those people are not speculators. They're going and reselling and they're aligned with the magic and with the coast business, and they're able to create a business themselves alongside that IP and that brand. Same thing with Pokemon cards, same thing with Dungeons and Dragons, et cetera. So we like looking at it that way. We think that's the best use of. 


Web three, the right use of Web three. 


And like Katy said, it means that we don't need to the Web three speculator audience to fuel the monetary. 


And that doesn't mean that there won't be ways for people to interact with the IP or to be a part of this in all different avenues. Right? But it means that we can have a sustainable business where the core development and what we're shipping is not at the whims of a specific kind of market that tends to be volatile. We want to be able to continue building this game, continue releasing content, continue building up organized play, and that means that we're going to have web three that is here and is really fun for those of us that want to play in that space. But there are going to be a lot of people and maybe more people over time will move into the kind of web three side of it. 


But in the beginning, it's about getting people in the game and getting them having a good time in the game. So we want to make that as frictionless as possible. And if they don't want anything to do with Web three, then that's a choice they can make, I think, and. 


I want, but I want to address be wise. First of all, I hope I'm saying your name right. I've never said it right on stream. What your handle is be wise. I heard Omni say it. So I think that's right. You've had phenomenal questions today and I really appreciate it. So your last question there, like, well, are we afraid because this is Web three that people will look at. So had this opportunity to be part of this gamified panel and talk to web three and web two users on a regular basis. And I've seen this particular med really resonate and really be embraced by the community, especially when we talk about the fact that games have actually had an earning component for many years before Web three. 


There are people today playing web two games on the scale of millions and millions of people playing to earn by streaming content and being a content creator and earning money that way, by playing professionally and competitively, by earning money that way. So playing to earn is not some new concept. It's actually been there this whole time and actually thinking about that audience that exists on your favorite game that you and just might play for fun. Let's look at League of Legends, or for instance. There's a mass audience of millions of people enjoying those games, and then there's a smaller, dedicated, incredibly important audience of people that are playing those games as an entrepreneurial activity and opportunity, whether, like I said, they're playing professionally, they're streaming the game, et cetera, on gamified. 


They call me, I think, prophetic or Promised Land Paul or whatever, because I keep saying I'm going to take us to this promised land where we're not seeing that when we're looking at a Web Three game is all about speculation. But that doesn't mean that we're in any way turning away from Web Three. What it actually means is where Web Three is finally reaching its real utility and how it can empower a game that can reach mass market and be something that is a breakthrough addition to games. Like from the beginning, we've always said, what is the Web Three Wildcard? What is it that web Three can actually do to make games better and not just be another way for games to extract or exploit money from its audience? And in my mind, this has always been, sir, this isn't new. 


Like I said, you can go look at and read the wild paper that we published, I think almost a year ago now. And it talks directly about this vision, this always been for Wildcard. And yeah, there's much more exciting stuff that is being worked on right now that you guys will begin to see this come increasingly to life both in Web three and as the Web two features like progression and monetization start to come online. 


All right, so everyone's least favorite part of the town hall, which is where I say that we are out of time. But all of those things, we'll be back for another town hall very soon. We'll dig into the developments on all these questions. 


One last thing I just wanted to add, I forgot to mention it, which is our team is, I think I've alluded to this before, made up of people who have worked on some of your favorite collectible card games, Magic Gathering, Pokemon and Hearthstone. And there's this sort of like, little secret in our industry, which is that if you get right, if you create a truly great collectible card game, it is the most effectively monetizing game that exists free to play. It is just an insanely successful model if you get it right. And I'm just so proud of the team that is working on that right, is working on those progression systems. Like I said, you guys haven't gotten a chance to play with any of that yet. But take a look at the things in the game that you have played, the action game. 


And I think as much as you guys love that, now project that talent onto these parts of these systems of the game and progression that you haven't played yet, and that's fully half of the game that you guys haven't yet put your hands on. And we're aiming for that same degree of quality and fun and engagement is a real time game that is also in that collectible meta. And we know from experience that if we get that right, it's tremendously successful model. Successful model. 




Sorry, I just wanted to get that. 


No worries. 


No worries. 


Answer that question. 


All right, so we want to hear everything that you guys think, whether you. 


Are in Discord, Twitter, on YouTube. 


So please join us in the Discord. Drop your feedback your favorite moments. The question of the week for the community is going to go in today. It's going to be all about your favorite moments from Town Hall. Any questions that didn't get answered so we can keep the conversation going. Play tests with the new game mode are going to start soon, so we'll keep our holders apprised to that. And I'll finish off with a big fat thank you to the whole community for support. Your feedback, your presence, just engaging in this open development of the Wildcard game, it's absolutely incredible on this journey with you all. Thank you, Paul, Katy and Chelsea for joining me on stage today and Dan for doing the pre recorded game. 


Thank you especially to our holders who are here today. I look forward to rewarding you more even soon for your loyalty and dedication. 


To our community and a best Markom content tent production group. 


Oh, my God. Yes. Getting better. Amazing work. Yes. 




All right, well, that's us. We're going to sign off, but we'll see you in the discord chat. Bye, everybody. Bye.