Wildcard Gaming Live Stream: Founder v Community

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The Frostburn Arena transforms into a battleground where expertise and community spirit collide. The episode features none other than Paul Bettner, one of the visionary founders of Wildcard, going head-to-head against a seasoned community member, Yap. This showdown is not just another game; it's a comprehensive examination of skills, strategies, and the intricate mechanics that make Wildcard a gaming phenomenon. Both competitors come armed with their best decks, each aiming to prove their mastery over the game. The excitement is further amplified by the setting—the Arena Stage, which serves as the backdrop for this high-stakes duel. Accompanied by live commentary, the episode provides viewers with a detailed breakdown of each player's moves, offering a deep dive into high-level gameplay. But the episode is more than just a match; it's an event that poses the ultimate question: Can community expertise stand up to the knowledge of one of the game's creators? To make the viewing experience seamless, detailed timestamps guide you through the pivotal moments, from the initial draw to the final play. This episode is a celebration of what makes Wildcard a unique blend of skill, strategy, and community involvement. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see a founder and a community member battle it out in the Frostburn Arena. Become part of the community today: https://discord.gg/playwildcard


While I'm playing. But don't worry, you don't even have to do that. I'm never the best person at my own games. You're already automatically, almost surely going to beat me. But we're going to have fun with that anyway. Oh, no. 


We lost Shady. Oh, we lost Shady and Remy. 


They get rugs. I see them there still, but they dropped that one out to. 


This build is actually only set to two people. So, Paul, I'll count on you to screen share, because I won't be able. 


To do Spectator this time. I will do that right now. Here we go. All right. I'm on starlink. Believe it or not, it does work fine, but it can sometimes be a little laggy. Just letting people know. 


He'S setting it up so that he can blame it on Lag. 


Blame it on your ISP. That is my taunt from Age of Empires in the audio files of Age of Empires. So, yes, I'm blaming it on my ISP right now. Right? Do I get to pick who I'm playing or how? 


Well, first, Shady, if you're not already streaming, you can go live. Yap, what character did you choose? 




Okay, so, Paul, you'll be Bolgar. Feel free to edit your deck if you want, because Yap did. Or you can go with the default one. 


It's up to you. Oh, shit. You didn't even tell me that. I'm just going to go default and this sucks. So even less of an advantage. That's fine. I'll go default. Let our designers pick my cards for me, and hopefully that works out. All right. Let's go with Locke. Are we doing best two out of three, or what's your plans, Avi? 


Best two. Let's start with best two out of three. If it goes quickly, we need a rematch. We'll do that, but we'll see how no time. 


Yeah, I'm not very good with Locke, but let's go. Let's go. I just hit play, so think we're matchmaking. All right. Also, an excuse from my side, because I like to make excuses, is that I play the chaos build all the time, not this build as often as I should. So another reason why I'm probably going to be super rusty today, but that's okay. Are you ready? 


You all ready? Let's do this. 


Are you getting any sound from my side? Because I'm not hearing anything from me, but maybe it's because I have a turn. 


I think I am. Or I was. 


Okay. You hear the game now, too, for me? 


Yes, I do. Yes. 


All right, let's go. 


Good luck. 


Oh, gosh. Nervous already. 


Mr. Clean? I'm going to have to get those stickers from you so I can load them into the server officially, please. So, Paul, to give you the lowdown Yap deck, meta is called. Let me scroll up and see what he said. It was like a low cost smart deck. 


I hate it already. 


So you're basically just going to get swarmed with low cost creatures the whole time. 


Great. All right, well, I'm going to drop some big creatures, because that means I do I have to sit here and wait for my man to build up like I'm doing right now. And he's got an army of spores already coming up. Oh, gosh. No, but it's fine. It's fine. I'm just going to do some of this and then drop some of this, and we'll see if we can hold these guys off. No problem. Farm some of the pickup. Yeah, whatever. Sendor. Come on. All right. Do some of that myself here. This pressure on. Drop another Wotchy back here. Oh, man, look at the pressure. Already coming. Already coming. Nobody likes this. Okay, let's see if we can I really need to get a heavy out on the field here. He's going to be playing with the light creatures, but it's just taking me forever to build up. 


Man. Come here. Come here, sports. Come here. Just wait for my man to build. Don't kill me, but just okay, here we go. There we go. Oh, man. Dashing doesn't do what it does in this build. In the chaos build. That's fine. 


I so look forward to bringing the chaos build over to this one. 


Oh, my gosh. It's so crazy. I mean, I'm sure you've talked to the community about it, but look at how much he's already kicking my but yeah, there's so much. And my shield goes down already. Okay, Spord horde. 


Hey, Evan. 


My own Spord hordes have not been functioning very well. But you know what? It's fine. We're going to just see what happens. My Janz finally did a little bit there and then died. Okay, some time down here. Climb that Shooticrue. Get another one of these. Come on. Really need something to back that up. That seems great. And I really wish that my super was available right now. Watches are helping out all these sports that never stop coming. I should have realized that by low cost creatures, what he really meant was all the sports all the time, which is, of course, what I would do in that situation. Makes sense. All right. Bill just trying to get anything to happen on my side. On his side. It's all right. I'm building up a little bit of a force here. Oh, I just wish I had Nana right now. 


Come on, give me the manas. I'm just spending it too much on this stuff, though, but oh, that was not where I meant for that to land. Dang it. That was a waste. At least I'm holding my own against somebody that plays like this build way more often than me. 


You're holding up the defense pretty well, though. 


Sort of. Yeah. I should say my little watch logs are come on, let's do this. Let's do this. Come on, Jams. Let's do something now. Okay. There we go. There we go. 


All right. Paul doing some damage on the app shield there. 


Man, that took a lot to get that jams. Just finally crossed this side doing something, but that's fine. Keep the pressure on. Keep the defense up. Oh, no, I keep hitting the edge. I don't mean to do that. Okay, well, did a good job wiping out all my Semblers. That makes me sad. Won't be the last you see of them. Yeah, that Fendor undefended. Fendor not going to make it. 


Next try. 


We can. There we go. Finally out of the sun. Oh, good. Okay, that was good. I feel a little more prepared now, having experienced Yap strategy in the first round. Let's see if I can handle it better this time. Let's see. How about we don't waste that instead, come back here and do a little of this and then just be patient. I got to be patient with the mantle. That's the goal. You know what? But we're going to do this. See if that can help those guys out. What does one lava drop do against one shooter crew? Let's find out. Oh, he gets wiped out. Well, that was a waste board. Get out of here. I wish that chrono drop did, like, thumb damage. Said he just, like, has one goal in life. One role in life is slow the other guy down. No. You know what? 


I'm not going to mess with that Fendor anymore. Oh, no. The worst time to get Ko. Nice push, dude. Nice push. Okay, let's oh, no. Sports coming on my goal. He's going to make quick work of me this time. The heck? 


That is a lot of sword. 


No, it's fine. It's fine. It's barely scratched. Nothing but a flesh wound. Okay, that sucks. Taking me out. No, look at this board coming. You just take out a really good hand this time. Okay. My super is almost here. At least there's that. Okay, come on over there. Okay. All right. Try something again. We're going to try something. How does that still not give me enough mana for the love? Okay, let's go. All it let go. I deserve that Ko, but it's fine. Oh, no. That was the wrong strategy. I am ashamed. I'm going to pay the price, the big price. No. Oh, my gosh. Barely alive. I deserved that. I really did. 


I would love to see this come back. 


Yeah, well, keep wishing. I am not as optimistic as you are about that. No, Fendor, don't go for my shield. Don't go for my goal. Do that. Okay, you know what? We're going to do that. Give anything for more mana right now. Just too greedy with my assemblers. I can't I can't stop summoning them. Every time it shows up in my hand, I'm like, no, I need another one. I need yet another one. Oh, come on. Let's go. Let's go. 


The weight is excruciating. 


Both of you. Oh, my gosh. I do want one more round. Even though. I'm going to get humiliated again. And this deck is like, you know what, I'm going to edit my deck. 


Why don't you guys I was going to say now you know what? Yap's running. Go ahead and edit. 


Seriously? Okay, thank you. Damn. The main thing I'm missing is I don't have any defenders for my big guy, so even when I launched them, I was like, wait, I really need like, a fender or a lump or something aloe. Just something to help me out here. All right, let me relaunch. Give me a minute to edit my deck. This is probably still not going to make much of a difference. Yap is obviously good. This obviously knows what he's doing. Okay, so, all right, I hit play, and then the deck builder in this build is after I choose my champion, right? 


Yeah, you can choose your champion. It'll have edit tech on the bottom. 


Right? Cool. 


And then you can reshare your screen whenever you can. 


But I don't want him to see what I'm putting. 


Okay. All right, fair. 


I'm not sharing yet. All right. I got to take these guys out. I do not like these guys in my hand. And the buttons are all different from what I know. Let me see. I'm just going to use my mouse, actually. All right. We're going to swap these out for this guy and for one of these. Oh, man. This is a hyper aggressive deck. I don't know if I dare do it, but I kind of want to. 


We just told Yap in Chat to go full hand, so you should also go full. 


Right. All right, I'm going to go for it. Go for it. It's just my average cost right now is four, which is really kind of scaring me a little bit. I'm just going to be sitting around waiting for nothing but mana. Okay, you know what? I got to take one of these guys. I make a hard choice between fendor and lump, as usual. Oh, man. I'm going to go with fendor. Sorry, love. And instead I'm going to drop a Via to drop in there. I just need some more healing, I need some more support, but I'm going to stick with my otherwise stick with my strategy. Okay, I feel ready. What do I do to save this now? Do you know? Oh, wait, there it is. Apply. All right, feeling good about this. Feeling like I won't get as humiliated, but I will still get humiliated. 


All right, I've hit play on matchmaking. Let me go share my screen. Gigi app GG. All right, let go. I really hope this works. I believe even sadder if I lose badly again, and this time I at least did a little bit of decades. We'll see what happens. Got my quiet intensity on that. 


Paul's got his own swarm headed over. I can already see quite a lot of fire and swords coming from yet. 


Of course. Would we expect anything else at this point? Really? Oh, man, I love that. This build has the auto magnetizing pickups that's actually missing from the other current build, at least the one I oh, no way. Yeah. Okay. Look at this. Look at this. I've got two. No, don't kill that guy. How dare you? A single shooter crew. Oh, my gosh. That was just sad. But that's fine. It's like, you know what? These Shooticrues can just bite me. 


In the next cell. Shooticrue is going to be gone because Paul got mad at me. 


You had your chance. Shooticrue. Oh, no. What are we doing? No. Come here, guys. You don't want to pay attention to the goal. You want to pay attention to me until I can get some shooter crews out. There we go. No, come on. That was not the best placement for that little watching that's. All right. And swords are just like that's the one that's going to get cut. 


I love how they all come alongside like a lumpster, too, so they're all shieldy and Healy. 


Yeah. Seriously, I don't love that. I do like this deck more, though. I'm having more fun with this than the one I was handed for the first game. All right, come on, y'all. Put some pressure on, please. 


What's the strategy with this deck ball? 


It's kind of similar with before, which is like, get some factories going while I try to keep him distracted, but it's not working out as well. But it's better because at least I have some ability to okay, this is working. There we go. At least I have some ability to protect my creatures now, which I didn't have before because the other deck didn't have even I don't think it had a single fendor in it. But this one is a little bit more prepared and I yeah, this balance is really kind of good in this build once you have a deck that isn't mean. 


Yeah, I agree. 


Let's see. Okay, here they come. Just like clockwork. So predictable. 


Always up that side lane, too. Why the side lane? You don't have to. 


Boards love to. 


Grow on the bottom lane. 


Yeah, I do the same thing, except I cut Sport out of this deck because I wanted to try to do it with shoot a cruise instead, which, like, okay, I wouldn't say it's working great yet. We'll see. 


Harrison, to answer your question, it's pretty intense right now. Just because there's not a lot know we're building it as good as well as we can and know we'll be able to scale it for different performing PCs, but right now it's pretty heavy. I think you need, like, what do we decide, guys? It was like a 2070 or something, minimum. I don't remember what the number was. 


We are going to try to have it be quite accessible and possibly even be able to run on mobile grade hardware in the future. Something like the Switch is kind of important to us. Although whether or not a Web three game can exist on a Nintendo platform is still open for debate. But certainly hope that we can play nicely with those platforms in the future. That's definitely one of our goals. 


I love that we get asked that question a lot on if people will see it on console, so it's good to hear. 


Oh, man. Yeah, dude. Just the pressure here at the end. Okay. Well, I felt like I was doing okay there for a second. Getting swarm now. Got to keep these boards busy. Get off goal. Nice one. Okay, that felt better, though. I felt a little bit more, I don't know, capable that time, obviously. 




Not enough to beat this thing, but. 


Still, it looked more evenly matched, for sure. 


All right, here it is. And Paul. Hold it. And go. One more round, or is this going to be the end for today? Four and zero or whatever. Arthur's here my son. His least favorite thing is when I'm playing Wildcard and he doesn't get to play, he's going to start yelling strategies at me. Do this, dad. What the heck? 


Wait, who showed up? 


Who's that? 




Sam Ray Lane. That's what he's been doing this whole time, so that's probably a good idea, actually. 


You already have a story. 


I know. I need more defense on that guy, though. Oh, yes. You are always so stylish. Not yet. Spending too much stemblers. Oh, no, that was not what I wanted. 


I love the backseat gaming. 


Yeah, you guys can backseat game. I won't hold it against you. Okay, let's not talk about stuff like that. Sir Paul and his kids. Now, while play testing, I have a legit excuse for I do feel like I'm doing better. 




It is three versus one. No. Not going to do it. I don't even have a shooter crew right now. What are you talking about? Maybe. 


Use your shooter. 


Okay. No, I got a better idea. Better idea. Here it comes. 


So bad. You did have a shimpoon. 


It's not bad. I like it. I don't know. What did you just say? On a stream with lots of people listening. Hey, Covey. I don't know. Don't be volunteers. Look at yeah. With some shield damage. See, this is my boring but predictable strategy of factories. 


Yeah, you know what? Or that Genesis Truffle. Who came up with the factory? 


I don't know. Actually, those came online a long time ago. But factory builds, or what they call engineering builds, are really fun. I think if you can build a little engine of stuff that's cranking things out, pretty satisfying. All right, here we go. Let's do it, boys. I'm going to make my Slowclaws into not Slowclaws, fast claws. Come on, fast claws. Let's go. I don't care about my shield. I don't know if yak gave it to me or not. I don't even care. Thank you. That was fun. All right. 


This is. 


Yeah. Cubby's, like your shield, like, doesn't matter. We're on the offense now, boy. Oh, what? I'm not really good at using that when I should, but got to set up the defense. 


Locke is just more powerful. 


Well, we're playing Locke versus Locke, and yes, Locke is kind of op. I don't know. 


In this build, my opinion is more powerful. This is. 


I really wish that I had some creatures, but he can hit from far away. I know. He has a range attack, his whole deal. Here we go with the freaking sports again. Senor Sport. Senor Sporto. 


Has a sombrero and a half. 


Has a sombrero. Yeah, I think that was a creature that we have, was Senor Sporto. But that's kind of racist, Cubby. So that's not okay. Yeah, my hands have just been crap this time. Let's see if okay, whatever. 


Come on. 


Get out of here. Oh, shit. That was bad. That was bad news. Very bad news. Okay, I don't need insults from my own kids on top of this humiliation that's happening right now. Okay, you know what? Oh, my gosh. I'm just sitting here. Anytime. The nana can show up. Like, anytime now. Anytime now. Anytime now. There we go. Get out of here. Boards. Yes. Janz does splash damage. You know that I can't go near this offense. Got more sports coming again. Chewed through my poor little Wotchy. Keeping the pressure on. Relentlessly on this one. What just happened? Why am I slow? Where'd he go? Get out of here's. Where'd he go? I don't know. I don't know. Every time I turn around and I'm not looking at the Underlane, I'm nervous because look, yet again, another sport army. If I was smart, I would be stopping those sports where they start, and I'm not. 


If people went and analyzed this game, they'd be like, he's such a loser. Like, every single time, he just let the sports turn into 16 sports by the time they got to his I know. This is it. I'm dead. Here come all the sports. Okay, I'm going to try to hold off, but I'm just not even thinking that's going to happen. I'll drop my scooper. My scooper. Yeah, I'm dropping my scooper. Here we go. I dropped my scooper. It's kind of helping a little bit. You know what? How about Janz in the face? How about that? I Janzed him in the face. That was Oto's favorite strategy. Just spamming the Janzsees. How I survived that, I'll take it, doesn't matter. Here comes the next wave. Goodness gracious. I just know there's sports coming. I just need to go look and kill them because I know they're coming. 


I don't even need to wonder again. I let them watch this. Watch this. Jabu no. 


Defend itself. 


Oh, no. Get off. Get off the goal board die. So bad. So bad. They're coming again. And one Janz is actually not great against a Ford Swarm. Oh, this is desperate defense now. Okay. All right. That was good gigi. Yeah. That was amazing. Thank you for predictably kicking my butt. I had a ton of fun. He was playing lock, too. No, he's playing yeah. 


You're both locked. 


But Locke won. Yes. That was amazing. 


That was amazing. Awesome. Yeah. Great game. 


Great game. I can't wait to play you in the new build that I've been practicing with, it's some pretty big changes. I'm sure you've heard. We are pushing really hard to make this the new build with all the changes, at least as much fun as this build, if not even more. I can't wait for you to play that. I'm sure kick my butt again. But that's what I'm here for, to be cannon fodder for our community. I love you guys. Thanks for having me. 


Yes, and thanks to everyone in the audience for watching and cheering on and chatting. It was a lot of fun to hang out. It sounds like we're going to have to do a rematch in the new build. We'll keep you posted on when that happens. 


I think it's just going to be this competition of how many wins can you rack up against Wild Paul from our community members. So yap's got what is that, like five now? Five rounds that we just running score of. How many times have you beat Paul's butt? I think that's how we should do it. 


We'll put it on your Wildfile. Just kidding. 


Exactly. Awesome. 


All right, guys, so I will close out the stream and see we'll see you in general chat and we'll keep the conversation going in there. 


Thanks. See y'all. 

Thanks again. Bye.

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