Genesis WildPass Collection

Holding a Genesis Wildpass unlocks the earliest ownership opportunities in Wildcard's in-development Web3 platform and ecosystem.

For sale on the secondary market on Magic Eden

Holder Benefits

The Genesis wildpass grants forever allowlist access to wildcard's future mints-you read that right-forever!
Holders get first dibs on everything wild, including early access to playtest builds, private discord channels, holder-only events with the devs, and priority access to creator, collab, and partnership programs, and exclusive future airdrops.
What is the WildPass?

The Genesis Wildpass is Wildcard’s first digital asset, and your chance to be first to enter the Wildcard ecosystem. Those lucky enough to secure a Wildpass will gain access to some of the most exclusive opportunities available in the Wildcard ecosystem - forever!

What blockchain will the WildPass be minted on?

4,444 total Wildpasses were minted on the Polygon blockchain network through Magic Eden's Launch Pad.

How can I purchase the WildPass?

Many Wildpasses are available to collectors now on Magic Eden. Whether you minted a Wildpass on day one or acquire it today, all Wildpasses guarantee the same benefits to holders.

What utility does the WildPass provide?

Genesis Wildpass holders will receive exclusive perks as holders of our first digital asset! Utilities will include exclusive access to everything Wild, as well as the utilities below: future wildlist access, priority access to playtests, exclusive events with the dev team, early access to future ownership opportunities in the Wildcard universe.

Do I need a WildPass to play Wildcard?

You will be able to play the game without a Wildpass. In addition to the utilities listed above, Wildpass holders will have exclusive ownership opportunities in the in-development Wildcard ecosystem!