Wildcard 2023 in Review - A Year of Twists, Turns, and Triumphs!

Wildcard: A Year in Review - Triumphs and Milestones of 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on the exhilarating journey Wildcard embarked upon last year. From groundbreaking exhibitions to the launch of innovative digital merchandise, each moment has been a step towards redefining the gaming experience with fun at the center of our efforts. Let's dive into some of the highlights that made this year unforgettable for the Wildcard community.

EX1: Melee on the Meteor - A Spectacular Beginning

The year kicked off with the first-ever Wildcard Exhibition, "Melee on the Meteor," on February 23, 2023. This landmark event marked the first time this vibrant community gathered in the Frostburn Arena, a novel battleground within a newly launched build of Wildcard. The exhibition showcased an intense face-off between community members and professional streamers, playing out the legendary Grudge Match between Bolgar and Locke (check out Wildcard’s lore for more on those guys and their rivalry!).

Broadcast live on Discord, Twitch, and YouTube, "Melee on the Meteor" brought epic PvP battles to screens worldwide. Over 7K viewers joined us live to catch the action! It was a groundbreaking moment for Wildcard, not only showcasing the game's potential but also solidifying the community's role in the Wildcard ecosystem. This event truly laid the foundation for what Wildcard stands for - community, competition, and innovation.

GDC Highlights: Panels and Parties

We had a fantastic time at the 2023 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March 2023, along with our partners Polygon and Magic Eden. From Co-founder Paul Bettner’s talk at the panel “Around the Ecosystem with Polygon Labs” to our Gameplay Exhibition at the Polygon Labs Booth, GDC was action-packed from start to finish. Magic Eden even hosted a GDC after-party and created a new Wildcard-themed cocktail for the occasion!

Genesis Wildpass: A Record-Breaking Launch

April 20, 2023, marked a significant milestone with the release of our first digital asset, the Wildpass. Launched on Magic Eden’s Launchpad platform, the Wildpass embodies the exclusive opportunities available in the Wildcard ecosystem. 4,444 Wildpasses were released and sold out in 60 seconds!

The Genesis Wildpass is more than just an exclusive digital asset; it represents the pioneering spirit of the Wildcard community. Holders of this pass boast access to special opportunities within the Wildcard universe, setting the stage for a new era of digital collectibles within gaming ecosystems. 

The Wildfile: Crafting Your Legacy

On August 22, 2023, the Wildfile was released. This is the heart and soul of Wildcard’s one-of-a-kind Web3 component. Functioning outside of the game itself, the Wildfile can record your journey within the Wildcard universe. Think of it as a bio, gamer tag, trophy case, and status tracker all tied into one. 

The Wildfile offers a comprehensive view of your achievements as a fan, competitor, and collector. With features like PFP Avatar customization, Showcase Collections, and Leaderboards, the Wildfile not only tracks your progress but also celebrates your unique identity in the Wildcard world.

DreamHack: A Weekend of Gaming Excitement

DreamHack was a highlight reel in itself - from intense live playtesting and streamer showdowns to Co-founder Paul Bettner's insightful Fireside Chat. The premiere of our new trailer on the Mainstage was a standout moment, sharing the essence of Wildcard in a visually stunning narrative experience. Katy, Paul, and the rest of the team loved meeting so many of you at the Games to Watch Booth, and interacting with the global community through the livestream added a personal touch to this digital adventure.  

Launching our new fan visibility feature was an outstanding highlight at Dreamhack. So many of you showed up in the stadium stands to root for your favorite players, and some lucky folks even got digital merch airdropped from the Champions’ air cannons! It was super fun to see how so many people enjoyed this exciting new feature.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Wildcard

As we reflect on these milestones, we are filled with gratitude for the enthusiasm and support of our community. Your passion fuels our journey, pushing us to explore new frontiers in the gaming world. The year 2023 was just the beginning. As we step into 2024, we promise to continue this journey with more innovations, more excitement, and more unforgettable moments.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible year. Here's to many more achievements and shared experiences in the Wildcard universe!

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