Wildcard and Unreal Engine: A Perfect Match for Developers

Unreal Engine is a game engine that has been pushing real-time 3D computer graphics since the mid-1990s. Developed by Epic Games, it has long been a game-changer in the world of game development. Thanks to its innovative capabilities and stunning visuals, Wildcard has utilized its powerful tools to create a rich game experience and bring characters to life in a way that is innovative, collaborative, and efficient. 

The Sky is the Limit

Epic has always been at the forefront of visual technologies that wow and amaze both players and technologists alike. Wildcard VP of Engineering Jeff Smith states, “They bring so much technological innovation into their engine in a performant way that makes it all easily accessible to developers across all disciplines and experience levels.” 

Working with a company like Epic is key for Wildcard, who is constantly trying to find new ways to enhance the user gaming experience. The tools within Unreal have evolved and will continue to do so. Each tool is more powerful than earlier releases, letting users create and iterate more efficiently to achieve their final vision.

Editing and UI Tools

Unreal Engine 5 is utilized by Wildcard nearly every day. UE5 helps create a rich gameplay environment while importing highly detailed models, constructing believable materials, and bringing the characters to life. The tools in UE5 have evolved significantly over time and are more powerful than earlier releases. This allows Wildcard to create the final look in less time without having to sacrifice not achieving the final vision. 

Some of the key features of UE5 include pipeline integration, world building, characters and animation, rendering and materials, simulation and effects, integrated media support, virtual production, and more. Wildcard uses this powerful tool to help create a rich gameplay environment while importing highly detailed models, constructing realistic believable materials, and bringing the characters to life.  

According to Smith, another one of the most heavily used tools is the Gameplay Ability System (GAS) which powers all of Wildcard’s networked gameplay and interactions between their champions and summons. Another upcoming tool they’re hoping to leverage soon is MetaSounds, stating that “sound is such an integral part in the immersion a player feels during an experience. Our visuals already look amazing and now we’re looking at ways to match that experience through sound.” 

Collaboration Made Easy

Unreal Engine is extremely user-friendly and very intuitive, which appeals to Wildcard, who works with a variety of teams all around the world. There is countless shared experience and knowledge that everyone can bring to a Wildcard project and Unreal Engine makes it easy for that knowledge to be shared.  

Unreal is able to make assumptions and create optimized workflows and performance that work efficiently. Unreal also is able to create rich developer support in native, Blueprint, and data that makes object interaction in networked environments across different latency conditions easier. This means fixing common network issues like rubber-banding or lag is usually just ticking a box or turning a knob somewhere to alleviate a bottleneck or enable client prediction rather than turning it into a more complex issue. 

Unreal Fest

If you’re interested in learning more about the innovation behind Unreal Engine, check out Unreal Fest! This year’s sold-out event, which was held October 3-5 in New Orleans, included both developers and creators and featured 150+ sessions over three very packed days. Check out the Unreal Engine website for more information and to view dozens of session recordings! 

Unreal Fest is a great opportunity to meet other experts and leaders in the field. Smith added that he found value in “networking with other Unreal experts and leaders and seeing where our goals intersect to explore partnerships that enable Wildcard to meet new heights.” He also described how attending Unreal Fest and watching the talks “equipped me with more tools and understanding of the latest rendering features so that we can raise the ceiling of visual quality in our game. We are already exploring new strategies that affect our game today and we are excited as we make better use of Lumen, Nanite, VSM, and other engine technologies to empower our artists and designers to build an experience that we can’t wait to show our players!”

To connect with our VP of Engineering, feel free to reach out and send a message in the Wildcard Discord


Wildcard utilizes the powerful technology behind Unreal Engine in countless ways. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology and driving innovative forces behind Unreal, Wildcard has been able to elevate the gaming experience for users. Wildcard’s seamless integration of Unreal Engine’s capabilities has enabled developers to work together in real time and create an immersive gaming experience. The utilization of Unreal Engine by Wildcard sets an excellent example of what can be achieved when cutting-edge technology is harnessed for both creators and players alike. 

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