Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Magic of Wildcard’s Livestreams with OBS


As gaming enthusiasts, we know that the thrill of a live broadcast lies in its ability to make you feel like you're right in the heart of the action. Whether it's conquering epic battles, introducing new summons, or showcasing the latest in-game updates, Wildcard is able to take the gaming experience to new heights by leveraging a unique partnership with OBS to seamlessly produce dynamic live and pre-recorded events remotely.

About OBS

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio is a free and open-source, cross-platform screencasting and streaming app. It is currently available for Windows, macOS, Linux distributions, and BSD. Wildcard was initially drawn to OBS because it aligned well with Web3, which is also open-source. It also was enticing due to its ability to cater to a remote international community such as Wildcard’s.

How it Works

There are several components that go into the relationship between Wildcard and OBS. For one thing, Wildcard is able to use OBS to produce two different types of segments: pre-recorded and live.

The relationship is unique because OBS allows Wildcard to sync remote parties into one single and consolidated output/livestream. Essentially, the approach is similar to the process of producing a live news segment, although there are still times when this needs to be refined based on current capabilities on both ends. 

Remote and Collaborative

Wildcard is a remote international company that caters to a remote international community, and because of this, they were looking for a broadcasting software company that could streamline the process of appealing to the masses when it came to producing and sharing their livestream segments.

By utilizing OBS's cutting-edge remote and collaborative access, Wildcard has revolutionized the way it livestreams remote segments. OBS, renowned for its flexibility and robust capabilities when it comes to remote technology, seamlessly integrates into Wildcard's production workflow, enabling the team to effortlessly capture and broadcast captivating gameplay and events. 

The collaborative nature of OBS enhances communication and coordination among team members, fostering a cohesive and efficient livestreaming experience. As a result, Wildcard not only delivers thrilling gaming content to its audience but also sets a new standard for remote collaboration in the gaming industry.

High-Quality Production for Discord

Wildcard also chooses to use OBS for livestreaming due to its compatibility with Discord. OBS allows the team to push out highly produced, quality content on Discord that brings together players, fans, and the Wildcard team. With OBS, Wildcard can produce a live event entirely remotely, and bring in the community by broadcasting that stream on Discord. 

Wildcard’s Discord is vibrant and heavily engaged, and including these users is a top priority for Wildcard. OBS helps make sure that Wildcard’s live events don’t just look polished for the public, but also for their Discord community that’s joining them in these conversations in real time. These integration features and high-quality production ability in Discord are unique to OBS, and are major reasons why Wildcard utilizes this livestreaming software. 

Branding Capabilities  

Another key feature that drew Wildcard to OBS was the ability to brand the segments clearly for Wildcard. OBS allows companies to take the themes that they want to use and brand them directly in OBS. This creates a cohesive gameplay environment for viewers, who don’t even necessarily realize that Wildcard is using OBS. Wildcard is also able to use Zoom to capture directly into OBS before kicking them out using re-stream. 


In conclusion, the seamless integration of OBS into Wildcard's live streaming strategy has proven to be a game-changer for delivering dynamic, engaging, and highly produced segments remotely, both live and pre-recorded. By harnessing the power of OBS, Wildcard has not only elevated the quality of its livestreams, but has also been able to overcome the hurdles of broadcasting from more than one location. 

The versatility and user-friendly nature of OBS have empowered Wildcard to create a polished and professional viewing experience for their audience, showcasing the limitless possibilities that arise when innovative gaming platforms embrace cutting-edge streaming technology. As the gaming industry continues to evolve each day, Wildcard's strategic use of OBS sets a compelling precedent for others looking to enhance livestreaming capabilities, proving that the fusion of gaming and streaming technologies can truly redefine the boundaries of virtual entertainment.

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Marisela Campos