How Wildcard Leverages Beamable to Build an Unmatched Gaming Experience


Wildcard, the PVP collectible card-based MOBA, is proud to announce its partnership with Beamable, the online game development platform. By leveraging Beamable's analytics backend along with their cutting-edge blockchain integration and extensible microservice architecture, this collaboration will allow Wildcard to enhance gameplay, enrich player engagement, easily manage blockchain elements, and streamline the process of building their flagship title.

Analytics at the Forefront

Beamable's analytics suite provides Wildcard with a comprehensive understanding of player behaviors, preferences, and engagement metrics. By leveraging Beamable’s custom and auto-instrumented analytics event tools, Wildcard gains real-time insights into player activities, enhancing retention strategies and tailoring experiences to meet player demands. 

Jeff Smith, Wildcard’s VP of Engineering, explains, “Beamable’s analytics service appealed to us because it is already optimized from a cost perspective, with data compression and packing across the chain. Additionally, the flexibility to route these events to additional partners that can help build data models, charts, dashboards, etc. helps us visualize the data we need, turn those into actionable insights, and respond appropriately with subsequent hotfixes, patches, balance changes, and optimizations.” This data-driven approach allows for informed decision-making and development changes, ensuring that Wildcard is always aligned with audience preferences.

Seamless Developer Experience 

Beamable's integration into Wildcard simplifies complex development processes. Developers can now focus on creativity and gameplay, while Beamable handles the intricacies of blockchain integration and live operations tasks. Beamable streamlines the game development workflow, as it fully integrates with Unreal Engine so that developers get a fully integrated workflow unique to this solution. Smith adds, “We are excited to be one of Beamable’s earliest adopters of Unreal Engine, and to help bring their platform to life in the UE ecosystem.”

With a web-based LiveOps Portal that can help manage customer support, live operations, and game management tasks, Beamable’s tools make game development more efficient for Wildcard. This partnership underscores the importance of leveraging advanced technology to not only enhance gameplay but also streamline development processes.


Through leveraging Beamable’s cutting-edge tools, Wildcard can offer a rich, engaging gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more. This innovative approach not only sets a new benchmark for immersive gameplay but also demonstrates the transformative potential of technology in gaming. As Wildcard continues to develop and push the boundaries of gaming, its partnership with Beamable will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of the industry.

To learn more about Beamable, visit their website.

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Jeff Smith