How Wildcard leveraged Magic Eden’s Launchpad for a sold out Genesis Mint

The Wildcard team is known in the gaming industry for pushing the boundaries of fun and innovation through their relentless pursuit of new technologies. Now, they demonstrate how they leverage Web3 blockchain technology and phenomenal development to build their newest MOBA game by partnering with Magic Eden on their Genesis Mint

What Makes The Wildcard Game Unique In Web3?

The Wildcard game is as much fun to watch as it is to play. The exciting spectator sport joins players, fans, sponsors, and collectors to participate in a supportive community. The members consist of highly engaged players who actively take part in the development and evolution of the game during playtests and exhibition matches. These interactions between players and fans promote a sense of belonging and unification in a space where the community is core. 

The Importance of a Strong Web3 Community

Web3 is founded on inclusivity and autonomous organizations must be open and transparent, so cultivating a strong community is essential for members and users to feel like they truly belong and to build credibility for the project. This approach to gaming sets Wildcard apart because it allows everyone to participate, even if they don't possess the top-level gamer skills to compete at the highest levels. 

How Web3 Collaboration Drives Innovation

Web3 projects must be innovative, credible, and intriguing to gain traction and cut through the clutter and noise in the space. To lay the foundation for long-term success, connections are everything, and alliances are formed almost daily. Partnerships boost name recognition and help earn credibility in the industry. That’s exactly why projects like Wildcard merge their technologies, network, and brand with partners like Magic Eden

How Wildcard & Magic Eden Joined Forces For A Sellout Mint

When Wildcard released its first Web3 asset on April 20, 2023, Magic Eden’s Launchpad was naturally the best platform for the exclusive Genesis Wildpass Mint for a myriad of reasons. Magic Eden’s team is dedicated to delivering stellar support for seamless minting setup, high-level marketing initiatives, and launch build-outs. 

Launchpad’s Cross-Chain Platform Is The Best For Gaming 

Launchpad is more than a minting platform, it’s a supportive and exclusive community that empowers creators. It has enabled Wildcard to focus on key aspects of their first Web3 asset while leveraging Magic Eden’s technology to create a seamless minting process built on trust. Because minting can be done in stages on Launchpad, Wildcard was able to establish a guaranteed and open allowlist during the Genesis Wildpass Mint, making the drop a sellout before it hit the public.

Magic Eden & Wildcard: Sharing A Vision For The Future Of Web3 Gaming

Mary Ann Marino, Wildcard’s VP of Media & Marketing, complimented the Magic Eden’s gaming team’s participation in the recent Wildpass activation, saying it was meaningful because they invested a great deal of time to research, understand, and support Wildcard’s vision. She said, “Knowing the large number of projects they support, the amount of time and attention they gave us was impressive”

“It’s important to remember that the key people on Magic Eden’s team are successful streamers, gamers, and developers in their own right. They’re all incredibly busy with their own following, yet they are always responsive and helpful. Their ongoing communication and excellent follow-up helped make the Wildpass mint a smashing success,” Mary Ann said.

By providing personalized, one-on-one support and hosting a massive after-party at the Game Developer’s Conference, Magic Eden’s team showcased their dedication by engaging with members of the gaming community through interviews and by creating a new Wildcard cocktail. This fun and creative way to further promote the game added a unique touch to the social event, serving as a conversation starter and generating curiosity among attendees.

Overall, Magic Eden’s team has helped raise awareness for Wildcard. The increased attention from Web2 gamers and fans is a positive outcome that indicates more traditional gamers and streamers are helping to narrow the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming communities.

“Through our partnership with Wildcard, we were able to elevate the Wildpass mint into one of the most talked about events across blockchain gaming,” said Yoon Choi, Magic Eden’s Gaming Partnerships Manager.

Launchpad’s Allowlist Management

Magic Eden debuted their Launchpad technology as a free resource and white-label marketplace solution in 2021 to provide community resources to amplify and grow creator projects. Its user-friendly interface requires minimal technical experience and provides creators with extensive support and help throughout the minting process. It also has several features like its Magic Eden Drop Calendar, created to capture comprehensive insight into upcoming mints in the NFT ecosystem.

Allowlist management has been one of the platform’s most robust tools used by Wildcard during the Genesis Wildpass mint. Magic Eden’s Launchpad was able to work very closely with Wildcard’s team to create a seamless experience integrating both a guaranteed allowlist and a First Come First Serve Allowlist. This gave Wildcard the ability to focus on key marketing initiatives and creative and tech buildout for the Wildpass mint to further bring value to their users.

The platform has advanced minting mechanics and dedicated cross-functional resources, including a smooth onboarding experience, customized support before, during, and after the mint, ongoing marketing support through Magic Eden’s organic channels, plus minting technology and wallet mechanics for ease. 

Magic Eden’s Launchpad Is More Than An NFT Platform

Launchpad’s leading cross-chain mint technology and comprehensive mentorship have helped to launch more projects than any other platform. On average, Launchpad generates ten times the trade volume compared to other NFT platforms. Magic Eden has 10 million unique user sessions per month with longer active user duration than other leading Web3 and Web2 marketplaces. 

In addition to serving as a minting platform, Launchpad is a vetting program. Only 3% of the projects that apply to the program are accepted. This is done to create the greatest amount of exposure, improve the potential for secondary trading, and ensure the existence of dedicated development support.

Together, Wildcard and Magic Eden are embracing new technology to create and activate the best Web3 game. One of Wildcard’s visionaries and CEOs Katy Bettner said “Our job is to seek partners aligned with our values, approach, and long-term vision so we can create more successful games with the newest and best technology.” 

Launchpad was instrumental in helping the Wildpass mint sell out during their inaugural mint, but fortunately, passes are available to purchase on the secondary market. You can get your Wildpass on Magic Eden today. 

Or, perhaps you’ll get lucky and win one on Twitter when you join the weekly Community Quest. 

You can hear more about Wildcard and Magic Eden during their AMA on Twitter Spaces earlier this year. Join the Wildcard community on, Discord, Instagram, and Twitter for surprises and ways to win.

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Katy Drake Bettner