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Playtesting FAQs
How do I play the game?

Sessions currently happen on a limited basis exclusively in our Discord server. Once accepted, join us there and look for the #calendar channel to RSVP to the playtest events that suit you.

When will the game be openly playable?

We will be expanding playtest sessions over time and aim to be fully openly playable later this year.

How will I know if I'm accepted as a Wildcard playtester?

Accepted playtesters will be notified via email and Discord ping after receiving the Playtester role. Please note: you must be a member of our Discord to participate at this time.

Can I stream or create content during playtests?

We're thrilled that you're interested in creating Wildcard content. Please open a ticket in #ask-the-team in Discord and we'll set you up with the pre-alpha content guidelines.

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FrostBurn arena


An explosive force on the field, with her trademark cannonball move, Janz is a big part of the Chronos offensive line.

Janz is seen as the star of her team, and is willing to do whatever it takes to stay that way. Despite her size and power, she’s remarkably sneaky, and loves to observe other creatures from a distance, getting to know them, so she can analyze them and beat them. Sometimes, she even studies her own teammates. This makes her Locke’s go to “scout” in reconnoitering Bolgar’s team. Of course, she might do more than scout for Locke. And it was King Valla who did her last upgrade...


Lumph is the Wildcard defensive champion…

or at least he was five years ago when his Aura Shield made it nearly impossible for team Chronos to score against team Lubabub. Lumph was so often cited as the reason that Lubabub took the championship that he believes it and is convinced he’s a superstar and that no one compares to him in terms of defense. Lumph loves stinky food, stinky smells, and mud. He especially loves eating old lettuce and worms. Unfortunately, unlike Gorrit who’s been training for years, Lumph is so convinced that no one can match his defensive skill that he’s gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of muscle but he hasn’t noticed that at all. He’s still convinced that he doesn’t need to train because his signature move, Aura Shield, is still the best move around! He may have a rude awakening on Frostburn…



An original favorite in King Valla’s game retinue, Wotchy has been fiercely protecting his Champion since his first day in the arena. Now after many seasons as Locke’s faithful companion, Wotchy is all too ready to step up and serve his team as a full fledged Summon. Besides, Locke needs to spend some time whipping that new pup, Volt, into fighting shape. Wotchy’s ready to prove his good boi bone-a fides - and show his teammates the true meaning of loyalty.


A fan favorite and the leading creature player for the Lubabub team, Gorrit is a serious athlete.

He’s the main offense for the Lubabubian team and like all superstars, he’s in great shape. Born in the high forests of Lubabub, he has trained from birth for victory. He eats THOUSANDS of calories a day but because there is no “junk food” in the Lubabubian jungle, he’s very healthy. (Hopefully, he won’t get a taste for junk food on Frostburn!) Although Gorrit was depressed when Bolgar withdrew from playing Wildcard, he kept at his training. His huge body needs three beds and hotel rooms often need to be expanded for him.


Fendor is a robotic replica of Lumph.

Realizing Lumph was a nearly unbeatable defensive lineman in the last Wildcard games, Locke decided to make his own, better, version. Locke had to add his signature to Fendor, though, and gave him a big boost of personality – lovability and studiousness. This accidentally resulted in Fendor becoming Lumph’s biggest fanboy. He’s spent his existence studying Lumph and all his games, all his moves, all his big moments -- Fendor just LOVES Lumph! He has his poster on his wall, buys all his memorabilia, and just can’t wait to meet his hero in real life and assumes Lumph wants to meet him too.


Spord is a mushroom from the forests of Lubabub.

He has the unique ability to clone himself, but each clone ultimately develops a unique personality, sometimes even personalities that disagree with each other. A patriotic Lubabubian, he’s a utility player on the field, having been picked to fill space on the team, and fill space he did! If given time, he can clone so many versions of himself that he can overwhelm any defense. Five years ago during Bolgar and Locke’s first Wildcard battle, Spord Spud was discovered obscuring Locke’s defense cannon. Spord was subsequently suspended from the Wildcard Games. But he’s served his time, and when Bolgar came back, he brought Spord with him. Still, Spord has a chip on his shoulder: he’s adamant he did not sabotage Locke’s turrets and even though he’s back on the team, he still feels overlooked by Bolgar. Spord thinks he’s a really important player, but is jealous that other more “indivisible” players get all the limelight and attention. Even though everyone gives Lumph credit as the defensive hero who prevented Locke from winning all those years ago, Spord believes it was him and his clones on the field who let Lumph shine. Spord feels overlooked… and just might act out.


Rumors of a mythological creature on Lubabub are true.

Much like the Yeti or Sasquatch on Earth, the Aloe have kept themselves hidden from outsiders. Deeply spiritual, they live separately from the other Lubabubians high in the mountain rainforests where humans and other creatures can’t reach them. Once, when Burr had been caught in a trap and was in danger of bleeding to death, Bolgar dipped his hands into the shallow waters of a forest lake and prayed to the spirit of the planet itself… out of the mist walked Aloe. She saved Burr’s life but made Bolgar promise never to speak of her or her species. Bolgar kept her secret for years. But when Bolgar decided to face Locke again, he journeyed far and wide in pursuit of Aloe. He needed a surprise when he faced the Chronos champion. When he arrived at the fabled Aloe homeland, the Aloe debated whether or not to intervene in the affairs of Lubabub – and their society ultimately voted to ignore Bolgar’s request. But this didn’t sit right with his old friend. She left her swampy homeland, against the ruling of her people, to aid Bolgar in his conflict with Locke. No one but Bolgar knows about her species' secret magical power... a power Boglar insists must stay a secret until game day. Aloe comes across as aloof and superior, but really doesn’t understand the complex world of Jot Rustin, Locke, and Frostburn and doesn’t particularly want to! She’s there to do her job and isn’t interested in anything else.


Sembler is a kid at heart and spends his time creating friends to play with.

In the arena, he can pump out additional summons over time unless, of course, something scary is coming after him in which case he flees!


Slow and steady wins the race.

Slowclaw isn't in a hurry, but that's probably because she hits like a tank! She doesn't have the most defense, so be sure to give her some support.


Timing isn't everything - It's the only thing.

Created by her beloved bestie Princess Neva, Skye is quickly becoming Wildcard’s favorite busy-botty. She’s keeping an eye on the action - and her team on the move. This helicopter mom boosts the speed of her teammates as she hovers nearby. Skye’s enthusiasm is infectious but her impatient nature keeps her a bit uptight. But don’t worry, she still knows how to cut loose - she’s got a part-time gig as a metronome for a speed metal band.


Grab the Game by the Horns.

Don’t be fooled by the wild and formidable Hornelius - his horns may be elaborate, but his strategy is simple. Summon in the way? Toss it. Summon not in the way? Toss it just to be sure. Hornelius isn’t afraid to make a mess of his opponents - and his table manners aren’t great, either. While this soft-hearted hothead may occasionally lose his cool, his masterful moss-sculptures tend to be a welcome peace offering. (apology gift?)


Stay Dizzy!

This Manic Pixie Dream Bird is always ready to take a spin in the arena. Beakit’s energy and attention may be all over the place, but her Boomerang Beak goes exactly where she wants it to. Don’t bother her while she’s having her beak sharpened, though - that’s her ‘me time’.



Chonk’s got size. Chonk’s got swagger. But Chonk’s greatest skill may just be his sense of humor. This absolute unit might look like target practice, but when all eyes are on Chonk, his teammates take advantage. He’s one part drama queen, one part class clown, and always the life of the party. If only he could nail down his signature catchphrase - of course, it doesn't help that he won’t stop coming up with new options. After all, Chonk’s always gotta keep ‘em guessing!



This all-around fighter is ready to hit from any distance - and isn’t gonna let anyone off the hook. He’s focused, direct, and never sugarcoats his opinions - so his critiques have more than a little sting. But his dedication to the game is unquestionable, and he’s always ready to step up and tussle. That is, unless it interferes with drum practice - Zipzap is VERY serious about his speed metal band.